¿Bancolombia? Guía práctica para obtener un certificado en Colombia

Bancolombia is a group with a financial purpose responsible for promoting social changes in the Nation through Human Banking, it is recognized for being one of the multilateral banking entities that belongs to one of the most recognized groups as the Sura Group, this bank is one of the largest banking entities in the world and America.

The bank’s operations center is located in the city of Medellín, one of the most populous cities in the Colombian territory and considered by its people to be one of the largest cities in the entire natural region.

Bancolombia certificate requirements

We recommend that you make a note of all requirements to be collected before requesting the Bancolombia Certificate, where you should consider the following:

  1. You must have your respective identity card, passport or DNI
  2. Have personal references, signed and with the personal phone numbers of the people they refer to
  3. Have bank certification
  4. Has a work letter
  5. Have residence card
  6. Have criminal record

After ordering the respective certificate, it will arrive free of charge at the bank’s virtual mailbox.


The documents you must have when applying for a Bancolombia certificate are very simple, You must have all the basic documents required by the bank and then go to the authorized institutions to start the entire procedure.

  1. Have criminal record
  2. Have residence card
  3. Has a work letter
  4. Have bank certification
  5. Have personal references, signed and with the personal phone numbers of the people they refer to
  6. You must have your respective identity card, passport or DNI

Users who do not have the different requirements, will not be able to perform the banking procedure, since it is essential to be able to have each of the documents that identify you and allow you to obtain broad and detailed information from the applicant to the account, since all of that information must be verified by bankers to confirm that the user can receive Bancolombia certification.

How to achieve this?

To obtain the Bancolombia certificate we must enter the page through this page we can obtain our certificate fulfilling each of the data that the page requires, thus obtaining our email with our certificate, once it is in our virtual mail we should classify on the page the option of Products and Services that will take us to the clip option of Bancolombia that will take you to the option of person, where you should request your bank certificate, inserting your identification number, email, to whom it is intended and the certificate of your savings account.

After entering the last four digits of your savings account, you must click Next, where you will find the option to send request, once the entire procedure is loaded, your request will be sent by email to the assigned email .

Through this virtual platform, you will have your password and username to be able to access the Internet and make changes within the system.

Main branches in Bancolombia

Bancolombia’s main branches are located in Medellín, although there are a large number of branches located around the world, offering all users the best in banking., providing the best service to each of its users, offering the correct management of their finances, allowing them to make savings and offering and guaranteeing the possibility of obtaining benefits through the banking platform when making their movements and their surplus cash deposits.

Maintaining its maximum funding through savings generated by the public, the banking dimension is currently measured as calculated from the value of its external resources. The possibility of generating savings offered to each user is one of the benefits that Bancolombia offers, one of the best options for the general public when offering credit generation.

What is Bancolombia?

It is one of the most important financial groups in Colombia, charged with offering its public a wide coverage in the different populations of the country, offering the widest opening hours and a totally favorable alternative to quickly carry out the most frequent banking transactions. and easy, allowing the public to save time without having to go to some of the different branches.

Bancolombia is a group with a financial purpose responsible for promoting social changes in the Nation through Banco Humano, it is recognized for being one of the multilatine banking entities that belongs to one of the most recognized groups like Grupo Sura, this bank is one of the largest banking entities the world and America.

The current owners of Banco de Colombia are Jaime and Isaac Gilinski They are responsible for offering all users the greatest confidence in managing the assets of each one who has chosen to trust Bancolombia.

Why do I need a Bancolombia certificate?

You will need to complete your Bancolombia certificate if you want to make savings and grow financially in a personal way, become a user with entrepreneurial desires, or make any type of purchases that benefit your home, business, etc.

Ensuring wide coverage to users, Bancolombia offers guarantees, well-being and growth to all its audiences.

With this certification you will be counting on the benefits that the bank offers to all its exclusive customers, In addition, your assets will be protected when you obtain your automatic debit certificate, debiting your checking or savings account monthly for the amount of being able to cancel your credit card.

The maintenance fee is one of the amounts that are charged periodically through the administration of your card.

Common questions

When it comes to banking matters, many users tend to have or create a large number of doubts and questions, which we will expose in the following lines and give some precise answers for clarification.

  1. What is the amount to be paid with the interest charged by Bancolombia when buying portfolios?
  2. How can I receive my card’s dynamic key?
  3. What would be the amount of handling that can be charged to my savings account?
  4. How does Bancolombia’s credit card advance work?
  5. Can my card have any kind of inconvenience if I don’t do my transactions correctly?
  6. If I apply for a loan and do not pay my interest on the assigned date, will this cause blockages at another bank?
  7. If my bank account is blocked for any type of banking operation outside Colombia, what should I do?

Users constantly ask their different questions through the Bancolombia portal, seeking to clarify their doubts and be able to solve the various types of problems that arise daily with their bank account.

All Bancolombia advisors are in charge of clarifying the doubts of all users, thus offering the best service for everyone.

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