¿Casado? Conoce los pasos para certificar tu matrimonio en México

The marriage certificate It is the document issued by the civil official at the civil registry office at the request of the applicant. If you are interested in requesting it, read on!

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What is the marriage certificate?

The certificate certifies the wedding act between two people describing the date, time and place of the event.


To obtain a marriage certificate in Mexico, the applicant couple must meet the following documents and requirements:

For people born in national territory

As the procedure was carried out in Mexican territory, once the marriage is performed, it is registered and to obtain its certification, just enter the following page: Civil Registry and select «Online certificates».

You can also request it at the civil registry office closest to your residence, with the applicant’s documentation number and the sheet number that was issued on the wedding day.

This applies to the certification of a marriage certificate between a Mexican and a foreigner.

  1. The original of the marriage certificate, duly legalized, apostille and with the respective translation into Spanish (the latter condition applies depending on the country in question).
  2. Identification of the applicant with photograph (if they are two foreigners, they must present, in addition to those mentioned, a certified copy of the court file accompanied by the letter supporting the documents).
  3. Receipt of payment corresponding to the procedure.

Steps to follow for the certification process

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The steps that the applicant must follow to obtain certification of their marriage are as follows:

  1. The applicant must go to the civil registry closest to his / her residence, and must do so with the documents and requirements requested.
  2. Once the applicant’s documents are received, the official in charge of the process submits the application for registration of the foreign certificate.
  3. After the interested party has clearly filled out the form that was granted to him, he is assigned a procedure number that is issued by the integrated civil registration system, with which the user must pay the cost of a fee corresponding to the payment of the procedure that is to be made. .
  4. As soon as payment is made, you will receive a receipt with which you can schedule a time for issuing the registration.
  5. Then, with the procedure number, the comprehensive system of civil registry It allows you to access the system where everything related to the translation of the delivered document will be transcribed, including the application, the corresponding certificate and the respective handout.
  6. Finally, the applicant must return to the office on the agreed day and time when the preliminary form will be delivered in order to proceed with its verification. If everything is transcribed correctly, the corresponding file formats will be printed together with the original file format of the user who requested the process.


The cost corresponding to the certification of the marriage certificate in Mexican territory is $ 342.00 mxs, which corresponds to the payment of the procedure and the issuance of the printed certificate. This amount must be made in order to schedule an appointment at the office and proceed with the process that allows you to obtain the marriage certificate.

Document delivery time

The document is delivered immediately, once the applicant has complied with the above precautions and completed the process that will allow him to obtain the certificate.

What is the certificate for?

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The marriage certificate accredit the information to anyone registered in the civil registry.

In addition, the issuing of the marriage certificate makes it possible to know the data relating to an adoptive ancestry or which may be unknown to one of the spouses. As well as having some kind of interest if an abortion form is submitted.

This document also serves to interest in the causes of nullity, divorce or separation of any kind, as well as the suspension or deprivation of the parental power of a minor.


The advantages or benefits obtained by marriage are as follows:

  1. Possibility of joint taxation.
  2. Marriage and the issuance of the same certificate allow inheritance due to the death of one of the spouses, if there are children, the surviving spouse is entitled to one third of the inheritance or half if it occurs with the parents of the deceased. If the deceased has no parents or children, the entire inheritance will correspond to him when there is no will.
  3. Inheritance taxes for which the surviving spouse and children can receive remuneration from the tax.
  4. Widow’s pension in the event of the death of one of the spouses.
  5. Social security, although only one spouse works, is enough for the other, in case of absence, to ever enjoy a survivor’s pension.
  6. A number of tax breaks for couples.

Common questions

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  1. When should the marriage certificate be requested from the corresponding entity?

The certificate request can be made by decision of the spouses, at any time of the year when the secretariat is operating.

  1. Who can complete the marriage certificate application process?

The application for a marriage certificate must be made by one of the spouses or a third party with their authorization.

  1. Who issues the marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate is issued by an employee who works at the lawyer’s premises.

  1. What is the document for applying for a marriage certificate in Mexico?

At the http://www.beta.inegi.org.mx/contenidos/programas/nupcialidad/doc/actas_mat.pdf You can obtain the certificate for the application for marriage certificate.

The issuance of this certificate allows the spouses to enjoy certain benefits due to the marital status found in the Mexican courts. It also allows foreigners to bequeath and publicize their marriage to the state.

We hope it served you! You already know. If you are a foreigner and wish to be legal, process your wedding certificate.

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