Certificado de trabajo en el IGSS en Guatemala

IGSS Certificate

O IGSS certificate can be very useful when doing a procedure, because it is simply necessary to validate information, but How is this certificate acquired? Find the answer here.

What is IGSS?

O Guatemalan Social Security Institute IGSS is responsible for providing the population of Guatemala with the health and social security, provided that the said population has the respective affiliation to receive the service.

This autonomous and governmental institution is charged with helping Guatemalan citizens when they need help with their health, but it can only do so with those who have IGSS certificate.

This institution has the vision to expand its coverage to provide people linked to this public service with higher quality and transparency. The mission is to be a leader in social security for Guatemalan citizens, which contributes to their socioeconomic well-being.

What services do you offer?

O Guatemalan Social Security Institute IGSS offers two types of services that would be medical service and benefits, are derived from them for several beneficiaries that will be specified below:

Medical services

Medical services are as follows:

  • Medical attention in health centers in IGSS, offering external consultations, such as hospitalizations.
  • General medical service, specialized and surgical.
  • Pharmacy. Only delivers the drugs indicated by doctors at IGSS health posts.
  • Clinical laboratory, x-rays, electroencephalograms, ultrasound, in addition to other studies that are necessary for the performance of the patient, as indicated by the IGSS.
  • Guidance on diseases and accidents by various media.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Ambulance for those patients who need to be treated immediately at a health center in the Guatemalan Social Security Institute IGSS.
  • Psychology and social behavior service.
  • Rest of work due to illness, these periods of rest are only granted by the doctor if really necessary.
  • Delivery of orthopedic devices.
  • Medical assistance for children under five.
  • Maternity Service both for affiliated women and for the wives of affiliated men.

The performance

Benefits is the money you give Guatemala Social Security Institute IGSS for those people who fulfill the following conditions:

IGSS 4 certificate

  • They are retired.
  • Husband or wives of deceased workers, funeral expenses are also paid.
  • The family that has a disabled relative registered.
  • For a disability that the disabled person may suffer.
  • Pregnant women who work.

To be able to take advantage of these benefits, just register, the direct relatives of people already affiliated can also receive these services.

Your duties?

This Institution is responsible for ensuring people’s well-being in terms of health, just being affiliated to this health entity, the mission of Guatemalan Social Security Institute IGSS the functions it performs are as follows:

Medical attention

Medical care is provided for the purpose protect the lives of people and their families. In order to achieve this objective of protecting life, they rely on the provision of medical assistance and inpatient services.

With the knowledge of medical professionals, added to the values ​​he has about the life of the human being, he can establish a diagnosis for any illness or discomfort that a person may feel, in addition to supervising those lives that will soon be part of humanity.

Social Forecast

This function of social pressure refers to the fact that people can continue their lives, despite the new conditions they present, which may be pregnancy, disability, old age, other cases that make a person unable to live his life normally. lived because of these new conditions.

In addition, this institution protects those people who lost that loved one, who worked to support their family.

The Social Security Institute of Guatemala is like a medical and life insurance for people who work and in turn are affiliated with this health entity.

What does the work certificate guarantee?

IGSS certificate 1

O IGSS certificate to the work guarantees the employer or employee an effective, efficient and timely servicenot in cases where the worker needs medical attention or any of his direct relatives. At the same time, the worker can start contributing to the pension he will acquire when he reaches old age.

Something that should also be mentioned is that with this certificate the employee also has access to other benefits that can be for his own benefit and that of his family.

What is it for?

It’s Tand IGSS Certificate Sirsees so that the employee can receive the care offered by the Guatemalan Social Security Institute IGSS, which employee requires because he needs a service to maternity, illness or because of an accident.

How to get the certificate?

Something to know is that the only person who can apply for the The IGSS certificate is the employer or legal representative of the company where the employee workssince he Guatemalan Social Security Institute IGSS It grants you the membership number to be able to enter the system, where the certificate request is made.

As well as you already know who the applicant is andste IGSS certificateIt is worth knowing what the employer or the legal representative needs to be able to issue this document. This is what you need


The requirements for applying for the IGSS Certificate for work are theThe following:

  • Be registered at the Guatemalan Social Security Institute IGSS.
  • O company legal representative or authorized person.

This signature must be registered, it must be registered with form DR-302, which is the form for registering the employer’s signatures..

  • AN Photocopy of identity card the legal representative.
  • Form DR-301, must be signed and stamped by the legal representative, in addition to being well written.
  • Keep up to date with payments of social security contributions

Steps to follow

The steps to applytar o IGSS certificate, it’s pMake the request electronically, as it is the simplest way to generate this document so that the employee receives the attention that corresponds to him.

Step 1

Enterokay on here be able to enter the system with the password and username, East department is that of employers and affiliates.step 1

Step 2

When entering the system, the categories of possible users that can enter appear. In this case, the option that says Customers.Step 2

step 3

Once you are in the employers category, you select the link for electronic work certificatestep 3

Step 4

When the options for electronic work certificate, select the option generateStep 4

Step 5

Then press the option Newstep 5

Step 6

The system will now request the affiliation number, place it in the corresponding box and press the Consultstep 6

Step 7

The moment the consultation is made, the options for the risks for which the request is being made will appear. IGSS Certificate, I selectan option that matches your need. The only options that will appear are Maternity, Illness and Accident.step 7

Step 8

You must now select who will use the certificate, if the affiliate or beneficiary, this is indicated certificate use by. push the button Continue.step 8

Step 9

Once the data is entered, confirm, verify and if they are correct, press the button Continuestep 9

Step 10

Now, a kind of questionnaires will appear where the following must be answered:

What is the employment relationship? It should only be placed Yes or notIf the employee no longer works at the company, indicate how much time has passed.

Did the employee take a vacation? In this case, it must be placed if the worker was on vacation, in the last six months prior to the issue of this certificate, the exact period must be placed in the corresponding field.step 10-1

Have you been licensed? If you are licensed but no longer receive a salary, you must enter the start date when this phase of being licensed, but do not receive a salary.

What is the type of salary? You only need to specify the type of salary the employee earns.step 10

Finally, you must put the date on which the reason you needto him IGSS work certificateIn addition, the dates on which the Guatemalan Social Security Institute IGSS and the date the lock started must also be enteredjo in the company.step 10-2

The questions will not appear as they are at the IGSS Guatemalan Social Security Institute, just to get an idea of ​​what will appear when you apply for the IGSS work certificate.

Step 11

When all the steps mentioned above are completed, press the button generate and the system creates the certificate that is not needed to printstep 11


The benefits that can be obtained only bylisten to IGSS Certificate, is that affiliates can be safe, as both they and their families have a fund with which they can receive the medical care they need at the right time, in addition to having a pension to help them live their retirement in peace.

With this information you already know everything you need to be able to process the IGSS certificate, which are simple processes and can be done from anywhere, of course if you have all the necessary

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