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Land use refers to a portion of the surface and the potential that can be exploited from it, the land use certificate issued by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing allows for a correct distribution of it, taking into consideration whether the sector where it is inserted is rural or urban. Matter to you? Keep reading!


Requirements for the Land Use Certificate

What do I need for the Land Use Certificate?

Persons wishing to obtain a land use certificate in Mexico must meet the following requirements:

  1. Clearly fill out the only registration form and sign it.
  2. Along with the application form, there must be a document that specifies the address where the area or property to be processed is located, it must also indicate the intended use or the intended use.
  3. If the land is empty, you must specify what you want to build, or if it is already built you will have to indicate the built surface and the use of space. Finally, the registration number or key must be included.
  4. Original and copy of the document specifying ownership or possession of the place, authenticated by the public notary.
  5. The power of attorney of the legal representative of the land is required, in the case of being a legal entity, the constitutive act must be maintained.
  6. If what is needed is a use of regional impact, a document covering that impact should be attached to the requirements. This document is purchased at the urban planning and housing secretariat.

Types of use

Soil types can be grouped into:

  • Land use in rural populations and communities: residences, rooms and commercial rooms.
  • The use of conservation land: This type of soil comprises rural agro-industrial production and the rescue of affected areas and ecological preservation.
  • Urban land: This typology encompasses housing, housing plus trade, office buildings or areas of mixed use. It also fits the use of open spaces and their equipment, as well as the use of green areas.

Where is this process done?

The process of obtaining a land use certificate is carried out before the urban development and housing secretariat, also known as SEDUVI. This is responsible for the protection, conservation and proper use of the soil, ensuring that the immediate context of the property or business to be built is not changed.

Steps to follow

The steps to follow to qualify for obtaining the land use certificate in Mexico are as follows:

  • First, the candidate must fulfill the requirements mentioned above.
  • Subsequently, you must go to the secretariat of urban development and housing – SEDUVI where you will receive a sheet of paper that you must protect.
  • Within 5 to 15 working days, the requested authorization will be delivered.

NOTE: The applicant must verify that the documents are properly identified and organized, otherwise, he will be informed and will have a period of 5 working days to reorganize the requirements.


Mexican Meneda2

The cost of issuing a land use certificate varies according to the geographical area in which they are located.

The costs are as follows:

  • 10 times the minimum wage valid for the order date, according to the corresponding geographic area.
  • 25 times the minimum wage Valid for the order date, to which an additional fee is added if the area requires field inspection.
  • 25 times the current minimum wage for the date the order is placed, to which an additional will be added if the area requires a technical study.

What is the certificate necessary for?

The land use certificate is required to know the use that can be made of a given area of ​​land.

Before deciding the use to be made of a land, it is necessary to obtain the land use certificate to find out if it is possible to build or use the area for what we want; If you still don’t know what use the area will have, a decision can be made as soon as the certificate is in hand, considering the uses specified there.

If you want to modify and / or renovate a building, you must comply with the law and what the land use certificate specifies.

The land use certificate guarantees that what will be built or the space that will be reformed on the ground will not interfere with the complex’s daily life.

Which body is responsible for certification?

The body responsible for granting the land use certificate is SEDUVI – known as the urban development and housing secretariat.

This office is located at Avenida Insurgentes Sur 235, Roma Norte, 06700 in Mexico City.


The benefits of land use should be for both the population and the environment.

The provision of laws that regulate the use of spaces allows meeting the needs of the population without compromising the environment in a risky manner.

Enjoying the benefit of having a land use certificate allows land use to comply with Mexican laws and regulations.

Common questions

frequently asked questions 2

  1. What is the validity of the land use certificate?

The land use certificate is valid for 12 consecutive months from the business day after its approval.

  1. What are the opening hours of SEDUVI?

The opening hours for the user of the urban development and housing secretariat are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  1. What is the zoning certificate?

The zoning certificate issued by SEDUVI and which specifies the proper use of your property or property (or whatever you are certifying).

Consequently, if the land does not meet the specifications established for land use, the owner may have to cancel the fine that will be ordered by SEDUVI, in addition, the reform that is being carried out may be paralyzed until the secretary of urban development and housing decide whether to demolish or simply make changes according to the law.

The use of the land translates into the development and growth of a city, in this sense the arrangement that is given to the land will be part of the structure of the city that we intend because it will define its functioning, based on the characteristics of the spaces and the use given to them.

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