¿Certificado médico? Guía para realizar trámites en Guatemala

O medical certificate It is a very useful document for many things related to health, but What must be done to acquire this document? Find out the answer in this article.

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What is the medical certificate?

O medical certificate It is a document where a person’s health status is reflected, indicating that he is in good condition or that he has a disease.

In itself, this document is a kind of report that doctors make when they are examining a person, showing everything they detect in that person.

In addition, this document can be requested by several institutions, since they need to know the health situation of the people with whom they will start working.

What information does it contain?

The information contained in the medical certificate The following is:

  • Name of the doctor issuing the document.
  • Health status of the person being examined.
  • Patient’s name.
  • Indicate whether the patient has undergone laboratory tests and physical examinations.
  • Date the medical certificate is issued.
  • Stamp of the doctor and health center where the certificate was made.
  • Signature of the attending physician.

Who should sue you?

The people who must process the health certificate are all those medical certificate 1

people who must perform the following activities:

  • Study at a school.
  • I work with food handling.
  • Perform tasks that are considered cumbersome.
  • Drive any type of vehicle.
  • Work in places where there are many people.

With all that has just been mentioned, it can be concluded that the medical certificate It must be processed by everyone, as everyone must participate in any activity, which can be academic or work.

Since nothing in this life can be done, it cannot be done without health, which is why people are forced to process this type of document, because nothing is more important than having good health.

Where should it be done?

The place where the medical certificate is in any health center, which is thus directed by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance where it can be examined by any professional doctor.

In any health center, the procedure can be performed free of charge, the day that I can process this document will be indicated by the medical team that comes to the hospital or clinic where the certificate.

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How is it obtained?

As already mentioned above, the health certificate can only be done in health centers, thus showing that people have the option of processing this document, although it is recommended that they perform this process to obtain this document at the hospital or clinic closest to their residence.

Well, like all procedures, you must have some requirements and fulfill some steps that are required by the location where you will get the medical certificate.


The requirements to acquire the medical certificate are as follows:

  • The results of laboratory tests, where you see more than all the results HIV it’s from VDRL.
  • DPI Personal Identity Document
  • Copy of birth certificate in the case of minors who do not have DPI.
  • Passport size photo.

There may be hospitals or clinics where laboratory tests are performed by themselves, for which it is recommended that they attend the health center with the fasting period corresponding to the test they can perform.

You can also spend a few days before processing the certificate, to find out if you need special preparation for what you are going to do at the clinic.

Steps to follow

The steps you must follow to purchase the medical certificate are the ones that will be explained below:

  1. Go to the health center where the document will be processed, on the day corresponding to the health center.
  2. Be aware of instructions from hospital or clinic staff before the doctor treats you.
  3. As soon as you are called by a doctor to assist you, you must let him examine you, so that the professional can detect any physical abnormality you may have.
  4. If the health center performs medical examinations to obtain a health certificate, it is necessary to wait for instructions from the hospital or clinic so that it can carry out the entire procedure.
  5. When you are finished with all instructions given by the health center staff, you should be informed when the document will be delivered to you, at the end of the process or days after.


The benefits that can be obtained only by processing the certificate are only the following:medical certificate 2

  • Detect in time any disease that the patient processing the document may have.
  • Be up to date on the medical exam that people should perform
  • Tell future bosses that you are in a good position to start work.
  • The minor who will enter the school is in good health and will not infect any child.

What to do if you have a serious illness?

It is already known that to have a healthy life it is necessary to have good health, which is based on good physical activity, a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

But what happens if a medical exam detects that you have a serious illness, the logical thing is to follow the doctor’s instructions although there are other things that influence this disease.

The fact that you suffer from a disease that can shorten the days of your life can affect your mood or, in some cases, reduce it more than you already have. To spend more fun, we recommend doing the following:

Follow the doctor’s instructions to the letter

Some instructions can be very tedious, this is the specialist who can help you out of this difficult situation. The best thing to do is to be patient and follow the doctor’s instructions.

Do the activities you enjoy as long as the disease allows

Of course, many think that having a serious illness means always being hospitalized, but this is not the case for all illnesses in which the patient can live his days outside the hospital.

There are diseases in which it is not necessary to be hospitalized, it is good that the patient has those times that he likes to do so much, so that he gets a little distracted from everything that implies being sick.

Know all the information about the disease

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Today you have access to the information you need thanks to the Internet, This does not mean that the doctor’s knowledge is not correct, but it is always a good idea to validate all the information obtained.

In addition, you can get support groups online to make this situation more bearable.

Visit a psychologist

Knowing that you are sick can make you lose the will to live, so it is always good to consult with a specialist, as discouragement can affect the immune system, which is the system that protects the body.

Always be with family and friends

Since it is not easy to suffer from a disease, it is always good to be around those people who love you and want you to be well, so the idea of ​​isolating yourself is not a good option, it is best to always be with whoever is in your best mood help you forget that you’re not having fun.

You now have the guide you need to process the medical certificate, which is done only at a medical center, in addition to the advice we just mentioned on what to do when you are sick.

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