Checar el Buró de Crédito: Cómo saber si Estoy en Buró de Crédito

A positive credit history is very important to obtain financing at any time in our lives, Check the Credit Bureau: How do I know if I’m in the Credit Bureau, It is information that we must treat correctly.

So that you are not surprised, below we give you a simple and complete guide to let you know if I am at the Credit Bureau.

What is the Credit BureauHow do I know if I'm in the Credit Bureau

In Mexico, it is very common to refer to Credit Department, when we talk about our credit history. This originated, because one of companies that provide this information are known as Credit Bureau (Trans Union de México, SASIC).

It is one of the private companies that offers the Credit History service to individuals.

These companies are credit information recipients that banks and credit institutions generate on those who received the credits.

In this way, a database is being created, with the purpose of having the information stored in this respect, so that these same entities can consult them and have a reliable and true support, very useful for the decision of approval or not of the credits.

How to check my free credit service (special credit report) How do I know if I'm in the Credit Bureau

When we think about requesting financial resources through credit, the first thing we do is to check our credit history.

We have this consultation available through Credit Bureau (Trans Union de México, SASIC) Y Credit Circle (Credit circle, SASIC).

In their respective electronic platforms, we must identify the link, to obtain the free Special credit report (RCE).

This document acts as the unifying the complete history of the credit recipient, It specifically shows the values ​​received under this concept and how the conduct to honor the commitment has been.

I mean, If it has been fulfilled in time or there have been delays in the payment of fees, we can also consult who or who saw this information.

Both entities have facilitated the interpretation of the data, so that the user himself can certify the veracity and updating of the data.

Bearing in mind that this information is consulted by the banks and institutions that grant the loans, in order to know the attitude of the recipients of the loans, By law, this Special Credit Report can be obtained free of charge once a year.

It is very good, to have the habit of reviewing credits annually, either by Credit Bureau (Trans Union de México, SASIC)or at Credit Circle (Credit circle, SASIC).

In the following paragraphs, we will guide you through the process of obtaining your credit history online for free, by the two named entities.

We suggest that you have your credit card details open, especially the account number and the maximum credit amount.

Check the Special Credit Report with the Credit BureauHow do I know if I'm in the Credit Bureau

  1. Enter the site burodecredito.com.mx
  2. Locate the «Special credit report» field
  3. Click «Get it now»


Fill out the form with the requested data, uncheck the Include My Score field, it is a service with cost

Click «Continue»

  1. After filling in the data and verifying the information by the system, the Special Credit Report will be immediately displayed.
  2. It can be downloaded to your electronic device.

It is possible for the system to show an amount to be charged, this is due to the difference in the data from the Credit Bureau and in reality.

To find out and resolve this situation, you can contact (55) 5449 4954 and request the report by phone that will be sent to you by mail.

Other options for obtaining the report are through your e-mail address, by mail, by fax and also by visiting the offices of Credit Bureau (Trans Union de México, SASIC), in Mexico City.

It must be taken into account that even when the first Credit Report is free, freight is charged in the form of mail or fax or in person.

Check out the Special Credit Report with Credit CircleHow do I know if I'm in the Credit Bureau

  1. Enter the site Credit Circle
  2. Display the «Products and services» menu
  3. Select «I am a person»Credit circle
  4. Identify in the services in the Special Credit Report the «Take my report» and select it.
  5. Fill in the requested fields, resolve the validation question and press Submit


As soon as the system positively validates the data, immediately You will receive the Special Credit Report via the email address provided.

Differences between Credit Bureau and Credit Circle

The only difference is that are two different brands that compete in the same service area.

In order to offer a catalog of services of excellent quality, to be favored in the choice of users, both for queries and for issuing reports.

About The credit information will be the same for any of the platforms you choose, because these companies share the linked data.

How much does it cost to consult the Credit Bureau?

By law, we have the availability to obtain, free of charge, a Special Credit Report every twelve months, by any of the companies known as Credit information companies.

However he The first report of the year has no cost, the additional reports requested in the same year have a cost of R $ 35.60, according to the Credit Bureau (Trans Union de México, SASIC), in their rates in August 2019.

On orders By phone, at the customer service office and by email, the first report is free, additional reports cost $ 89.

Being its coordinates:

By phone: Call 55 5449 4954 or 800 640 7920, free of charge, Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 9 pm and on Saturdays, from 9 am to 2 pm.

Email: servicio.clientes@burodecredito.com.mx

Customer Service Office at Avenida Periférico Sur 4349. Plaza La Imagen, Local No, 3. Fracc. Mountain Gardens. Tlalpan Delegation, CP 14210. México DF
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm

In this same company, if services are requested by message, The first report is free and we charge $ 204.90 for shipping. Additional credit reports cost $ 240.50

In the event of a request by the Courier, the first annual report is free and shipping costs $ 160.20. Additional credit reports cost $ 195.80

When the Special Credit Report is requested By Fax, the first report within a year is free and you must pay R $ 53.40 for shipping. Additional reports should receive $ 89.

Is it bad to be at the Credit Bureau?How do I know if I'm in the Credit Bureau

It is recalled that Bureau de Crédito corresponds to the name of one of the companies that issue informative reports on the behavior with the assigned credits.

A negative credit history is often associated with «Being at the Bureau».

In general, because we are positively qualified to grant a loan, «we enter the Bureau».

Therefore, being present at any of these institutions, known as Credit Information Societies, indicates that at some point the conditions for obtaining credit were met.

It is worth remembering that these companies are only organizers of information related to the credit history of people and / or companies.

The important thing is to be punctual and consistent in the correct payment of the installments, that is, to pay the credits on time, to maintain a positive record.

This behavior, although not a guarantee, can be of great value, so that in the future there will be a higher score for financing approval.

Hoping the information will be useful to you!

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