¿Cómo consultar tu expediente de extranjería? ¿De que manera consulto mi expediente?

If you are one of the people who are suing the immigration file There are several ways to check the progress of your process in a very simple way. Stay with us and we will explain in detail how to do it.


How to check the status of the file?

Make this consultation it’s free for foreigners who are in Spain.

Before you start using any of the consultation methods, it is essential that you have the file number, having it is a mandatory requirement for you to have access to your information.

Step 1

If for any reason when entering and wish to consult the file your information does not appear on the system, you must immediately go to Immigration Office.

Below we show the means that assist in consulting your file.

Text message

To make the query via a text message to number 638 44 43 86. It is important that users know that the message is free.

After sending the text message you will receive a reply with all the information and the progress of your process. The system will emphasize that all the data you are receiving is informational.

On the other hand, if you want to consult your immigration file and know all the information, the first thing you have to do is provide the system with your file number.

Consultation instructions

The message must be structured as follows: First you must put the word «EXPE”And then leave a space and enter the office number. It would look like this: EXPE 657890005634098.

Check if the number of foreigners is made up of 15 digits. If for some reason the number is not complete, the system will indicate an application error, on the other hand, if the person enters all the data correctly, the system will provide information about your procedure.

Phone call

Woman talking on the phone

Your file information can also be requested over the phone by calling number 902 02 22 22 and follow the instructions in order to obtain information from your immigration file.

Web page

The third way to consult your file is via the Internet. To do this, go directly to the State Secretary for Public Administration.

The Secretary of State is the electronic immigration office to consult your file and is the only body capable of providing the information requested by the applicant.

After entering the site, the system will show a form that you must fill in with the requested information. Some of the requirements it requires of you are:

  • NIE code.
  • The date of the request.
  • Year of birth.

If for some reason you don’t have the NIE code enter your file number information.

After completing the form, select the «ConsultYou will immediately have all the information requested.

There are two methods by which you can consult your file using your NIE code, through the website and via text message.

Woman talking on the phone

NIE stands for Alien identification. So, in order to view all the information, it is necessary to enter this identification number in the system.

The way you’re going structure the message To check your information, do the following: Type the initials NIE, then make a space and add the identification number. The message should be sent to 638 44 43 86.

An example of what the message should look like: NIE Z00000124C.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Your NIE code must begin with the letters X, Y or Z in capital letters.
  2. The code sent in the message must contain 8 numbers. Otherwise, fill in using leading zeros to complete the 8 digits.
  3. The NIE code always ends with a capital letter.

To obtain your file through the NIE you have the option of checking it through the State Secretary for Public Administration. To do this, follow the steps explained in the previous section where we talked about the situation of the immigration file. That is, enter the web portal and fill in all the data required by the form.

Are you ready! you already know how to consult the files and fill in the data for the respective NIE code. This whole process is most effective if you are performing immigration procedures, such as renewal of your legal work permit in Spain or at your residence.

Woman with PC

Spain offers many rights to foreigners, among which we have the right to family group which consists in protecting the union of their family members.

If you wish to be entitled to family reunification, the foreigner will need the following requirements:

  • Have one year of legal residence in the country.
  • To be allowed to stay in Spain for another year of residence.

Therefore, the foreigner must have a Renovated and updated initial residence.

In addition to these requirements, it is very important to state that the person lives in a suitable place for all members of the family and that he has the means to support his family.

This process is carried out in the Immigration Office that corresponds to where the person resides. How would this process be? Through a formal request by filling out the form.

Family reunification application requirements

To complete the form, you must provide the following current documentation:

  • Identification document that verifies the link that the applicant has with the family group.
  • Valid passports.
  • Approved authorization residence and work.
  • Current housing contract or property document.

Family reunification visa

Family reunification visa

Two months after approval of the application, the foreigner must bring the family reunification visa application. This occurs in the offices of the Consulate of Spain in your country of birth

When you are at the Spanish Consulate in your country, present the care and documents to legally opt for the visa.

Family reunification visa requirements

What the candidate must bring to complete the process are:

  • Bring the residence permit to do the family reunification in Spain.
  • Establish, by means of documents, the applicant’s bonds or connections with his family members.
  • Passports current.
  • Recent photos of the family group.
  • Certificate of criminal record which has two months of validity.
  • Medical certificate valid for two months.

Each candidate must come in person to do the procedure and fulfill all requirements. This is an order that the foreigner must comply with and is granted by the consulate.

If you are lucky enough to have your visa approved as a foreigner, you must return to Spain and apply for your Alien Identification Card.

Learn how to consult the immigration file it is very important that the process develops.

If you are a foreigner and are visiting Spain and want to stay in the country, you must have the immigration process up to date.

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