¿Cómo obtener el certificado de defunción en Argentina?

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

Of course, more than one person has gone through the experience of losing a loved one.

At that moment, which often takes you by surprise, it is obvious that the situation overwhelms you so much that you totally lose the idea that you must, as in many events that define your life, fulfill a specific paperwork that, although it may be difficult to sit down up and do it with a cool head at the moment, you will thank later.


That’s why here you have a practical and simple guide to everything you need to get the birth certificate.

What is the death certificate?

The death certificate, certificate or certificate is a legal document that demonstrates the death of a person and that it fulfills as a posterior proof for the accomplishment of many other legal procedures.

There are two ways of issuing the death certificate:

The death certificate negative It is the document that proves that the death of a person was not registered in the Civil Registry (although it is not the case).

On the other hand, the death certificate positive is the one who does. Regarding the fidelity of the written document, we can divide it into:

  • Abstract: summary of all information recorded on the death in the Civil Registry, see as data summary. In turn, it can be, depending on the languages ​​in which it must be written:
  1. Common: written in Spanish only if this is the only official language of the community.
  2. Multilingual: designed for use in the countries that are part of the Vienna Convention of 1976, with the official language of each of them (being Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey and Serbia and Montenegro)
  3. Bilingual: issued if Spanish and another language is the official language of that community.
  • Literal: letter to letter copy of the event record, which reaffirms all requirements regarding the identity of the deceased and the circumstances of the claim.

How is it obtained?

It is a procedure that can be requested in person, addressing the civil registry where the fact is registered, with the personal details of the deceased: full names and surnames, date and place of death, and with the document’s identification document.

It is issued after the medical death certificate is processed (DO NOT CONFUSE) corresponding health center.


  1. Applicant’s National Identity Document (DNI).
  2. The game data: volume, minutes, year and section. If they are not available, you will have to pay an additional charge that will be raised at that time.
  3. The medical declaration of death, which must contain data regarding the doctor’s identity and the identity of the deceased.
  4. The statistical report of deaths issued by the health center.
  5. Declaration with the personal data of the deceased: full names and surnames, names and surnames of his parents, date and place of death, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), spouse’s death certificate in case of being widowed or widow, all signed by a relative.
  6. The parents’ DNI, the family passbook and the testimony in case of fetal death.

Steps to follow

  1. Before starting the death certificate process, it is necessary to carry out the pertinent death registration procedure, since the certificate will be delivered to you approximately 72 hours after this process. To do this, you must first deliver the deceased’s identity card to the Admission and Departure facilities of the hospital or sanatorium, where the medical certificate of death and the statistical report will be delivered.
  2. If the deceased does not have a DNI, the Civil Registry proceeds with the registration, obtaining fingerprints and a statement from two witnesses attesting the identity of the deceased person.
  3. Have a funeral home authorized by the Directorate-General for Cemeteries to handle the transfer and paperwork related to the event. You must inform him of the decision to cremate (in this case you must prove the connection between the deceased and you) or if you have land reserved in a cemetery inside or outside the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in order to obtain the corresponding license.
  4. After all this process, the National Identity Document will be destroyed, so that there are no irregularities, by the National Register of People (RENAPER).
  5. With the most immediate paperwork resolved, you can start processing your death certificate.
  6. When you go to the corresponding registry office of the Civil Registry, the writing of the minutes begins, where the personal details of the deceased (mentioned above), day, month, year, time and place of the event, cause of death and nickname of the doctor are placed responsible, registration number and personal data and DNI of the declarant who must be a direct family member.
  7. If none are found, the responsibility will be assigned to the person of the funeral home staff qualified for the situation.
  8. Then, the minutes are signed by the public official and the declarant and the burial or burial process can proceed.
  9. Ready! You have already completed the process and they should give you the death certificate as soon as possible.

Format style

To give you an idea of ​​what the death certificate will look like and how the death data is organized, we’ll take a look at a template to guide you below:

Certificate of deficiency

What is the death certificate for?

The death certificate is the document that certifies the death of a person legally, before the authorities and the State, and that serves as a key to carry out numerous documentation after the death of your loved one:

  • Preparation of burial with the funeral home.
  • The life insurance collection.
  • Make a will request and distribute the inheritance.
  • The organization of non-inherited assets.
  • Process documents such as a spouse’s death certificate (and change of marital status to widower or widower).
  • Complaint of bank contracts.
  • Settlement of outstanding debts.
  • Savings and investment accounts.
  • Permission to remove the remains of the national territory.
  • Among others.

Where is the procedure performed?

The medical certificate of death and the statistical death report (documents subsequently necessary to the process that concerns us) are requested in the Admission and Exit Room of the corresponding health center and are delivered to you immediately.

The death certificate is processed at the civil registry office where the citizen’s birth was registered. Both procedures are performed free of charge.

If cannot be identified The person who complains about the death will be responsible for the prison, police, health institution or due establishment, whether private or public, the execution of the procedure described here.

The subsequent cremation or burial license must be issued by the Civil Registry, filled out the respective paperwork, already in possession of the death certificate.

By Internet or Call Center

If you are outside Argentina, you can complete the procedure electronically to have it sent to you.

If the game is registered in Buenos Aires, you must request it at a connected through the Civil Registry website. Fill in the fields with the respective personal data (year, volume, registration number and section) and validate your email (Gmail or Hotmail) to validate the link that will be sent to you in this way.

You must make the relevant payment via a message in your mailbox. After making this payment, you can download the game.

In case you need a printed copy you will have to request your turn (through a link found in the message that accompanies the game) in order to collect it at the corresponding Civil Registry Office.

This item can be withdrawn by a third party by means of a certificate of authorization, presenting proof of the procedure, the shift request and your RG at the selected establishment and at the available times.

Shipping abroad there is no additional cost; their departure is sent to the Chancellery to be registered and later sent to the corresponding consulate.

If you are registered or registered outside the province or the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, you must complete the form with the requested data and send it through the Government of Argentina website, where your data will be verified and sent to the corresponding province’s agency.

The issuing office issues the document and sends it to the Ministry of Interior, Public Works and Housing, where it proceeds to its legalization.

When the item is finally legalized, it is sent by post to the address provided, unless you require a Hague Apostille from the Ministry mentioned above (in which case you must pay for this procedure when you withdraw the certificate) and you will have to seek it it at the Argentine consulate that corresponds to your location outside the country.

In offices

If you prefer to collect in person, you can go to the civil registry where your loved one died (requesting your online consultation in advance).

You must complete the application, forward it to the competent agency together with the appropriate documentation and it will be processed as soon as possible.


We hope that this list of how to get the death certificate in Argentina be useful to you, Strength in this difficult time!

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