¿Cómo obtener el duplicado de tu carnet de conducir en España?

To drive a car in Spain, the driver must have prior administrative authorization that issues a Driver’s license. Spaniards and foreigners must be at least 18 years old.

The authorization is granted for the circulation on public roads of vehicles with two or three wheels up to motorized quadricycles up to 3500 kg of maximum authorized mass.

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What should you do?

Steps to follow to apply for a duplicate driver’s license

  1. Bring the police report where the stealing your beef to drive.
  2. Complete duplication of solicitation DGT.
  3. Cancel the rate that corresponds to the duplicate of the license.
  4. Drivers must request an appointment in advance at official page DGT.
  5. Validate your identification and also have all the documents necessary for the process.
  6. Document delivery double, if the delivery of the driving license.

Necessary documents

Driver's license

  • Solicitation double the official driver’s license (Duplicate order)
  • Fees administrative (Model 791)
  • Verification of identity and residence:
    DNI or Passport original chain.
    Authorization in home for foreign in force.
  • Photograph recent passport size, color with plain background, front and without sunglasses.
  • excuse me in to drive original.
  • Bring the police report where the stealing your beef to drive
  • Authorization model, when the application is not submitted by the interested party.
  • Representation document, in case of authorization in legal entities.

How to process the driver’s license for the first time?

Currently, it is essential for many people to have the driver’s license as it gives us more freedom of mobilization.

The process can be long and tedious, but with patience you will achieve it, here we tell you everything you should do:

Find a driving school

Driving school

  1. The first thing is to get a driver’s license from a driving school. You will need a car with two sets of pedals and, although you have the option of doing it for free, the costs are much higher than in a driving school.

  2. Get schools near your area that offer promotions. Price is an important factor, so we recommend that you look for offers among the school options you have to compare. It is important that you know how many classes there are and how long they are.
  3. Search for reviews online. Currently we use the Internet to find out what concerns us, we recommend that you rely on these tools and seek the opinion of those who have already visited driving schools.

  4. Request a quote. When you have already chosen some schools, visit them and ask for quotes where it is clear to you the number of practices, because who never used a car needs more information than who never used.

  5. Choose your driving school and sign the contract. As you already have the budgets, now select the school you are going to attend and make sure To sign a contract so that the rates and conditions of the service that you will receive are established and then make the payment and that you deliver the material so that you can start studying the theoretical part

PART 2: Pass the theoretical part

  1. Attend theoretical classes. There are people who think that it is enough to read the material to take the exam and not attend the theoretical classes. It is best to go to the classes you paid for, as they will cover all the details you need to learn.

  2. Pick up as many models as you can. To pass the theoretical part you can rely on the exams previously done by entering the DGT page in the exams. There are driving schools that have computers to do these mock exams.
  3. Have no doubts. If you have doubts about the questions presented, go to the teacher to resolve them, as you can only have 3 errors in the test.

  4. When you’re ready, take the exam. We recommend that you go to the exam when you have two or fewer mistakes in the mock exams. In so many cases the teacher can guide you and tell me when is the right time for you to present the evidence.

  5. Present the theoretical test. When you’re ready, watch your exam. The date of your assessment will be informed by your teacher. The exam is carried out in a driver assessment center of the DGT and the trip to this location is included in the course fee.

By passing this exam, you can start the practical part. If you do not pass, you will have one last attempt to not pass, you will have to cancel the traffic fee costs again.

PART 3: Pass the practical part.

Happy woman in the car

  1. Know the vehicle. After passing the theoretical part, it’s time to start driving. That is why the first thing the teacher is going to do is worry about teaching you what parts of the vehicle are.

  2. Test in traffic. The teacher will begin to guide you through areas of real traffic and, although it may seem overwhelming, the teacher will check that you are okay. We recommend that you pay attention to the explanations, as they will provide information and help with your exam.

  3. Don’t ask for help. The practice is carried out with a driving school vehicle.

  4. Wait to be prepared. Do not rush to go to the practical exam, you can ask your teacher to tell you when you are really ready to present it.

  5. Pass the psychometric test. In addition to the practical test, you must present a psychotechnical test. You must drive driver recognition centers to present the test. This assessment is about sight, hearing and coordination. A general health check is also done.
  6. Pass the traffic test. In this exam, there will be a DGT examiner who will be sitting behind you to do a session on your skills which will be assessed for 30 minutes. The examiner will tell you where you have to go every second, there comes a time when I can give you the wrong instructions to test your reflexes and your knowledge.

  7. Look for your temporary card. This card will be delivered while the traffic is processing your decisive card. After a week of taking the practical test, you will have the provisional license with which you can start driving. It is worth mentioning that this provisional card is only valid for three months.

  8. Finally put the L in your car. Passing this test is considered a new driver. Therefore, you must place the letter «L» on a green background to indicate this. The location is at the rear of the vehicle, on the left.

If you don’t follow this rule you can be sanctioned and in case you share the vehicle, you must remove the symbol when you are not driving.

What is the validity?

Woman with doubts

  • If you are processing a class B period, its validity is for 10 years until you turn 65. After 65 years the card is valid for 5 years
  1. For licenses in classes C1, C1 + E, C, C + E, D1, D1 + E, D and D + E the validity is 5 years provided that the holder is not 65 years old. After 65 years the validity will be 3 years.

Where to send the file?

Procedure cost

Money delivery

  • The cost of each license is 92.20 euros which is equivalent to paying a fee of 2.1
  • If you are going to process the license recovery by points, the cost is 28.30 euros which is equivalent to the payment of the fee 2.3.
  • If going for a license, the cost is 43.7 euros which is equivalent to the 2.2 fee.

As you may have noticed, the process is long, but if you do it right, you can get your driver’s license. Thanks for reading!

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