¿Cómo obtener una cita previa en el INEM España?

Here you will see how to get your previous consultation at INEM. Matter to you? Keep reading!

How to make an appointment at INEM Spain?

What is INEM?

The first thing is to know that the National Employment Institute (INEM) had the job of managing employment in Spain, was responsible for the unemployment rate and the organization subsidies for certain companies for hiring the unemployed.

However, at the moment, the INEM no longer exists, disappeared 19 years ago, being replaced by State Public Employment Service (SEPE), together with the National Employment System (SNE) and the different employment services of the autonomous communities.

In that case, the nomination would be obtained directly by SEPE.

How to request an appointment with the State Public Employment Service?

To request your previous consultation, there are 2 ways:

The first is by via telephone and the second is by by Internet.

Later we will detail the two forms and you will see which is the most comfortable for you, along with the necessary documentation that you must present in your previous consultation.

Requirements by State Public Employment Service for appointment:

In case you apply for an initial low income grant registration, you must submit the following documentation:

  • The official application form, duly completed, with, if necessary, clarification on the income of the applicant and family members with whom he cohabits or who are in his care. As well as the documents for direct debit, the activity contract and the request for consent, from the information to the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT)
  • If requested, you must present proof of income to the State Public Employment Service.

Very important to justify the legal situation of unemployment:

  • Company receipt, if not previously issued by State Public Employment Service.

In the case of cross-border workers, it is mandatory to present:

  • Professional life or summary report of SASC points.
  • Termination letter.
  • Employment contract.
  • Proof of the employer or entrepreneur showing the involuntary in the labor activity in Andorra.

In addition to the company’s receipt, you must display other documents, depending on your current position:


If you hold a part-time job and have lost another full-time job:

  • Proof with which you justify the control of the revenue you keep in your work area.

If you keep a part-time job and have lost another part-time job:

  • Proof with which you justify the control of the revenue you maintain in your work area.

In the event of loss of part-time job which you subsequently held:

  • Proof of the company 6 months ago (180 days), prior to the loss of the first part-time job, if the information is not available in the database of the Public Employment Service of the State.

In the event of a fight and / or opposition to dismissal:

  • Act of judicial or administrative liquidation, or judicial sentence, or termination of the employment relationship in case of irregular non-readmission, justifying the termination of the employment relationship or with the offer of compensation option.


If you are a company representative:

  • Proof of company, if not previously sent to State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

If you don’t have proof of company from the last company I work for:

  • Proof of income from Social Security contributions.

In case of being a member or cooperative member:

  • In the alleged detention for technological, economic or force majeure reasons: proof of the labor authority verifying such reasons.

In case of termination or suspension of employment for victims of gender violence:

Victim o

  • Declaration by the Social Services of the experienced Administration or the reception center, by judicial resolution or, if applicable, to prove the condition of victim of gender violence through an order or report from the Public Ministry.

Employment abroad

If the contribution contribution is low, apply for it without family responsibilities:

  1. The applicant must justify, if applicable, all income earned in the month prior to the application.

If you have children Disabled over 26 years:

  1. Class of proof of disability processed by IMMERSE or the organ of the respective Autonomous Community, the Ministry of Finance and Civil Service or Defense that recognizes retirement for permanent disability or the retirement pension for service or uselessness.

If you have minors in your care:

  1. Written or judicial decision to formalize acceptance in which the consent of the Public Authority, which in each territory is responsible for the protection of minors and the date of the effects of acceptance, is recorded.

In case of divorce or separation:

  1. Agreement or sentence of the judge that includes the compensatory pension and the amount of the alimony in favor of the children.


How to make your appointment by phone?

To request your consultation by phone, go directly to this link by click here.

There will be all regional landlines, next to the general telephone 901 010 210.

We recommend that you call the provincial, as the cost of the call will be lower.

By phone

When calling, we must indicate our postal code, they will ask us for a series of personal information, such as TIN or NIE and then we must follow the directions, until completing the prior consultation at SEPE.

This service is always available to users!

How to request your consultation online?

Prior consultation

  1. We must enter the main page of SEPE.
  2. So we entered previous consultation or you can click on the link above and it will take you directly to the page.
  3. So we will have 2 options, the first will be Launch application to ask for your previous consultation or cancel scheduling, for people who wish to cancel for personal reasons or emergencies.
  4. After giving the initial registration, fill in the candidate’s data, your zip code and your TIN or NIE, select the type of procedure you want to mark, copy the codes and letters in the image that appears at the bottom to continue.Type of procedure
  5. After accepting, the address of the corresponding office will appear by Postal Code
  6. They replace your Personal Data and accept, the time and day scheduled for your prior consultation, if you agree with said hour and day press CONFIRM and the appointment is successfully registered. Time and day
    Completion of commitment


The benefits of registering as a job seeker in the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), mostly known as the National Employment Institute (INEM) vary because you can access courses, placement plans, many job offers, which will help you in your environment and change your lifestyle, you can also attend professional guidance services and being long-term unemployed, you will have many you help And not only SEPE:

  • Discounts for unemployment that certain companies make in supermarkets, haircuts, concert tickets, transportation vouchers.
  • You will have access to permanent disability, death and survival, retirement benefits, while the benefit is collected.
  • You can have Retirement ahead of regular time, having only 6 months registered as a job seeker, before applying for the retirement form.
  • Assist in health care as long as it is maintained as long as the benefit or subsidy is collected for being unemployed.
  • If you are young and studying, The Youth Guarantee system offers special training and ease of hiring by companies that collaborate with the SEPE.

We hope this information helps you! We read soon.

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