¿Cómo realizar el certificado de antecedentes penales en Argentina?

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

At some point you will need to know How to obtain a criminal record certificate in Argentina? It is very simple, you just need to dedicate a little time and according to the option selected, you will get your certificate between six hours and five working days, just follow the steps.

What is a criminal record?

They are those that evidence the criminal history of an individual, demonstrate the inexistence or existence of open or closed criminal proceedings. This story is validated in Argentina through a criminal record emitting the National Recurrence Registry, in which it is stated that those who ask for it owe nothing to justice.

Which body issues the document?

The criminal record certificate is issued by National Recurrence Registry, a public agency linked to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, on the premises it provides.

What is the document for?

The Criminal Record Certificate confirms that there are no pending criminal records or lawsuits to be resolved.

What institutions request it?

For foreigners, it is requested by Migrations to manage the application for temporary and permanent residence in Argentina, in order to confirm that the applicant did not commit crimes during the time he was in Argentine territory, whether for days, weeks or months.

For this process, they also request the criminal record certificate issued in their country. This document is also necessary for applying for a work visa abroad, either by embassies or by migration addresses.

How to obtain a criminal record certificate?

It is important to keep in mind that the institution or the reason for which they are requested does not change the way of carrying out the management to obtain it, they will always be the same steps.

Obtaining the certificate is easy, just have an internet connection and take the time to fill in the fields requested in the application.

Processing time can be from six (6) hours to five (5) business days, it depends on the economic arrangement you have, the good news is that there are options, and if you plan ahead, the cost can be affordable .

These options are chosen when performing the procedure via the internet.

The costs are related to the time the certificate must be obtained, since the Common procedure takes 5 working days and has the lowest cost, the urgency procedure takes twenty-four (24) hours and can double the cost of the previous one and one The very urgent process takes six (6) hours and the cost is slightly more than three times normal.

The validity of the criminal record certificate will depend on the agency requesting it, as in some places it is specified that the date of issue is not more than three (3) months, in this case, this information must be treated before processing and make the calculation of time for the presentation to be valid and avoid rejection of it.


The documents required, depending on the modality chosen, whether via the Internet, in person or by post, vary only slightly, for the three modalities it is necessary to present a valid and legible personal identification document, identity card, passport or nationality certificate:

When you select the via internet or online, in addition to the previous document, you must:

  • Possess means of payment through Banelco / PagoMisCuentas.
  • Demonstrate ownership of the Banelco Network.
  • Be over eighteen (18) years old.

For the path process face to faceIn addition to the identification document, you must:

  • Submit the completed, signed and paid Criminal Record Certificate Application Form.

Steps to follow

Since 2017, the RNR National Registry of Recurrence portal has been enabled to perform the procedure online or online, avoiding the presence and collapse of the entity’s facilities:

Enter the form National Recurrence Registry and select, among the options offered, the one that suits you best to perform the procedure:

  • Via internet or online: takes 5 minutes.
  • On-site: if there is an RNR dependency in the city where it is located
  • By post: if there is no RNR headquarters or Internet connection

Via internet or online:

  1. Access the National Recurrence Registry, select «Private procedures».
  2. Then select «remote processing».
  3. Fill in the fields requested on the form, with personal details and bank details.
  4. Press «consult» to pay for the procedure
  5. Select the payment method, remembering that you must be the owner of the bank account
  6. As soon as the payment is processed, your request has already been made

You will then receive an email at your email address, indicating that the payment has been processed and indicating the date and time when the criminal record certificate will be available. You will also receive an application and a security code that will provide access to your certificate.

It is important to remember that the time it takes to receive the email can be related to the time that must be completed according to the cost of the procedure you have selected (common, urgent, very urgent).

To access your certificate:

  1. Access National Recurrence Registry .
  2. Click on the option «access your criminal record certificate».
  3. Press the «Remote Procedure» button.
  4. Enter the requested codes.
  5. Click on «Consult» and you will be shown the Criminal Record Certificate, download it, review it and print it when you think it is convenient.

In person

  1. Access «National Recurrence Registry«, Select» Start procedure «, choose the province and locality.
  2. If there is an RNR office, the address where the offices are located and the opening hours will be indicated, choose the one that suits you.

In most concert venues, it is necessary to request or perform the call on the internet, for this, click on “Book on call and continue”, select the call and enter the requested data.

If you do not need to request an appointment, click «choose and continue» and then «next»

  • Select the type of procedure (common, urgent, very urgent)
  • Fill in the requested fields with your personal data, including any last names and names you have.
  • Enter the requested data from the parents.
  • Enter your physical home address details
  • Select the payment option that suits you
  • Download to the electronic equipment the form «Request for criminal record»
  • Press «next» and then «finish»
  • With the printed application you will make the payment, according to the selected modality.
  • Show up at headquarters, on the date and time assigned when requesting the schedule or shift.
  • Present the “Criminal Record Certificate Application Form or Form” with original and copy of the valid and legible identity document (DNI, passport or nationality certificate).
  • There they will take your fingerprints

After performing the steps above, you can obtain your certificate:

  1. The person who provided the services will hand over the “Criminal Record Processing Document”.
  2. Wait for the deadline according to the cost paid for the procedure
  3. Enter the Web page
  4. Select «Access your criminal record certificate»
  5. Select «Headquarters procedure»
  6. Enter the voucher numbers and resolve the captcha.
  7. Click on «Consult», the certificate will be shown, download, review and print.

The process has now been completed and you have obtained the Criminal Record Certificate. It is not necessary to perform any other procedure.

If you choose to complete the procedure by mail:

  • Access «National Recurrence Registry«
  • Select the province and city, then select «other cities»
  • Select «send by mail»
  • Fill in the requested fields, parents’ details and home address.
  • Indicate to which body the criminal record certificate will be presented
  • Select «Download app»

The download file has three pages:

  1. The form or request for the background certificate, which the fund will have the form for making the payment
  2. An individual fingerprint card, this document is completed at a police station where the fingerprints will be collected.
  3. Criminal Record Proof Processing – Started by postal mail, this sheet must be kept for later obtaining the Criminal Record Certificate in digital format.

Then, you should report to the police agency, Lawyer Peace Court, Public Trade Registry or Notary Public that corresponds to you according to your place of residence, with previous and original documents and a copy of the DNI, Passport or Certificate Nationality, valid and legible tell the employee that you are going to take the fingerprints of both hands so that he can proceed with the procedures.

Pay for the procedure at the locations indicated on the certificate request form.
Send all documentation by mail to the following address: Tucumán 1357 from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires – Postal Code 1050.

The documents are:

  • Application form or form signed by the applicant
  • Printed and certified fingerprints.
  • Copy of the certified identification document.
  • Proof of payment.

How to download the Online Certificate:

After meeting the deadline according to the selected procedure (normal, urgent, very urgent):

  1. Enter the Web page
  2. Click on «Access your criminal record certificate»
  3. Click on «Mail Processing»
  4. Place the receipt numbers and solve the captcha.
  5. Click on «Consult», the certificate will be displayed, download, analyze and print.

Common questions:

Question 1: Can I use a credit card to pay for the procedure?

Answer 1: The procedure shows the different forms of payment, if the credit card option is enabled, use it.

Question 2: Can I print multiple criminal record certificates?

Answer 2: The request for a Criminal Record Certificate has a unique identification and control number for each one. It is suggested to print only one form for each candidate.

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