¿Cómo realizar la certificación negativa en Argentina?

Daniel Martínez
Daniel Martínez

It is very likely that in order to apply for social plans, the situation at ANSES is required, one of which is the negative certification they issue, hereby we will guide you so that the request How to carry out negative certification in Argentina? Be fluent and successful.

What is ANSES?

ANSES are the acronyms with which the National Social Security Administration is known.

It is a decentralized body of the national public administration of Argentina, linked to the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, which is in charge of administering social security benefits, known as family allowances, unemployment insurance, universal allowance for each child, provisional service, reimbursements and worker information, issuance of the CUIL Unique Labor Identification Code and confirmation of services.

The agency started operations based on Decree 27,141 in 1991.

When we talk about ANSES, it is important to know what CUIL is, it is part of all transactions that have to do with social security, since each member of ANSES is identified with this code.

Through it, contributions related to benefits, pensions and family allowances are made, it is also necessary for banking procedures, in public entities, vehicle registration, etc.

Currently, this code is automatically assigned when the national registration of people of minors is made, in the case of foreigners, they must obtain provisional CUIL to be able to opt for employment, previous immigration procedures, and become permanent CUIL when obtaining the DNI.

Your duties?

ANSES has functions to support the State with regard to the social security plans it plans and develops:

  • To ensure that citizens who are beneficiaries of the policies emanating from the State in matters of social security ensure the correct and transparent administration of benefits and services regulated by the regulations in force.
  • Ensure the effectiveness and social responsibility in the management of the Sustainability Guarantee Fund of the Argentine Integrated Supplementary Pension System (SIPA).

These functions are performed through activities such as:

  • Payment of pensions and pensions
  • Payment of Child Benefit
  • Processing and management of unemployment benefits.
  • Processing and management of universal allowances for each child and for pregnancy.
  • Expansion of citizens’ social security coverage to meet needs.
  • Scholarship and credit allocation

As of 2008, he is responsible for managing the resources of the Sustainability Guarantee Fund, which is composed of a variety of assets, and its main objective is to ensure the payment of contingent pensions and pensions, contributing to the progress of the national economy. and mitigate negative situations caused by changes in economic factors that influence social security.

What services do you offer?

ANSES has a catalog of services distributed in Categories and Sections:

By sections we find: information area, procedures area, benefits area and consultation area.

The categories are related to the various sections that we designate above: children, pregnancy and births, pensions and pensions, widowhood and death, work, marriage, education, companies and organizations.

In the area of ​​procedures they offer: Recognition of services, subsidy for public services, payment control of mutuals or cooperatives, processing of various credits, for housing certification, obtaining retirement, obtaining a social security key, among others.

In the Information area: a whole series of informative articles on the various procedures and all the items that make up social security are updated.

Where are the main offices located?

ANSES has a long list of offices where they pay attention, to find the one closest to your home you can consult the office or service station.

They also offer other ways to contact them, such as:

  • Telephone service: Dial 130, 24 hours a day, you can be attended personally from Monday to Friday during business hours.
  • Ask questions online: by sending a message via your Facebook page.

As a sample of some of its offices, we find:

  • Prof Cs. Budget located in: Buenos Aires 865
  • Baradero Located in: Anchorena 1127
  • July 9 Located at: Libertad 1102
  • Open Pampa Location: Gob. Tello and JD Perón
  • Aimogasta Location: 9 de Julio, left. Sao Martim
  • Chacabuco Location: Sarmiento 95, left. Cervantes
  • Former Regional Headquarters Located in: Esquiú 879
  • Cordoba Location: Av. Chacabuco 187 andar 7
  • Chivilcoy Located in: Bolivar 79
  • General Villegas Located in: Rivadavia 907 left Pueyrredon
  • AMIA Located in: URIBIRU 650 / PASTEUR 633
  • Añatuya Located in: Chacabuco 256
  • Junín Located in: Winter 84
  • Junín II Location: Rioja 539
  • Avellaneda Location: French 58
  • Ayacucho Located in: Güemes 664
  • Azul Location: Av. Pte. Perón 425
  • Bahía Blanca Location: Brown 180
  • Bahía Blanca II Location: Avenida Colón 279
  • Balcarce Located at: Calle 16 corner 17
  • Municipality of SARMIENTO Location: AMEGHINO 358
  • Cañuelas Location: Del Carmen 690
  • Barracks Location: Av. Regimiento de Patricios 939
  • Batán Location: Colectora Ruta 88 and Calle 149
  • Nativity Scene Located in: Coronel Daza 69
  • Alta Gracia Location: Pte. Perón 1997
  • CPC Argüello Located at: Avenida Rafael Núñez corner Avenida Ricardo Rojas

How to get the negative certificate?

First, let’s understand what we mean when we talk about Negative Certification, this is a document that must be issued by ANSES, with a validity not exceeding thirty days.

She confirms that: no contribution is made as a dependent worker, no sworn statement from provinces not linked to SIPA is recorded, no transfer is made as a monotax, self-employed or as a private home worker.

Also not included: unemployment benefit, maternity allowance for private workers, social plans or provisional benefits, as well as child or pregnancy allowance.


The essential document to obtain ANSES Negative Certification is the unique CUIL labor identification number or code

Steps to follow

To obtain Negative Certification, you must:
1. Access the Web page.
2. Select the «Benefits and Services» section
3. Click on the «Negative Certification» option
4. Click the «Make the Consultation» button
5. Enter the number of the unique labor identification code or CUIL
6. Select the certification period (maximum two months)
7. Click «Continue»
8. Review personal data and social security items that are not used by the candidate
9. Choose between print or download options to get certified
The certificate obtained electronically does not require a stamp or signature from ANSES employee, has no cost and can be made by the owner or holder, relative or person authorized by the applicant.

What is the negative certificate for?

To demonstrate that neither contributions, payments or assignments are registered, as a dependent worker, nor by declarations from provinces not linked to SIPA, nor transfers as a monotax, self-employed or private residence worker, in short, it confirms that the citizen does not charge without benefits of social Security.

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