Cómo saber a cuál AFP estoy afiliado: Pasos a seguir

Since people generally initiate some of the employment contracts, they should be fully aware that joining a job Pension fund administrator it is one of the most important options you can have at that moment. What is known by its acronym? AFP? How do I know which AFP I am affiliated with?

This is one of the most important and very useful options for each and every company you work for. This is where people will have to pay each of the mandatory contributions they provide at that time on a monthly basis.

In cases where people don’t know which AFP are you registered with, is not a cause for concern or despair. Here, each individual will be able to observe a small manual to consult it free, easy and fast.

Now if you ask yourself How do I know which AFP I am affiliated with? You are in the right place, as you will know what steps to take to determine it. You will also know some curious facts that you may not have in mind.

If you want to know which AFIP you are affiliated with, just keep reading!

How to know which AFP I am affiliated with

How to know which AFP I am affiliated with

For those who do not know, with RUT each individual could reach consult your AFP.

Likewise, each person has an AFC in which each part of the the Director of the Unemployment Fund. It’s here too people can obtain a PDF digital membership certificate.

As a second option, what people should do is be able to go to one of the main pages of the Pension Superintendence. They may be known by their initials SP. Likewise, it can be highlighted as one of the most relevant portals; Likewise, people just need to enter by right clicking to open a new tab on here, you can access their website.

Keep reading this article before you go on the web. You should know the following information beforehand.

People will be able to see in detail each of the options shown in the blue menu. That’s why people should click beyond User support on the part of top guide. They must also click on the query part of one of the affiliations in the button that follows at the bottom.


From here is where each individual must be completely redirected based on the tools of AFP Consultation , provided they are provided by the SP.

Likewise, the individual must:

  1. Power enter your RUT inside each of the boxes. Without the need to display other types of special characters, such as hyphens or periods.
  2. After people enter the system with their RUT, they must be able to validate each of the security keys. These are usually the ones shown in an image. You can choose to confirm by audio, as long as it is authorized.
  3. Likewise, each individual must put pressure on the Search for. To find out if they are busy.

Once the person has seen whether he is registered, if he belongs to one of the lists, the same system will be in charge of granting one of the certificates of AFP affiliation in pdf format.

It should be noted that in the affiliation certificate each person will be able to see their full name and their assigned RUT number. Throughout the system, people can see in a more specific way in which AFP branch are included. Especially since the date they are registered. They can also know the savings balance, as well as the commissions and each of the quotes generated so far.

Likewise, the system gives the person the opportunity to simulate their retirement. If the job you are in will designate one for you.

Pension fund administrator

Those planning to change their AFP branch, you can make some type of transfer related to funds and more. This document can also be saved or printed so that it is available when needed.

In cases where people have tried to consult your AFIP number or account and an error has occurred, they can remember that the headquarters of the same entity are always available, so it is recommended to appear in the event of a failure.

Another way for people to report a failure is through customer service. Where it is very useful for those people who cannot go to one of the branches of the headquarters.

Likewise, any of the phases is extremely important, so that the customer can recover his account at least to find out if he has already had one.

What to do when I’m already a member

Those people who are already affiliated need only keep in mind what they want to do with the account. If you keep it as a savings base, or if you simply want to switch to another type of modality or account that allows you to be more efficient.

Likewise, once people are within the AFIP system, what they must do mainly is to create a savings method for each of their funds. Even so, the same organization is the one that has the savings methods, with regard to the user’s pensions.

What is an AFP

O Pension Fund Administrator, better known by the acronym AFPIt can be defined as one of the agencies that acts directly in the collection of taxes in an autarchic way. Where they are directly linked to the Argentine State, which is characterized by being dependent on the Ministry of Finance.

It is one of the organizations in charge of applications. As well as their perception, collection and, of course, their inspection. Based on each of the revenues and taxes around the national scope. Both internally through the General Directorate of Taxes, and on the payroll through the General Directorate of Social Security Resources. As external, through the Directorate-General for Customs.

Likewise, and within its powers, it is responsible for regulating the obligations and rights of taxpayers.

How to switch from AFP

In the case of people who, in turn, know they are affiliated with any of the AFP Accounts, they can enter the home page at one of the virtual branches. They may also have the option of change the AFP branch.

Likewise, people can make any kind of transfer of their funds and more.

Although the same users have the ability to switch before, they must first be able to consider whether the same branch exists in their country. That it is close to addressing when necessary.

Likewise, people must be able to take into account, before they can change, the quality of each of the services that customer service can offer. As well as each of the information and advice that can be provided to that AFP user.

It can be said that capitalization and profitability are one of the main factors that are used mainly to obtain improvements based on the savings plan for these pensions. For that moment, there is the individual.

How to know which AFP I am affiliated with

As many of the branches can manage differently, each of the administration costs. Likewise, it can be said that each of its actions is subject to change.

The Pension Fund Administrator It is characterized by presenting in the first instance each of your belongings in an old way, each one of them is also fully capable of accepting the change, this will make the person know that through the means of communication he presented at the time of his accession or change, they can be effective.

As soon as the change is successfully made, the new Pension Fund Administrator will inform you in a few business days,

It should be noted that in the same way people are entirely responsible for each of their payments, with respect to the present contributions; In case the user is a dependent employee, it is he who must deposit each of his installments in the new required branches.


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