Cómo saber a que partido estoy afiliado: Todo lo que necesitas saber

Many Paraguayans wonder How can I find out which party I am affiliated with? Political parties play a very important role in the country’s laws due to the legal power that these parties have.

Currently, movements, organizations, parties and political entities have millions of people affiliated to their political system, making their political ideals concrete in their followers.

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The political and social sector is an extremely important factor in all nations of the world, as politics implements laws within the social system and this leads to a series of socioeconomic and social movements for the future of a country.

If you don’t know which party you have and want to know how to do it over the phone, online or in person, don’t wait any longer

Stay and read this article so you can handle this information perfectly!

How to know which party I am affiliated with

Many people do not know which political parties they are affiliated with and need to know their affiliation, either to elect a political electoral candidate or to conduct an electoral process.

There are many types of knowing the affiliation of a political party, the three most used by citizens are:

  • By phone, citizens can find out which party they are following
  • In person
  • This form is the most used by individuals and is entering the main portal of Paraguay’s Electoral Justice

People who wish to personally know their enrollment in a movement or political party should contact the following Headquarters of the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Directorate

Avenida Eusebio Ayala Street number 2759 on the corner of Santa Cruz de la Cierra

Hours of attention for public: Monday to Friday from 7 am to 3 pm

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At the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Board You can also make a complaint or complaint about the affiliation of political parties to any problem presented with a political procedure.

Most of the complaints presented are grounds for the use of documents without the citizen’s knowledge.

note: To file a complaint with the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Board A copy and an original of the identity card must be taken, attached to this form and must be filled in with black ink pen

O RCP (Permanent Civic Registry) It is the governing body in sealing and stamping all membership certificates of any political party.

Once this governing body approves the affiliation of individuals with a political movement, that affiliation will be made on a permanent basis

Electoral Justice, in conjunction with the Permanent Civic Registry, conducts management and documentation not only of knowing which party it is affiliated with, but also of political and social movements.

Via telephone

Checking party affiliation over the phone is a very quick and efficient way to find out about political party membership in the country

So, if you’re wondering How can I find out which party I am affiliated with?

Here is a solution to this problem by simply picking up your cell phone and dialing a phone number In a few minutes you will know which party you are affiliated with

To start performing this procedure by telephone, it must be clarified that the Electoral Justice of Paraguay provided a customer service phone number that is (021) 61 80 111

Telephone opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (no work or weekends, holidays)

turn on

When we have the phone number in hand, we start calling during the established business hours.

As soon as the call goes down, a customer service operator will answer and we will expose our case to the employee who does not answer the call.

note: The call is not completely free, but it does not have a very high cost because it is classified as a call to a public entity

Via Online

Technology advances and advances in a surprising way thanks to these numerous procedures and procedures that should be performed in person at the office and with complicated queues, which can be performed in the comfort of your home.

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Many times before, to verify some data, it was necessary to make a request and a shift to be attended.

This process took a long time and was not very feasible for many people who wanted to speed up verification.

The system asks us to enter our identification number and enter a security code, once the requested data is entered, we click on search and the system immediately shows us the results.


The main portal of Paraguay’s Electoral Justice has enabled a very effective instrument where all foreigners, nationalized, can check their condition within a political party

With just enter your identity card number the system will automatically provide search results in just seconds

The result that the page gives will be linked according to your signature or registration of the identity card in the lists of the referred movements.

But in the case you have not signed up as a supporter on any list Anyway, the portal will show which party you are affiliated with

PLRA (Liberal Party) registration

When we refer to the Authentic Liberal Radical Party (PLRA), we are talking about one of Paraguay’s political organizations and movements, previously PLRA was known as the country’s Liberal Party.

This Organization was founded on July 10, 1887 under the name of Democratic Center, but it was not in 1978 that it was re-established under the name of Liberal Party.

For the date of 1978 – 1990 In the country there were two important political movements in the country, the first was the Liberal Party and the other Colorado Party, so far, there were more than one million citizens affiliated to each party

PLRA (Liberal Party) registration

The Authentic Radical Liberal Party performs different main functions, whose main objectives are:

  • Providing aid to the country’s most vulnerable communities
  • Organize movements with radical and liberal ideals
  • Promote nationalism and patriotism in schools at all educational levels
  • Protect the country’s lower and middle class wages
  • Support and contribute to large and small companies operating in the country
  • Include everyone and call the national union

As its name implies, the main thoughts of PLRA are three: inclusion, radicalism and liberalism.

This party built a very important history from 1887 to the present, building more than a century of political history in Paraguay.

The main address of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) It is located at the following address:

Capital Asunción Paraguay, Avenida Iturbe calle 936 near Av Manuel Domínguez

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 3:30 pm

For more information, you can access the official website when making click here

How to apply for a political party to disband

There are several reasons why many people want to disconnect from a political party because they either do not share the same ideals or the citizen simply does not want to get involved in politics and this is totally valid along with other justifications.

It is important to mention that in the last few years many citizens have made complaints to the Electoral Court for appearing registered in up to three political parties that did not submit a request for membership

If there is a problem with the registration of a political party, you must make your complaint to the RCP (Permanent Civic Registry) wave Electoral justice, These governing bodies will initiate the investigation of the case

Steps to follow to request a political party to disband

  1. Present original and copy of identity card
  2. Write a letter explaining why you want to separate from the political party
  3. Fill in the registration form (this document will be delivered upon registration)
  4. Proof of registration with the political party you wish to join 8 (this in some cases)
  5. If you were included in a game without your rapture and your signature was forged, you must provide some proof of that

When attaching all these documents you should go to the headquarters of the National Justice and present your case

More than one million people are affiliated with various parties

Between 2018 and 2019, thousands and thousands of cases of false affiliations were detected in different political parties in the country.

How to know which law applies to me

For these reasons the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE), I guarantee that people who are registered with various political parties must notify in order to cancel them

According to data released by the main monitor of the TSJE Carlos María Ljubetic there are more than one and a half million people affiliated with political parties

The main purpose of falsifying various people’s affiliations to political parties is to look for multiple false votes, For this reason, the TSJE urged the country to denounce acts of corruption in false affiliations

Remember that voting is the right of all citizens to choose the country’s destiny.

So don’t be left wondering how do I know which party I’m affiliated with? And start making your affiliation legally


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