Cómo saber a quien pertenece un vehiculo: Todo lo que necesitas saber

It is important to know that just by knowing the license plate of a vehicle you can know the history owners who owned a motor vehicle. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!


How can I find out the history of car owners?

Through an Autofact report, just by knowing the license plate of a vehicle you can learn the history of owners that the car had.

It will also be possible to know whether these former owners They were individuals or companies, and the time each spent with the vehicle.

It should be noted, This is a very useful tool as it will help you to find out all the information about the used vehicle they are going to purchase, and moreover that we just mentioned.

In your turn, you can also know the number of technical analyzes where this vehicle passed, as well as records of pending payments.

However, below we present another way of knowing the history of the owners of a vehicle, and nothing more, through the Public Vehicle Registry (Repuve).

That is, it is responsible for maintaining a control and registration of vehicles, which reflects the records, cancellations, endorsements, infractions, thefts, losses, postponements and recoveries of vehicles assembled, manufactured or in transit through the country.

It should be noted that this procedure is completely free, The NIV (Vehicle Identification Number) is required, as well as the license plate number and registration number, obtaining the following result:

  • Registration verification.
  • General information and characteristics vehicle.
  • I check with the Repuve information system.

Vehicle invoice


If you want to know the history of the owners of used car, the vehicle invoice must be in hand, if the vehicle has only one owner, this person must have the original invoice, and in this, there will be a detailed and detailed description of:

  • Vehicle agency name.
  • Number consecutive folio.
  • Data from both sellers as the buyer.
  • Federal registration of both taxpayers.
  • Detailed vehicle description.
  • Unit and total cost.

Invoice Okay


In this case, if the car had multiple owners, the seller, whether natural or legal, must have an endorsed invoice if the person is an individual.

Otherwise, you must have a copy of the original invoice and a new invoice if the seller is a legal entity, in which the name of the previous owners, the dates of the transfer of the owners will be reflected in the invoice and a brief summary with the vehicle rights section.

How can I make a vehicle consultation through Repuve?

vehicle series

Everyone at some point we were overcome with fears and doubts because we don’t know the vehicle’s origin, functionality, physical appearance and all these details that would allow us to more easily choose which vehicle we want to purchase.

For example, in Mexico, if you want to have clear information which is obtained in a federal vehicle, Repuve must be accessed, as it is the best way to have accurate and detailed information about the unit.

To know the status of a vehicle we should be:

1 Enter the site

2.- Locate the option «Know the status of your vehicle.»

3.- Only one should be chosen these criteria:

  • Plate number first (no spaces, no hyphens).
  • Then the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • And finally, the registration certificate number.

Understanding the VIN as the number consisting of seventeen (17) alphanumeric characters identification of vehicle models after 1998, usually located on the driver’s door frame or on the vehicle’s dashboard.

We Vehicle model cases prior to 1998 this same alphanumeric component was located on the left door of the vehicle and was called serial at the time.

Now, it is also important to note that proof of registration (NCI) number The only number that Repuve grants to each vehicle once registered, this code consists of 08 (eight) alphanumeric characters.

Other options


Another option to know the history of a vehicle it is to go to any transit station with the seller and the car, and thus certify the background of the same, in order to carry out an exhaustive review and investigation of the car.

With the above, we will have the following: serial overhaul of the engine with that of the car, documentation analysis and theft report, if any.

Also through Vintra through the following link: page specialized in issuing automotive reports, at a cost of 90 pesos.

What are the advantages of buying a used car from a single owner


There are infinite advantages that are obtained when purchasing a used car that had only one owner, of which we can mention some of them:

  • We will find a unique way to lead you.
  • We will have direct contact with the owner vehicle.
  • We will know the specific and concrete information vehicle.
  • We are going to arrive the original vehicle invoice duly endorsed.
  • We will also have the facilities to contact the owner in case of any inconvenience or if we need any other document.

Broadly speaking, We could say that the history of the vehicle will be known without fear, about the possible uses they could make before the acquisition, or if you were involved in some kind of problem.

Now, already owning the car, you will enjoy the security and tranquility that this information provides you with complete freedom to use, enjoy and dispose of the vehicle.

What if the car was used for public transport?

When a vehicle is used as public transport Generally, it is used more intensively than usual, which in the long run can have consequences on its operation, a fact that you should take into account if you intend to purchase a vehicle in these conditions. That is why you should keep in mind that a car travels between 15,000 and 20,000 kilometers a year.

What procedures should I follow to be the official owner of my recently purchased car?


To achieve this a newly purchased car is placed in your name, you must follow these steps:

  • Firstly, The seller must act on the invoice endorsement.
  • So TYou have to make a purchase and sale contract.
  • And after completing these first two steps, You must go to the vehicle control service offices and make the change of owner, there you must present all the necessary documentation.

It is extremely important that you do not consider any points guaranteed, you must do all of them, without exception to prevent the said car from being taken over by the creditors of the previous owner or being sold twice.

Further, you will have security and peace of mind so that you can enjoy, enjoy, use and dispose of your new purchase without any inconvenience, as you have already performed all the relevant legal procedures, leaving all documents in order.

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