Cómo saber cuál es la homoclave de mi RFC: Conoce todo lo referente al tema

If you are looking for a job, you probably already know that you need a document called RFC here we will talk about him and his relationship with the homoclave


What is the RFC

O Federal Taxpayer Register is best known for its acronym RFC. It is a unique password granted by the government of Mexico and is generally used to be able to identify the natural and legal persons who carry out an economic activity

Through this key, the tax authority may know who is in these activities and with whom or who fully carries them out

This is also used to be able to carry out a good control of the payment of taxes in front of the SAT which is the service of tax administration

O RFC It ends up being one of the most important documents for a Mexican citizen.

How to get your RFC

Any person of Mexican nationality can take care of carrying out the appropriate procedures to obtain your RFC. And not by processing it, you get a tax liability and you won’t have to file tax returns.

Only after the start of commercial activity should the payment of the respective taxes be initiated.

That is why any young person who started his job search is recommended to sue his RFC as soon as possible, this way they can introduce you to the companies they are applying for.

All taxpayers must process their RFC, including:

  • O workers of companies or government
  • Those belonging to the tax incorporation regime who are usually entrepreneurs
  • O workers totally independent

The RFC is a more useful document than just canceling your taxes, it also allows access to facilities such as:

  • Use of credits INFONAVIT, is one of the requirements for your application
  • To open a bank account
  • Owning a credit card legally
  • Register and participate in AFORE
  • Access the scholarships
  • Access IMSS
  • Sell ​​real estate

What is homoclave

O homoclave It is a unique code that is attributed to each person and company to be able to identify them as distinct entities, this is because there can be more than one person with the same name and even share the date of birth.

Which body is responsible for assigning it?

Registration is granted at the tax and customs administration service by its acronym SAT.

East body which is in charge of the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, is responsible for ensuring the application of tax and customs legislation.

It is also your responsibility that everyone contributors they are responsible for making a proportionate and equitable contribution to public spending.

Also, that everyone abides by the rules that customs and taxes represent in the government’s tax policy.

How to obtain your RFC homoclave

O homoclave with you RFC are the last 3 characters. When granting the RFC, only the SAT calculates what RFC with their respective homoclave, thus checking that there is no other RFC in their database that they can match.

If it is the case that they usually coincide, change the last number or letter, in order to have a different code for each citizen of the doctor.

O homoclave These are usually the last 3 characters of any RFC, these characters can vary between letters and even numbers

So you can take this homoclave with your RFC They must have been responsible for registering with the SAT, this is done mainly through the following link. Click here.


O Procedure This can be done easily over the internet, you can click on this link to get more information if you still have any questions, Press here.

But you probably still don’t understand how this key is built

For individuals, your RFC it is generally interpreted as follows:

  • The first consonant and vowel of the first surname
  • Middle Initial
  • Which has the first name of the taxpayer
  • Date of birth in the following format yy / mm / dd
  • it is homoclave which was calculated using the algorithm we all know with its respective check digit used so that no repetition occurs,

Let’s look at the following example.

  • Name: Paul Rodríguez Alvarado
  • His date of birth is: July 25, 1978
  • RFC: ROAP780725RH7

Rather than legal entities or companies, is formed as follows:

  • If the case is that the company name contains exactly three words, only the first of each of those words will be used. On the other hand, if the company name has only two words, the first letter of the first word and the first two letters of the second word will be used-

As the last case has only one word, the first 3 letters would be used.

  • The date the company was incorporated in the format presented in yy / mm / dd
  • And finally the homoclave assigned by SAT

Here’s another example:

  • Name: Industrias Algodon Teñido SA de CV
  • Establishment date: January 23, 2009
  • RFC: IAT090123E60

Differences between homoclave and your RFC key

The most striking difference between them is that homoclave It is a simple identification number between each citizen

However, the RFC it can also be a more useful document to be able to identify the people who develop an economic activity and in the requests that we have already explained to you

What is the RFC with homoclave for?


O homoclave In general terms, this will help you to avoid confusing your RFC with a person who could have the same name and, in even greater cases, who was born on the same day, month or year as you.

O homoclave It can be useful both when paying taxes, when paying over the internet and when applying for different types of credit.

For this reason, we remember if it is possible that you always have it on hand so that it can be used when necessary.

Remember that it is very important that you request discharge from the SAT before deciding to have what RFC with your homoclave.

If you still have more questions with this article, don’t forget that you can go to the SAT offices, it is very important that you have this password so that you can carry out various operations in your business, such as the income statement.


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