Cómo saber cuándo caduca el abono transporte: Todo lo que no te han contado

In the development of a country different pillars are based for the success of this development. One of the fundamental factors for the good establishment of a country is public transport.

Each country, except a few they maintain a good or often chaotic public transport system. And how it works depends directly on the capital invested by the nation’s government.

Transport pass

As it is one of the most used services in a country, the government does not generate projects or benefits in relation to these services. That is why in large countries where this service is in the background, different projects are carried out for the benefit of its inhabitants.

One of those countries is Spain, which allows its inhabitants issue certain payments or vouchers to cancel the use of transportation. In addition, it benefits people with low income or who use it a lot, as is the case with students.

That is why we have investigated and want to share with our readers information about the transport pass offered by the Spanish country. In addition to a practical and useful guide for carrying out various procedures for this benefit.

What is the transport pass?

To start with this article completely, it is very important that you are clear about what this fertilizer is based on. Which is intended to function as a personal, non-transferable ticket that allows unlimited travel on public transport.

Transport pass

These trips can only be carried out within their scope of spatial and temporal validity so as not to suffer discomfort. In turn, the holder of this benefit will enjoy the same using a public transport card.

In addition, this useful benefit is very convenient for people who use this service frequently. Or in the possible case of low-income people for their best comfort and well-being.

Who can apply for a transport pass

This benefit can be received by any citizen or foreigner who is in the Spanish country. The difference is that they must process according to the type of citizen or age of the holder, including:

  • Normal fertilizer: aimed at people between 26 and 64 years old.
  • Young Pass: applies up to 26 years.
  • The Senior Pass: aimed at people over 65 years.
  • Employment credit: this is used by the beneficiaries of the Employment Activation Program.

Transport pass

In turn, the corresponding discount will be applied depending on the groups to which the owner belongs, including:

  • General Category of Large Families: receive a 20% net discount.
  • Special category for large families: they receive a 50% net discount.
  • People with a disability of 65% or more: receive a 20% net discount.

How to know when your transport pass expires

Usually, the term of this benefit is indefinite, but remember that it varies depending on which one was granted to you. In the following, we will show the following types of validity:

  • 30-day pass: has only a net validity of 30 days since its issuance.
  • The Annual Pass: has only a net validity of An entire year since its issuance.
  • Others: In this category are the other payment methods with their respective periods of validity or maturity policy.

Transport pass

If the doubt persists, we urge our readers to visit the official website of the entity managing the said benefit. This will avoid inconvenience when ordering any of these services.

Public transport card (TTP)

If you receive the Transportation Pass benefit, remember that to take advantage of the You must have a Public Transport Card. This will make it easier to enjoy the benefit, as well as being much cleaner and cheaper.

Said card has a validity of 7 years from the moment it is processed, in addition to the fact that it is a personal and non-transferable card. Therefore, you must be very careful if it is lost or stolen.

In turn, the management entity provides a web platform where you can make appropriate refills and complaints in case of loss or theft. Currently, the cost of this card varies from 4 or 6 euros Yes, it is processed by a new user.

How the card is issued at offices

Transport pass

If you wish to request or process this card at the offices provided by Regional Transport Consortium. Just take into account your personal data and the type of transport pass you have.

Also the same they are processed quickly and efficiently, in order to contribute to the well-being of residents. In addition to this process being carried out in an orderly and organized way, to place the order you can follow the following steps:

Step by step

  1. First, you must request your consultation by calling 012 or visiting the following link: TTP appointment request. Inside you must fill a form with the data corresponding to the candidate.1
  2. You will receive an office suitable for the area where you live, you can check the nearest one at the following link: Public Transport Card Management Offices.
  3. The candidate must attend the interview on the day and at the designated office with the documentation required by the Consortium.
  4. You must not bring a photo, as it will be done inside the office. The card will be delivered immediately after completing this process.

How to recharge your transit card

Transport pass

There are different ways to recharge your public transport card, in addition, different sites have been enabled for this, such as:

  • Automatic machines installed: at subway stations and nearby stations.
  • Transport Exchange Information Points.
  • Bankia ATMs.
  • Tobacconists and other authorized outlets.

Recalls that You must have the public transport card in hand to successfully recharge. This refill It does not apply if you enjoy any type of subscription or special service.


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