Cómo saber cuándo me toca revisión técnica vehicular: Pasos a seguir

You wonder How can I know when I have a technical overhaul of the vehicle? Well, here you will be able to know each of the necessary steps to carry out this procedure.

If you want to know when it’s time for the vehicle’s technical overhaul, just keep reading!

    vehicle technical overhaul

What is the technical review of the vehicle

AN Technical review or as some people used to call it, technical inspection of vehicles, It is the preventive verification carried out periodically before a certifying entity.

This is where people can check that the car meets each and every safety and emissions standard that can cause pollution. Therefore, this is one of the most important procedures that people with a car can perform.

All cars older than three years:

They must go through some of the reviews on a mandatory basis. Which means that everyone is fully willing to meet the review standards.

The validity of a revision certificate can be considered one of the techniques used for all type in vehicles. ANDThis will depend on the type of car. Likewise, it can vary between 3, 6 and 12 months approximately.

To pass any of the evaluations, it is highly mandatory that one of the drivers try to go to one of the factories. As long as they are respectively legal. In addition, it is convenient for each one to present one of their vehicle identification cards. If you do not have it, you can submit the SOAT.

On the other hand, it can be said that the first thing that each technician is responsible for doing is a visual inspection. As long as they are directly related to the bodywork. The mirrors. The windshield. Security films. The bumper. The chassis and not least, each of its beams.

In addition, each technician has full possibility to perform each of the tests, which can include each of the different systems, such as:

  • The suspension
  • Each of the shock absorbers presented.
  • The direction
  • The brakes of each tire and the axles must be checked.

It should be noted that the electrical system is also one of the most essential things that technicians usually check. Thanks to this, those responsible for this work can check the quantity, the intensity. And, most importantly, the alignment of the car lights.

    technical vehicle overhaul

Another of the most important points that technicians must take into account, as well as people who should have their cars checked, is the review based on the emission of gases. Because the car must meet each and every MTC requirement.

Likewise, the different types of maximum limits allowed must not be exceeded in order not to affect the environment any more. That is why, within revision standards, it was discovered that cars should affect the environment as little as possible.

In general, it can be said that some of the evaluations can be taken as vehicular techniques. In turn, they allow any type of verification to be carried out. That can demonstrate the full functioning of that vehicle. One of the most important factors is that the cell phone can be a car or a motorcycle.

But for those people whose car has not been approved in some of the main ways, there is nothing to worry about. Quiet. It is only necessary for the individual to fix it. To give you the necessary maintenance. It is noteworthy that the person can return in 30 days for a new inspection, as long as necessary.

What is it for

O technical vehicle inspection (ITV) or as some people call it, overhaul for vehicle techniqueIt can be said that it is one of the procedures used for the totally legal and preventive maintenance of vehicles.

In addition, this is one of the methods that people usually use. Especially in countries like Ecuador. So that each of your vehicles is completely inspected regularly by some of the certifying entities.

It is worth mentioning that each of the certifiers, or technicians, is responsible for verifying compliance with each of the safety standards. As well as the aspects or characteristics of the most polluting vehicles that are applicable.

It can be said that in some of the laws, it is convenient that each vehicle can be tested, in the same way ITV system. What can give the person the fact of being able to register or, on the contrary, can work for those people who need to renew their vehicle license or patent.

Likewise, this is one of the said approvals accredited by a certificate. Most of the time, it is issued by one of the entities in charge of inspection.

In some cases, it can be said that in addition, they can add some other badge on the part of the windshield. On the license plate. Or elsewhere in the vehicle where it can be reached it is more visible to the technician.

In order to facilitate each process by inspection. In some countries, it can be said that the inspection can be carried out in some of the mobile workshops in different parts of the provinces.

Steps to perform the technical service of the vehicle

Anyone who, in turn, wishes to carry out the technical inspection or registration of the vehicle, can do so through these simple steps.

For this, the person must:

  • First, people must be able to enter one of the official pages of the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT), which will allow the person to review each of the amounts that are pending payment for review, registration and fines.
  • After that, the person must be able to cancel each of the amounts based on one of the banking entities or as some people usually call them Servipagos windows.
  • Once each payment of these amounts is completed, the person must log onto the AMT website again to obtain an appointment.

    • It is recommended that people choose one of the technical analyzes of the vehicle properly, some of them can be:

      • Guajaló.
      • Los Chillos,
      • San Isidro del Inca,
      • Florida,
      • In the case of private cars; Guamaní or Carapungo, (can also be used for public service vehicles).
  • On the other hand, people can request marking, so that once the license plates of each vehicle are registered, for that they must select the day, time, as well as the data of the vehicle owner; in addition, the person must print the receipt.
  • It is important that people take into account that the hours of operation of each vehicle inspection center is generally from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. In the case of Saturdays, the opening hours are usually from 8 am to 12 pm.
  • In the same way, people must be able to attend each of the times for which they were selected, they must also take one of the consultations or printed vouchers, to check if the appointment and payment are correct.
  • After the person has each of the certificates of approval based on the vehicle inspection, the individual must register their vehicle.

    • This is one of the procedures that can be carried out in the evaluation centers or in Quitumbe, in the south, and in El Bicentenario, which is mainly in the north.
  • In the month of February, each of these procedures is mandatory for private car owners with plates finished in only one part. In March it corresponds to both, in April it applies to all three, four of May, five of June, six of July, seven of August, eight of September, nine of October and zero of November.

    vehicle technical overhaul

Ways to do vehicle inspection

As some people do not know, there are several ways for homeowners to carry out vehicle inspection, but the most effective is when people go to one of the headquarters in person to perform the procedure.

This is the most effective and safest way to do this, since the owners can speak directly with the technicians and also deliver the assigned documents.

It is recommended to visit the following guide, Review techniques.

Thanks for reading!

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