Cómo saber cuánto debo en Fonacot: Te mostraremos todo lo que debes saber

Do you need a loan? and you can’t find a solution to that. We bring you an easy and simple solution if you are active at work. The credit FONACOT It is a loan system, thanks to the institute of the National Fund for the Consumption of Workers.

How to know how much I owe on Fonacot: We'll show you everything you need to know

One of the main characteristics of this great economic support is that it has low market interest, discounts are made via payroll and need not be guaranteed.

(Up to two months after applying for this loan)

This type of assistance covers all types of employees, whether public or private. In addition, be a great stimulus for Mexican families.

It also offers opportunities for people who have no credit history.

Keep reading and discover all that this credit has to offer.

What is Fonacot


Fonacot (National Worker Consumption Fund) is known as a government institute created so that workers have the opportunity to acquire goods for the improvement of their wealth without affecting any part of their economy.

The fund you can get from these funds can help with the purchase of materials for the home, among other important things for which this credit is requested.

Get this credit from FONACOT It can be perceived in two important ways:

  • Credit card
  • In effective

The amount the applicant receives will be based on his maturity, an example of which is that the value of the card can be made within 4 months of maturity.

How to register a user on Fonacot

For greater ease when registering with FONACOT you can enter this site: Click here.

It is very easy and safe, first of all you must fill in the information that the page indicates and follow the procedure that it indicates.


What are Fonacot credit plans

First of all, you must know that a loan is a financial producer, for which you receive an amount that you must pay within a certain period of time. To which are added the corresponding interests and commissions.

Normally the institutions offer 3 types of credits, they are:

  • Business credit
  • For consumption
  • To the house

FONACOT offers different types of credits that are very useful for all workers. One of the biggest advantages of this credit is that it does not run any risk of debt thanks to the ease of payment it has, the insurance that its loans provide and the lower interest rates.


Cash Credit Fonacot

If for some reason you are going through a bad time and need financial help as yours is not the best, FONACOT It helps you with a cash loan and supply when needed and you need it.

Obtaining this credit is very easy: the payment terms are fixed, monthly and as we have already mentioned several times are via monina, in short with credits that can be easily paid.

Fonacot facilitates credit payments between 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 months. In addition, it has a sea of ​​benefits:

  • Monthly interest rate is 2.3%
  • In approximately 3 days you will have your money available.
  • Two months after receiving the loan, the discount will be made via payroll.
  • Payments for this are fixed.
  • Your job is the only guarantee

Loans from Fonacot are subject to credit approval.

Be careful that the company you are affiliated with is Fonacot, before starting the process of getting a loan. You can easily ask in the human resources area of ​​the company you work for.

The main idea of Fonacot is that all companies in the city of the Republic of Mexico have this service. However, not all offer, you must make sure that the company you work for is affiliated, as mentioned above.

Credit Woman Fonacot


The credit Fonacot For women, its main objective is to help and encourage each of these workers in their growth process and search for economic stability. You must be wondering how? Very easy giving an improvement to your assets and helping them to acquire goods that can benefit the family environment.

In the event of death, disability or loss of employment, a woman’s cash credit can be requested.

Fonacot Credit to Victims

FonacotThanks to the institute Fonacot for the victims, Workers with areas affected by natural disasters or emergency declarations have quick and easy access to this credit, in addition it will be granted in cash and will be able to recover durable consumer goods and other necessary services in the event of such an event.

The preferred interest rate is for 12, 18 and 24 months.

You are not committed to your openness.

You have 120 days for the first discount.

Credit payment is made via payroll.

The disposal method is left to the worker.


For questions, reports or clarifications about this credit, they can be made during business hours from 8 am to 10 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Call the: 800 366 2268 Credit Doubts Fonacot

Your name is: 01 55 5809 4674 Insurance services and assistance Fonacot

Credit from Fonacot «Let’s Grow Together»


Fonacot “Vamos Crescer Juntos” brings you a financing plan for people who are part of companies affiliated to the tax incorporation regime (RIF).

You have 6 months to pay, you have an opening commission of 2%, your payment, like all credits of this company, is via payroll, and the order is through the Banamex Transfer card.

Workers have the possibility to apply for up to 10.15 or 20% of the monthly salary with a minimum loan percentage of 20.30, 20.47 or 20.92% respectively.

Credit from Fonacot «Let’s all travel through Mexico»


O Credit from Fonacot «Let’s all travel through Mexico»Its main objective is to promote national tourism, offering credits with preferential conditions to formal workers to purchase travel packages.

Regardless of the requirements that are necessary, or the national destination, you have the option of obtaining this great loan and thus taking advantage of all the wonders that the city of Mexico.

How to verify my Fonacot account

It’s very easy to verify your account at Fonacot, We put here the page you should enter directly: Click here.

After entering the page, enter the requested data and ready


Benefits of being a Fonacot user

The benefits that this offers us are several

  • It has options for cash credit
  • Likewise, it offers us the facility of a card
  • Once the credit is requested, it does not ask for information about its destination.
  • Recurrently, the glasses offered by FONACOT are inferior to those on the market.
  • You only need references when applying for credit
  • If for some reason you have problems with unemployment, this institution has several support plans.
  • They have the possibility to add them to the family’s credit lines.

Thank you for reading our portal, we wish you success in your process

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