Cómo saber Cuántos Puntos Tengo en Infonavit – Checar Puntos Infonavit

O INFONAVIT It is a very respectable and very useful entity, if you want to apply for a home loan, if you want to know more about how they are acquired, we explain here:

So that you can know how many points have in the system INFONAVIT with your social security number, better known as the NSS you must follow the following steps at all times:

  • You must have your identification number on hand at NSS
  • You must enter the official page that has the infonavit In the following link: Click here.Step 1
  • Click on any of the credits you want, there is the option to credit you want, you can click on the Prequalification option.

Later, you will be introduced to two types of variants, this will depend on whether the request is made in a Individual or in couple.

Therefore, you can check the Infonavit score individually:

  • Enter the Social Security number that belongs to you and your date of birth, you must remember also insert the word that the page shows us for security, then you can press send

Then you can check the punctuation that you have as a couple:

  • As in the previous case, if we have to re-enter the number of NSS and the date of your birth, but this time it will be that of the two people who made the request, in addition to clicking on the option that indicates Select if the type of prequalification is for marital credit

Hence the following points they go in common, no matter what form you decide to choose:

  • In case you already have More From 116 points, a type of credit simulator will be shown that will indicate your creditworthiness as close as possible.
  • If so, you have Any less From 116 points, the amount of points accumulated so far and what to do in addition to how much time you have to reach the 116 you must have will be indicated

The way to check the INFONAVIT with a name that is without your number NSS:

It is absolutely necessary that you have your social security number to be able to carry out the various procedures that are allowed, such as pre-qualification, consultation of points or loan infonavit.

But if the case is that we already have it, but we cannot remember or we lost it, in the following way you can find out in a simpler way:

  • Enter the official portal NSS
  • There you must fill in your name, paternal surname, in this case the maternal name is optional, put it, your date of birth and the CAPTCHA security code that the page presents

And with that you’re ready, your Social Security number to perform the procedure that has already been explained

How to calculate points in Infonavit


There is more than one factor that can affect you to calculate the accumulated points you have in the system INFONAVIT

In fact, there are three factors that are normally taken into account for the correct allocation of your points:

  • The age of the candidate (s) and their monthly remuneration
  • The balance in the house subaccount
  • It is the total number of two-month periods in which it can be seen that the worker was in charge of requesting his score in the infonavit

Now, if we are going to explain how they are calculated points at the INFONAVIT

We have already mentioned one of the factors that can interfere in the attribution of these points to you, to begin we will start with the salary, what is really taken into consideration is the minimum wage you earn

Monthly or the equivalent, what that means is that the higher your monthly income, you will get more points in this area.

The maximum number of points you can receive will be 39 points.

That would be to win a monthly salary which can be 4.5 times or perhaps more than the minimum wage.

Other assessments in areas that are closely linked to the salary It will be how old you are in relation to how much you perceive in salaryIn this opportunity, the higher your salary and age, the more points you will receive.

The maximum number of points you can receive in this case is 76 points, that is, if you are between 43 and 49 years old and receive a contribution of 11.1 times or more of the equivalent of salary Minimum.

Finally, working time is taken continuously and is presented in two-month periods, starting with a six-month interval, which is equivalent to already having one year of work, if the time is shorter they will not be granted points

In this area, most of the points that could be obtained is 38 points, in case you have worked continuously for approximately two years, regardless of whether this time is in the same company or not.

We have already talked about the limits that you can have, but all of this can vary depending on your working conditions and age, as already mentioned

How many Infonavit points should I have

To apply for a credit INFONAVIT In either case, you will need a minimum of 116 points to choose.


What is the value available for Infonavit

  • Infonavit credit $ 1,795,378.70
  • Total Infonavit $ 2,049,659.81
  • Cofinavit $ 462,329.28
  • Cofinavit with additional revenue $ 439,212.82
  • Your second infonavit credit $ 1,885,276.06
  • Secure credit $ 1,795,378.70
  • Improvement benefit $ 57,534.31

How to check how much I save

If you want to know how much you save on your INFONAVIT, there are different ways to do this. However, in all cases, you should have:

  • Your social security number NSS
  • Your unique key for registering the population known as CURP
  • And its RFC, the federal taxpayer registry

Via telephone

Through him infonatel in 9171-5050, if you are from Mexico City. In 01800-008-3900 without any other cost from within the republic.

This service can be used from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am until approximately 9:00 pm. Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to approximately 3 pm

By text messages

If you want to request it through text message You must enter your social security number or, if applicable, your credit number from any cell phone, dialing 30900 every day of the year and at any time.

Through the Internet

What is Infonavit and how does it work?

O INFONAVIT, Institute of the National Fund for Workers’ Housing, was created in 1972. Its creation is due to the law of the INFONAVIT. With which you can fulfill the right to housing for all workers.

The main objective of this institute is to bring together a national fund for all contributions employers. Which is 5% of the salary of each of these workers who would be hired. So that they have the opportunity to obtain a home loan or for those savings to be returned.

How does Infonavit work?

This institute in addition to granting mortgage loans. It also makes available to each worker who is registered in the IMSS, have a retirement savings account for the amount you have accumulated.

This savings account will allow all workers to make contributions from the salary. Thus, you can save or have money in the following subaccounts:


  • For housing with credit INFONAVIT

It is this credit that we are talking about here. And the one that will allow them to help you want to be able to buy a new or used house. Build on your land. Renovate your home or cancel mortgages.

  • Savings for retirement or old age
  • Totally voluntary contributions
  • Complement contributions and withdrawals

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