Cómo saber dónde me toca votar en México: Pasos y todo lo que necesitas saber

The elections are approaching, so you have to know where you should vote, here we will explain how you can know


How to know where to vote

In elections It is possible to elect the president of the republic, federal deputies and senators. However, in certain entities it will be possible for citizens to to choose to legislators and governors.

To make sure that you are on the payroll of the INE You can access the following link (click here) However, for In order to carry out the consultation, it is necessary to have your voter password or the code of your credential in hand. This consultation will let you know which box you will be entitled to vote.

Steps to know where to vote

  • You must verify that your voting credential is still valid.
  • Locate in your credential the number that will appear next to the text called section, there you can see a number with which you can find the corresponding box,
  • Call to INETEL free of charge to the number 01 800 433 2000, using the number we just found


  • You can also check these voting booths through the INE website, which has a location tool that can even give you the address on the map Cashier corresponding
  • In any of the forms of consultation, you must insert the section number that appears reflected in the credential so that it can provide the data you need.

If you reside in the Foreign and you? Do you have yours credential to be able to vote, don’t run out of votes in these elections.

To do this, you must register your application with the registration system to vote from abroad, there you can download the blank registration application form from credentials, You will have the option of those issued in the country or abroad.

If you don’t have your credential yet, you can request it soon

O INE, through the network of consulates and embassies of the secretary of foreign affairs by its acronym SRE, may allow you to request the voter card in the country where you live.

To do this Procedure You must do this through the SER system, we explain how you can sue right here.

In order for you to perform the procedure, it will be necessary to schedule the appointment through the Foreign Affairs secretary system. To perform this procedure in the United States and Canada, you can call Mexitel free of charge, their number is 1-877-MEXITEL (639-4835).

You must present the 3 respective identification documents, those of nationality, your identification with photo and proof of your current address. They must be the originals and must have no erasures or alterations.

There they will fill a digital type format with the data presented, there they will capture the impressions of each of their fingers, they will also take a digital photograph.

And the documents you presented will also be scanned and then you will have to capture your signature on one of the digital tablets and with that they will end with the end of your consultation at the consulate.

You will receive a receipt in which you will have a constancy of your sheet number, you should keep it, as it can be found by checking the status of the credentials in the online consultation system.

It is very important that you are checking the status to see if you will ever need to go back to clarify any of the data.

In the vast majority of procedures, these are validated with remarkable speed and the credential If you want support, either for guidance or questions, you can call INETEL in the United States at 1 (866) 986 and other countries at the following number +52 (55) 5481 9897.

If your data is successfully validated, the credential will be able to produce it with the states of quality, such as security locks equal to those of the country. Therefore, here you can be identified with your respective country of residence and with Mexico with the appropriate certainty.


From 2018 you can vote from abroad to choose President of the Republic.

According to the law, the records in the list start in the previous year, this record is absolutely necessary as it may allow you to vote in the country where you are

For you to make this registration in the so-called Nominal List, you must already have your credential enabled for the vote.

If you do not have it or if it has already expired, you must renew your process as we have explained.

After you have been correctly enrolled in the INE the information will be sent to you. The one that corresponds to the choice and the materials needed in this case.



If you want to participate in the election of governors you should know this:

The credential for you to vote with your respective photograph is one of the essential requirements to be able to exercise your vote.

Likewise, you must make the request to INE registration of voters residing in the Foreign. If you don’t already have it, you must request it,

You must remember that the information you provided to the INE Is totally confidential. Therefore, you should not be concerned.


As part of the law renewals from 2018, they can also participate in the election of the senators from Mexico.

If you signed up for the list of voters residing abroad.

At the same time, you will receive the materials you need to vote for senator out.

Voting mode

All citizens can now exercise vote in a way electronics and they will receive their blank ballots.

Depending on the state in which you vote, you can receive this ballot by mail, fax or find it on the Internet.

Which entity is responsible for voting in Mexico

The entity responsible for these elections is the electoral organization committee of the INE or national electoral institute, who developed one of the ballot box prototypes, which issues different electronic ballots.

With this, more than 600 voting exercises have already been carried out, which will allow the actions to be worked on to be able to disseminate the analysis so that the law allows this implementation in absolutely the whole country.


Voting: Obligation or Right?

Vote itself and by the constitution is a right. Let everyone exercise so that you can make the most appropriate decision possible in general.

On the other hand, the decision vote it allows to involve the citizens of a country so that it is really part of a decision-making process.

It serves to be able to inform us properly to be even more aware of the challenges that society is facing of the challenges that must be faced in society

Just as demonstrating reciprocity by thanking rights means fulfilling duties.

It is also true that it can be said that voting is considered Requested may end up trying with the freedom. However, it is also true that it would be difficult to establish a punishment for those who decide No vote.

Therefore, we can consider that here voting is a right and not an obligation.


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