Cómo saber donde votar: Todo lo que debes saber

To exercise the right to vote You must have the Personal Identification Document (DPI). Do you want to know more? Keep reading!


What is the Supreme Electoral Court?

The Supreme Electoral Court in the electoral area is the highest authority, works independently and is not subject to any other state entity.

Your operation It is established in the Electoral Law and political parties, under the terms of article 21 of the same law. Created in 1983 with the aim of guaranteeing free and sovereign elections in Guatemala.

Among the functions and obligations of the Supreme Electoral Court, we will cite some of those established in Article 125:

  • Be guarantor of the faithful fulfillment of the constitution, the observance of laws and provisions by citizens when exercising their right to participate.
  • Set within parameters establish on the date of the electoral call the organization, as well as the delivery of the results: issue the validity of the elections, notify the citizens of the declaration of their choice.
  • Resolve on registration, suspension, cancellation of structures and / or political parties.
  • Appoint new members departmental and municipal electoral boards, as well as the free removal of any of them, justified previous causes.
  • Investigate or resolve any complaints, provided it is in its powers, as well as inform the competent authorities of the cases, if any.
  • Ask for help from employees public order during the development of electoral processes.
  • Responding to requests and consultations carried out by citizens and political structures, regarding the events within their competence.
  • Review of electoral documentation.
  • Elaborate TSE internal regulations and all electoral organizations.

How do you know where to vote?

TSE Service Center

FOR through the following options You can check where you vote:

  • By Web page: Through this link you can consult the polling center just knowing the IPR number and date of birth, and then validate the recaptcha box.
  • Through the call center: Call 2470-2700 or the 555-222 text messaging platform.
  • Also in all TSE delegations.

What do I need to vote?


According to TSE spokesman Luis Gerardo Ramírez, It is recommended that citizens living across the country at the national level meet the following requirements when exercising their right to vote:

  • Do not charge firearms.
  • Are prohibited take pictures and / or record the ballot.
  • Participate in the voting site in good conscience (avoid getting drunk)
  • Do not show up with any type of identification of any political party.

There is also other requirements to consider, in addition to those already mentioned:

  • Being a Guatemalan citizen and reached adulthood.
  • You must have your IPR.
  • Know your registration number.
  • To be registered.
  • Know your voting center.

Sites for visiting polling centers in Guatemala


Now they present the links to consult polling stations those whose voter turnout is recorded.

Sites to learn how to vote outside Guatemala

Through these links They can consult and, in turn, go to the respective embassy of the country in which they are located.

What do the five ballots mean?

electoral ballots

Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) determined that citizens must mark with an «X» or any other sign in the house of the candidates of your choice, as well as informing that the abandonment of the house may result in the annulment of the vote.

It should be noted that any sign that uploads other photos or any point or change in it will void the vote. It should be noted that visually impaired voters will receive ballots in Braille.

The only ballot that will have the photos of candidates and party logos, will be the ballot corresponding to the candidacy of the president and vice president, as well as the mayor of the capital.

When it’s time to exercise the right to vote, you will be presented with five (05) banknotes of different colors, each corresponding to different application models, of which we will quote below:

  • White ballot. It is the same for the whole country. The vice-president and the president are voted on respectively. Nineteen (19) presidential duets will be found on this ballot.
  • Green. It is used nationally. It serves to elect the thirty-two (32) Deputies to the Congress by National List.
  • Light blue. There are slight variations in different departments in Guatemala. The position of the party logos also varies. It is used to elect one hundred and twenty-eight (128) Members of Congress for the different districts.
  • pink Each municipality has a different one, there are 340 different ones. With this color of ballot, mayors and municipal corporations are elected.
  • Yellow. It is the same at the national level. Twenty (20) sitting and twenty (20) alternate deputies are elected to Parlacen.

Common questions

Man with questions

What is suffrage?

It is constitutional law that all citizens must vote to elect candidates for public office. It is exercised from the age of majority.

What is the null vote?

I know will consider the vote invalid when the brand leaves the box intended for it.

What is TSE?

The Supreme Electoral Court, at the electoral level in Guatemala, it is the highest authority. It does not depend on any other state agency.

What’s the status?

It is a grouping of institutions with the power and that they have all the authority to establish rules and regulations in all areas that allow a society to be regulated.

How do I find out where to vote in Guatemala?

Through the following link you can consult the voting center where he would have to exercise his right to vote.

What should not be done in polling stations?

  • Own firearms.
  • Be identified with a political party.
  • Record or take pictures inside the premises the polling place and the ballots themselves.
  • Attend the polling place intoxicated.

Should I submit my DPI to vote?

Yes, it’s necessary have and current.

Is there a priority for voters?

Pregnant women will have priority, disabled people, the elderly, women with children in their arms.

What is prohibition?

It is the ban on consumption of alcoholic beverages During the electoral process, whoever incurs this infraction will be referred to the PNC Court.

How many ballots will be given to the voter?

Five (05) ballots will be delivered for the voter for president and vice president; Deputies by national list, by district and Parlacen and mayor.

Can Guatemalans who are out of the country vote for mayor?

No, they can not. They can only exercise their right to vote by the president and vice president.

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