Cómo saber el valor catastral de tu terreno: Para qué sirve

When buying a house or property It is extremely important to take into account the aspects and documents to be processed. Since within any nation in the world maintains its own paperwork or document policies of properties.

Usually these documents They must be verified or presented to the authorities designated for this task or office in each country. In addition, they are extremely important to verify or prove your ownership condition.

Registration value

Despite the speed and success of processing It will depend on compliance with or adherence to the requirements and processes for carrying out the process. Therefore, it is necessary to have adequate information in relation to the subject or procedure of interest.

According to Spanish law, each property must be properly registered or accredited before the Spanish registration. That is why today we will show and inform you about everything related to this procedure and the most practical way to do it.

What is the registration value?

To begin you must know all the concepts and what all this has to do with the cadastral value. Without further ado, this means the administrative value assigned to each property or property from the data found in the real estate registry.

This value is determined thanks to the fact that specific data for each property is recorded in the cadastre. In addition, the cadastral value of the land and buildings constructed there are taken into account.

Registration value

In turn, the value of these properties is carried out collectively and where the data for each terrain is gradually updated. This in order to maintain a net value similar or similar to that of the market.

What is the registration value for

The importance of processing this document It is in the fact that the registration facilitates the census of properties. Likewise, the ownership of the property and its cadastral value.

It should be noted that the cadastral value generally It is used to establish or determine the economic capacity of the owners. In addition to this information, different processes and procedures are dependent.

One of the other uses is determination or adequacy of tax calculation such as the Property tax. Like him Asset Transfer Tax which must be carried out in the respective government entities.

Registration value

However, cadastral value is extremely important when purchasing an apartment, land or property. Because within this will be determined the cost or equity valuation of them in addition to the taxes that compose them.

How to know the cadastral value of your land

In the Spanish state there are several ways and means to know or consult the cadastral value of your property. The only requirement required to process such a query is to own the property or land.

Remember this a very important procedure being the same maintains strict security when making any queries. That is why today we are going to show you the different steps to process it.

Through the Internet

If in your case you want to check the value through the web platform, just insert this link: Website Sign up Spain. In it, you can either make the consultation or certify or accredit your registration data.


Further let’s remember that This institutional platform is one of the easiest and most reliable methods to consult the register. In turn, we want to inform you that within registration reference will be requested in the corresponding table to know the administrative value of the property.

By phone

Depending on the province, region or state where you reside, contact numbers have been made available for consultation. Who communicate directly with the cadastral offices corresponding to their locality.

However, keep in mind that each number varies depending on the area where you live therefore, find out the number in your area. Besides that your identity will be requested to access the consultation through this means, in addition to some security questions.

With IBI

In case you have your copy of the last payment of the Property tax (IBI). You will have the great ease of knowing the cadastral value of your property or land in this document.

Registration value

For this reason, we recommend that you read carefully so as not to miss any details and check the value of your land. Not without more, recalls that the value is subject to change therefore, you must confirm your query using the other methods discussed.

Face to face

If in your case you are one of those people who solves everything the old-fashioned way and wants to consult personally. You simply must visit the nearest city offices together with the respective documents.

Which are your property reference number and your ID, this will verify that you are the owner of that land. Otherwise, the consultation will be denied, as it should only be made by the owner of the property.

Once the consultation is accessed, a cadastral map of the municipality will be provided. To then receive the appropriate information about that property and its value.

Real estate cadastral certificate

Registration value

Following this order of ideas, the cadastral certificate is the document that certifies the physical, legal and economic data of the property. Who are registered in the Property Registry, or also, if they do not exist, make the necessary registration.

Nowadays there are 2 types of certificates properties or cadastral certificates that are specified as the following:

  • The Descriptive and Graphic Registration Certificate.
  • Liberal Cadastral Certificate.

These were designed at the forefront and demand of each case to remarkably facilitate the organization within the governmental entity. These certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue.

What is the cadastral discrepancy

When requesting an evaluation or evaluation of your property or land, you must take into account that it coincides with the administrative value. Otherwise, you must proceed to request a new current assessment.

Registration value

Knowing the cadastral value of our properties is a fundamental and extremely important action. Because it will determine the total cost at the time of payment of taxes and which greatly influences the determination of the cost of the sale.

As a recommendation to our readers, we suggest that they verify that the registration value does not legally exceed 50% of the market price. Therefore, if you think the value of your registration is too high, you can process your complaint through the discrepancy with the Registration.


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