Cómo saber el Valor Catastral: Lo que nadie te cuenta

The cadastral value allows to know the real price of a house. This is very important information if you want to buy or sell a home and is determined by a number of factors.

If your house or the house you want to buy has been remodeled, improved or is located in a specific area of ​​the city or even the countryside, here we show how this will help you how to know the cadastral value of your home.how to know the cadastral value of a house

What is the cadastral value

O Registration value It is the administrative value that corresponds to each property in function of the information that exists in its register objectively on the value of the land and buildings.

how to know the cadastral value of a house

O register It is the administrative register created with the objective of collecting the information corresponding to the different properties, classifying them mainly in urban and rustic.

Registration in this registry (under the regulation of Ministry of Finance) is mandatory and, at the same time, free. It includes the physical, legal and economic characteristics of the property, its location, surface area, use and other relevant information, such as the cadastral value.

The registration of Registration value of a property allows a census or account to be made regarding these assets, their titles and their value, with which to determine the economic suitability of the owners in Mexico.

Likewise, it allows the calculation of several taxes, such as those corresponding to the use or ownership of real estate or those corresponding to the transfer of ownership of them.

How to know the cadastral value

For calculate the cadastral value you need to go through the collective evaluation process. For this, the cadastral values ​​of the properties within their class or location must be known. This is done through two values ​​that allow us to determine the homogeneous value in relation to the market values:

  • The value of the land. This is calculated considering the basic modulus of the soil.
  • The value of construction. It is determined using the basic building module.

These modules are established from the division of the territory within a municipality, taking into account the homogeneous areas and the typologies of buildings established in the given space.

To this calculation are added different coefficients related to the differences between the properties and the municipalities themselves. So you can know the revaluation of a property and the depreciation of the value according to the variables of the situation.

After this operation, and that you go through the process of how to know the cadastral value assigned to your property, the registration must be done in the register. Remember that the registration value cannot exceed the market value of the property, which is the value established by which it can be sold between independents.

Land registry value

To calculate the cadastral value of land the urban circumstances surrounding the property must be known, including:

  • The number of facades and their length.
  • The funds of the parcel, if irregularly shaped. It is also evaluated how different the surface area is in relation to the minimum established by the urban planning of the municipality.
  • The impossibility or difficulty of temporary construction due to antiquity.
  • The indisposition or preference of the destination of the territory in relation to the construction of buildings according to some regime of protection of the state.

Construction registration value

To set the cadastral value of construction The urban and construction characteristics of the property and other factors are examined, such as:

what is the cadastral value

  • The depreciation or functional imperfections of the land or building.
  • The singular charges of the house or the land, or both.
  • Levels of renovation and conservation of land or construction.
  • The quality of the construction.
  • The use or destination of the property.
  • The urban situation surrounding the territory.
  • The age of construction.
  • The artistic and historical character of the building or the space that surrounds it.

How to know if the value of the house I want is correcthow to know if the value of the house I want is correct

The cadastral value of a house changes depending on the characteristics of the property itself. From its location, through the land and production capacity, even taking into account the cost of construction of the house construction materials, all this information must be taken into account for know if the value of the house you want is correct.

To find out this information, you can evaluate the prices with a real estate agent, who will give you a personalized service in this regard.

If you prefer to do it yourself, you can visit several websites to learn about the characteristics of the houses. There you will be able to consult through photographs and inquiries to the seller everything you want to know and compare with similar properties.

Since buying a home is a very big investment, you must be very careful and careful with that decision. To do this, you must take into account the different aspects of the the quality of the materials, the location, the price of the land and, above all, the market situation.


One of the factors to be considered when evaluating the price of a home is the location of the same. When considering a change of address, the buyer should make sure that the surrounding areas and their own location are convenient. All of this affects the value of the property.

For example, houses located on main avenues can be more expensive, because they are convenient for accessing different sectors of the city. On the other hand, houses located outside the city or further away from the city’s administrative centers may be cheaper.

In addition, the works that are being carried out, the population, the security and the facilities around the house are issues that can increase or depreciate the price of the property.

Housing qualityRegistration value

The materials with which a house was built or the real estate project itself contribute to the value of the property. When a house is part of a private residential project (see, for example, urbanizations), they are usually more expensive.

This difference occurs because in these residential buildings the construction seeks to meet a specific lifestyle. For exampleIn these complexes there are usually green areas, recreation and control at the entrances and exits to ensure the safety of the residents.

This is a special feature, as buildings that do not fit into these differentiation blocks do not have such high prices. In general, a house on any avenue will have a lower price and may be more suitable for what you need if you want to save money.

On the side of the materials that determine the housing quality The finishes of the walls, the distribution of the spaces, the roofing of the ceilings, of which the walls and floors are made, the constitution of the rooms, the parking lot, the drainage and many others are considered.

Land price

O land price It will vary a lot depending on the area of ​​the country you are in. The value of a house is influenced by the territory in which it was built for different reasons. Some may be land use, environmental factors and taxes payable by the owners for their qualification and maintenance.

Usually, the cheapest areas are those in the most convenient parts of the city. They are those that present very few variations in terrain and whose spaces do not fall under the category of special floors.

Market situation

O residential prices in Mexico they are not the same for all areas of the country. Lamudi, being one of the most representative real estate agencies in the country, made the following estimates for housing prices in Mexico:

  • Let’s start with the northern states. For Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Durango, Nuevo León, Sinaloa, Sonora or Tamaulipas, home prices are, on average, 2,565,000 pesos.
  • In the west of the country, a house can cost something like 2,955,000 pesos. This counts for the states of Colima, Jalisco, Michoacán and Nayarit.
  • For the inhabitants of the eastern part of the country (mainly Hidalgo, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Veracruz) the average price of houses is 2,248,000 pesos.
  • In the southern part of the country, average house prices are estimated at 2,743,000 pesos. This is considered for the states of Campeche, Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Yucatán.
  • Finally, it is known that the central region of the country is the most expensive of all Mexico, with an average price per square meter of 31,560 pesos.

cadastral value house

If you want to sell or buy a house, don’t give up! We know it’s scary to choose from all the options you have, but through this guide on how to know the cadastral value you can make the right decision.

Good luck and good change!

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