Cómo saber mi retención IRPF: Acá encontrarás todo lo relacionado al tema

Like every year, in April the income. Millions of Spaniards are eager to write their statements. In this portal we offer in an easy and simple way, clarify any doubts you may have on this subject by participating. Do you want to know more about your Withholding of PIT? Here you find everything related to the subject! Keep reading.

How to know my Personal Income Tax withholding: Here you can find everything related to the subject

What is personal income tax

The income statement

First, we have to be clear about what income.

An income is the set of money that a person earns during the year, as a salary. The tickets. Work on your own as a freelancer or entrepreneur. Money from selling a house. Unemployment benefits. Pensions Among others.

Then the Personal income tax It is a tax applied to individuals. That is, people who lived more than 183 days during 1 year. Or that despite not having lived, they are at the center of their economic and vital interest in Spain. Like, for example, a job or a family.

Personal income tax

O Personal income tax it is canceled month by month and social security is financed with it. Unemployment benefits. Pensions, among other things. O income statement or of Personal income tax It is used to find out if more taxes were paid during the year. If so, the amount will be returned, otherwise an extra fee will be paid.

What are PIT withholdings

Withholdings from the Personal income tax, are the way professional services always issue an invoice in which this retention will be reflected. It is also the way that this is reflected in Organs tax agencies so that they then pay it in the tax that will be the individual income tax.

That is, it is a percentage that will pay the tax.

How personal income tax is calculated


First you have net return which is everything you entered, there taxable which is the sum of all net returns, then the reductions are subtracted, they will have the taxable base that is applied to the percentage the guarantee and they will have the full fee.

Now here at this point you must you subtract deductions and they will have the net fee in theory it is the one that must be paid, first of all they must subtract what we have already paid.

You must be wondering how much you paid? Well, certainly during the year you could have already paid without knowing part of the Personal income tax, Like? Through installments, payment on account and discount on payroll.

If you are a worker, there is a part of your payroll that is subtracted as Personal income taxIn fact, as you work, you charge more, but the state has an obligation to ensure that the company you are hired to keep a portion of the salary that will be posted to the state’s accounts.

Because when you have to make the income statement, you will have already paid. This detention depends on many things, whether you are married, single, divorced, whether you have children at home, whether you have dependents at home, how many children you have, etc.

For that, the most recommended is to fill in the printed 130 for your manager to calculate how much to retain. The best thing you can do is fill out this form so that by the time you pay your rent you should have already paid to not have to collect or pay.

On the other hand, if you are self-employed and do not have a payroll, you have two copies or keep in each of your invoices that you send to other professionals or companies, or fill out the model 130 Every 3 months.

It is a way of making withholdings, payments to bills, installments so that when making the declaration of payment of rent you do not have to pay everything at once.


This is not your choice, it depends on whether your activity is business or professional and who your customers are, whether you bill a final individual or a company.

So from net fee subtract you paid or what they already retained and finally the differential rate what you have to pay, you must fill in the model 100 usually from April to June.

Why do they retain a portion of my payroll for personal income tax?

Why do they retain a portion of my payroll for personal income tax?

In each part of the payroll of each worker a part of the Personal income tax, then, when the end of the year arrives and makes the income statement, retained is adjusted to find out if you have to pay a lot more or get a refund for a part.

Which section of personal income tax corresponds to you based on your salary

In addition to knowing which withholdings should be applied to your payroll based on your personal needs and circumstances, it is extremely important to know which section of the payroll IRPT matches you.

Now, we must know that the Personal income tax It is divided into two: state type Y standalone type.

Collections derived from state type go to the state coffers instead of autonomic type They are intended for autonomies.

In January 2019, the ones we will show below were applied according to the salary:

Which section of personal income tax corresponds to you based on your salary

Importance of PIT withholdings

Likewise, all taxes work for the nutrition of the public safes through harvesting the property. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that this tax helps to pay each of the public services de la gozas in the city of Spain.

To maintain budgets for health, pensions and education, it is extremely necessary that one of the workers cancel their Personal income tax. In this way, the system will be sustainable.

In fact, there is a current concern about lowering the piggy bank for each of the pensions, because there are very few people working and too many retirees needing pensions.

This is one of the main reasons for the fight against the black economy and also for tax fraud.


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