Cómo saber mis años de aportes jubilatorios: Todo lo que necesitas saber

Do you want to know your years of retirement contributions? Keep reading to meet them!

How to know my contributions to retirement years: everything you need to know

What are retirement contributions

Contributions retirees They are nothing more than payments made by workers through wage discounts and contributions made by employers, in relation to obtaining various benefits, such as:

  • Pensions: According to the Law, retirement due to old age is foreseen, in order to have access to this full retirement, the worker must meet some requirements such as: (60) years old, contributed at least 1250 weeks (about 24 years).

What are retirement contributions

However, the minimum retirement age is fifty-five (55) years and you must have at least 1,500 weeks of contributions (about 29 years old).

There is also another option (that of reduced proportional pensions) which sets the age limit of sixty-five years (65) years and at least 750 weeks of contributions.

The retirement pension represents the 100% average worker income. The minimum paid for the old-age pension is 33% minimum wage that the law recognizes as monthly.

On the other hand, the early pension represents a 80% average worker income, with an additional 4% average income for each year in which the insured is over 55 years of age (up to 59 years).

The payment they receive for retirement and retirement would be twelve monthly payments and the additional one for December.

  • Survivor / dependent benefits: The law recognizes survivors’ benefits for dependents, such as a widow, widower, children or parents of the deceased worker.

The deceased worker must have contributed at least 750 weeks and the benefit granted represents 60% of the total old-age or disability pension that would correspond to the deceased, the said share is divided equally between the widower or widower, children under 18 or age companions of at least 40 years.

  • Pension rights: The normal retirement age must not exceed 65 years. If the retirement age is over 65, «attention should be paid to the work capacity of the elderly». The pension will be established as a percentage of the minimum wage or, failing that, as a percentage of the salary received.
  • Unemployment insurance: The unemployed are entitled (for a limited time) to receive unemployment benefit, with that benefit representing a percentage of the minimum wage or, failing that, a percentage of the salary earned.
  • Medical attention: Employees and their immediate family members have the right to access the medical care they need, at a cost they can cover.
  • Disability benefit: This benefit is granted if the person cannot participate in a lucrative activity, as long as it is before the normal retirement age, due to suffering from a chronic non-occupational disease (illness, disability or injuries). This Benefit must be at least 40% of the reference salary.

How to make the consultation

To be able to make the consultation as a worker, it is very simple, just it is necessary to enter the web portal.

Access the individual consultation link and only with your Identity Card number, placing it on the Link located on the right side of the page, you get the necessary information.

How to ask

Conditions for the recognition of services

To have access to the recognition of retirement services by age, three premises must be met, namely:

  • Being 55 years old and contributing about 1,500 weeks.
  • They reached the age of 60 and contributed about 1,250 weeks.
  • 65 years old and having contributed about 750 weeks.

In the case of retirement, the only combination applicable to the retirement obligation would be to have fulfilled 60 years old and having contributed 1,250 weeks, while in the other two combinations, retirement becomes voluntary, that is, the worker decides whether he wants to retire or not.

Age for benefit

Age for benefit

Regarding the age to receive the benefit, in the case of pensions there are several combinations related to two factors: one the age and the other the number of weeks contributed by the worker.

The minimum ages to opt for these benefits would be 65 years, 60 years or 55 years.

Wrapped boxes

At intermediate boxes In the process of workers’ contributions, to opt for social security benefits are:}

  • The Social Security Institute (IPS),
  • Paraguayan Retirement and Pension Fund for Itaipu Binacional Staff,
  • Retirement and Pension Fund for Members of the Nation’s Legislative Power,
  • Social Security Fund and Railway Employees and Workers,
  • Retirement and pension employees of banks and the like,
  • Municipal Personnel Retirements and Pensions,
  • Ministry of Finance Retirement and Pension Fund. The Intervening Savings Bank is also considered to be one that is constituted and that manages a Retirement System similar to those regulated by this Law.


  • 1- To make the request for recognition of length of service, the employee must submit a special form (Request), before the box where he makes his contributions, or in the case where it applies in the last box where he made contributions (which will be the management). This box will issue the requests corresponding to the other boxes that the applicant has declared.
  • two- The intervening savings banks will complete the applicant’s form indicating: the contribution period corresponding to the employee’s accreditation (according to its regulation) and then send to the remaining savings banks that also participate (only in the applicable cases).
  • 3- Savings banks that intervene must return the respective form, in which they must indicate the credited effective contribution period.
  • 4- Decisions that deny or grant benefits to the proponents (the worker or his rights holders in the event of the employee’s death) must be notified, both to the applicants and to the other savings banks that intervened in the process.
  • 5- The respective installment payments will be paid directly by each savings bank that intervenes in the process, taking into account the particular procedures and mechanisms of each one.

Legal Framework of Social Security

Social security must obey a legal framework that regulates all its functioning and creates the bodies in charge of providing retirement and pension services, the main laws and decrees in relation to social security are as follows:

  • Decree-Law 1807/43 creating the Social Security Institute
  • Civil Servants Reforms and Pensions Act of 1902 and replaced by Law 23485/2003. Public Sector Retirement and Pensions System, administered by the Ministry of Finance’s Retirement and Pensions Board (Caja Fiscal)
  • Municipal Personnel Retirement and Pension Fund;
  • Bankers’ Retirement and Pensions Fund;
  • Itaipu Binacional Personnel Retirements and Pensions;
  • Retirement and Pensions Fund for members of the Nation’s Legislative Branch.

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