Cómo saber referencia Catastral: Todo lo que necesitas saber

Learn about cadastral reference of our country is very important. Real estate assets lead to a series of very important procedures and requirements, which we will mention in this article.


Many Paraguayans need to implement the cadastral framework, a study carried out by the country’s authorities shows that more than two million people own farms, parcels and properties within the national territory

If you have questions about the procedures and documentation necessary to process a cadastral reference and want to ask questions continue reading this article

What is the cadastral reference?

The Paraguayan government administers and controls each of the properties registered in the national cadastral system, which handles a great relevance of territorial information.

Republic of Paraguay

When we talk about the cadastral reference, we are talking about a tracker that allows us to identify alphanumeric codes, which allows us to have a unique registration and to register it in the national registry.

In Paraguay there are thousands and thousands of properties and land that are within the national geographic space, each of these properties

It is noteworthy that the owners must pay attention to the address portals so that these individuals can verify their address code, so that the address portals can display it and register it on the web portal

What is it for?

A cadastral reference not only fulfills a single function, but also establishes a number of its own information interesting for the location of the properties.

  • Shows a specific character that serves to identify the property
  • Calculate the land and hectare on which the farm is located
  • Protect real estate data
  • Identify the province, municipality and city of the city to be located
  • Provide a cadastral plan project where the property is located to consult

In addition to these functions, the cadastral reference allows not to confuse the properties, since they have a unique and different coding from the others.

When a purchase or change of property is made, the cadastral reference must be attributed to the new owner of the property or lot, evidently this procedure involves a series of steps and legal documents

A very important part of the cadastral reference is that this portal allows the authorities to provide a tool to combat the falsification of real estate documents.

Supporting documents for the cadastral reference

The accreditation of the cadastral reference can be requested at National Property Registry Service, This institution is the main organization that performs the calculations and inventories of existing properties in Paraguay.

In addition to obtaining the cadastral reference, the National Land Registry Service will grant Paraguayan citizens a series of portals and procedures of advanced national importance, among which are:

  • Check property records
  • Observe the Cadastral Map of Paraguay (there you can consult the registration of your property, or another property within the national geographic space)
  • Consult registration files
  • Process registration forms
  • O Municipal Agreements can be verified on this portal
  • Register some property of legal form in the registry cadastral
  • Generate the Declaration of the Agroindustrial Sector

These and other procedures can be found on the official website of National Registry System, thanks to this portal

You can also communicate directly with this organization through the SN phone numberC -595 21 4198840

Requirements to promote the Usucapión test checklist

O documents to attach for certification of the cadastral reference are as follows

  • National identity document (original and copy)
  • Proof of payment of the residential property (electricity, water, gas or other domestic services)
  • Proof of address
  • Plot plans that must include parameters, measures and original farm plans
  • Personal references (this document is optional)
  • Complete registration certificate form (to download this form click here)
  • Cancel rates these fees will be indicated by the National Property Registry Service

It is important to make it clear that some extra documents will be requested by the entity depending on real estate cases or other particularities

Procedure to follow to present the cadastral reference

The presentation of the cadastral reference is very important for all citizens who own a property, lot, farm or other asset to register in the national register.

The procedure for sending this valuable document must be fully complied with the documents and procedures to be presented, therefore, write down these steps to succeed in the process:

  1. Attach all requested documents (preferably in a legal brown or yellow file)
  2. Contribute and cancel all tax units established by the SNC
  3. Go to a public notary to rectify court documents
  4. After all documents are attached and rectified, the registration can be submitted

It should be noted that both natural and legal persons Documents and fees will be requested, attending due process or process to submit to national authorities.

What happens if the cadastral reference is not provided?

Requirements to promote the judgment of man's thinking

Whoever fails to comply with the contribution rates will have a series of sanctions that will be indicated by the National Property Registry System.

By not contributing to the cadastral reference, the user can choose some of the following penalties:

  • Monetary fine to be paid within estimated time
  • Registration of citizens in the system of non-compliance with Paraguayan legislation
  • Non-compliance must be justified before the governing body (in this case it is the National Registry System)
  • Those who have not contributed their contributions will accumulate absences not only in the registration entities, but also in public institutions allied to the SNC

To avoid these inconveniences, we recommend that have a record of all your contributions, since when you have to submit your contributions, you have a record of your payments

When many infractions accumulate, the citizen must justify why he did not make the established contributions so that the system proceeds to justify his absences and start over with new contributions!

Who is required to provide the cadastral reference?

It is important to highlight that citizens who have a total obligation to make contributions to the cadastral service in the country must have their contributions up to date so as not to cause inconvenience.

Because of what implies Paraguayan law indicates that the citizens who have a duty to contribute to the cadastral reference are:

  • People who own certified ownership of any farm or property legally registered
  • All those individuals who are outside or inside the country and need or wish to register their property in the national registry
  • Foreigners who own any property in the country with a cadastral reference number must also provide
  • Each property, farm, lot, land or entity that has a registered cadastral reference

Take into account that if you are going to acquire a new property and the owner of the property is going to change, the main owner must indicate the registration number of that property.

The cadastral codes are very important to locate a property on the Paraguayan cadastral map, we invite you to register your property on the Paraguay digital registry.

Thanks for reading!

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