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How to find out your Bip card balance

What is the Bip Card

O beep card! For those who don’t know, it can be defined as a form of payment, with format and without contact. It is one of the systems used in the system public transport in each of the metropolitan mobilization networks. Known for its preview of Transantiago, in one of the metropolitan areas of Santiago, Chile.

It should be noted that this is a type of card where, thanks to the maintenance issue, it is in charge of the METRO SA organization. It is a name that is due to some particularities where sound can be emitted, as long as they are valid or due to automatic collection.

It can be said that each of them can work very similar to one of the debit cards. Likewise, all possible money must be paid before the estimated date. Although some people generally pay before the transport process takes place.

Likewise, the balance is discounted on many occasions. What happens when traveling by some type of vehicle, such as bus or subway. This will depend on the tariff sections and the means of transport used by each of the organizations.

Some of the current technologies have become fully compatible with the Santiago Metro. This was because each of these entities existed in August 2011, respectively, with the Multivía card.

Before being able to implement the payment system without some of the contacts, people who traveled in the trucks made some kind of payment to the driver when entering the vehicle. The driver is the one who usually delivers each ticket to the people who served as a kind of payment receipt before each of the higher level inspectors.

This made the driver do the task of driving and collecting the fare on his own, as long as it was fair and was attached to the individuals’ pockets without the need for abuse.

In case of cancellation of some school fees, the user should show some of the passes. However, in other cases, each of these types of identity documents is sent to the driver and he usually charges the most appropriate fare for the moment.

This was one of the new systems that try to add to society. Even so, it can be said that it was not very successful. Therefore, it can be said that they were discarded a few days after its implantation. For getting on the bus. That is why, from that moment on, the beep cards were taken, as the new form of payment easy, fast and simple.

How to find out your Bip card balance

What is it for

In addition to each and every one of the changes that come with transportation, the banks were able to add a new element that can coordinate each of the payments based on tickets on the same card. Of course, The main possibility is the fact that you can withdraw money from ATMs.

With the arrival of the new system for each transport in the capital, it can be concluded that individuals were surprised by a new essential aspect. Which is directly related to the payment of the ticket by card.

It should be noted that taking advantage of the coordination generated by Transantiago With regard to sections of the subway and collective locomotion, everything can be presented in one of the lower exclusive formats. They are generally known as Beep!

It can be said that each of these mechanisms serves to enable people to pay for tickets and, at the same time, be used as a debit card.

In other words, if the bank card that the person has has some type of then “Beep!”, Well, it could mean that the card has some Bip chip!

This type of chip beeps while it is present or incorporated. And that, in addition, it can fulfill all normal banking functions. You can start charging the chip beep! and use it to pay for buses and the Metro Transantiago.

This account is added to a second fund that is used to cancel the subway and bus fares.

In this regard, the expert added that people should be calm, since the card has the particularity of having “two pockets”. That is, the amount to cancel travel is different from the bank account, so no money will be debited from that location.

The banks that have this system are Banco Crédito e Inversiones, Banco de Chile, Banco Santander Santiago and BancoEstado.

In case of loss, the account lockout procedure is the traditional one. In order to block the fund that corresponds to Transantiago, this must be done by calling the Financial Administrator of Transantiago (AFT), an agency dependent on the Secretariat for Transport.

BIP card! for visitors from regions

Whether for work or other reasons, many people from the regions constantly travel to Santiago and the changes in the transport system will force them to adopt certain customs, as always walking with their Bip! Card.

What is a custom beep card?

For those who don’t know, the personalized beep card is one of the most efficient. It allows the person to lock the card whenever they want. And recover the balance that was in it if it is lost, due to some type of theft or loss.

This is one of the cards that is usually classified as Personal and non-transferable, since no one can give it to another person, be it a friend or family member.

It is a document that contains a photo of the person who at that moment has the card, also has the name and the route, duly identified.

Likewise, it can be said that this is one of the documents that has an approximate cost of $ 2,800, but only if the card is exempt from travel expenses. You can obtain it from the Customer Service Offices. click on here.

How to find out your Bip card balance

What is a bank beep card?

Those people who wish to have a bank Bip card, as they must take into account that it has some very similar functions in relation to the debit card, also many people decide that it has the same characteristics of a Bip card.

It should be noted that this is one of the cards that works in the same way as a beep card! normal. Therefore, each person must take into account that they must carry it in order to be able to use it whenever they want, being able to place on these cards the available balance they wish.

It is important to say that each user is registered in the BIP accounts, as they should keep in mind that it is necessary to have some type of balance available in their current account, when they want to use the card.

The current card has nothing to do with the money you have on the card chip. The beep card function! it is totally independent of the banking function, since each of them are completely different mechanisms, which are used depending on the customer’s disposition.

Because it is a personalized card, you can block it in case of theft or loss. This is one of the qualities that perfectly describes each of the functions of the organization that created it. That is why today it is one of the most important tools for individuals.

Even so, it can be said that the beep card is available to all audiences, that is, it does not affect or restrict in any way, individuals or companies.

The banks that deliver the beep cards, which are bank type, are the state bank and the bank of Chile.

It should be noted that the beep card has been considered one of the documents that everyone should have under their power, to manage their account statements differently.

In the event that people have some type of conflict with the beep card or simply cannot use it due to a failure, people may remember that customer service is available, and that another instance individuals can contact to one of the main locations.

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