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On this portal you can check everything about the credits Infocop, continue reading and let us clarify all your doubts.

How to know if I am at Infocorp: Here we will show you everything related

What is Infocorp

Report template infocorp reflects the payment behavior of a person or company. If this behavior is positive, that is, the obligations were paid on time, then the report is favorable for the credit analysis and represents a good sign to obtain better credit conditions and conduct safer business.

If you are going to do a business with other people, a joint investment, if you are going to rent your apartment or sell a good or service on credit, it is better to know who you are dealing with to be sure of the return on your investment.

This means that you will get your money back according to what I plan.

What is Infocorp

The information provided in the Infocorp Credit It allows you to know if the person or company you are going to do business with fulfills its obligations and if this ability to carry out commercial transactions.

Infocorp shows the most complete credit information on the market Peruvian that consolidates the financial, commercial, services and industry sectors, grouped into five sections that help a better interpretation and understanding of the data presented, these sections are:

  • Indebtedness
  • Morosa Highway
  • Negative information
  • Others (additional information)

How to know if I’m from Infocorp

If you have a bad rating as a debtor in Infocorp and / or at the credit center, your financial situation and your possibilities to make purchases, apply for loans or open bank accounts will be greatly compromised.

So, you should make an appointment about Infocorp immediately.

Follow the steps below to find out if you are at Infocorp:

  • First of all you must register at Equifax and fill in the data they will ask you DNI or alien card if you go.


  • You must click on continue and fill in the personal data he requests (first and last name).
  • After this process, registration and identity validation will be carried out
  • Press «Finish», a few minutes later you will have the report if you are in the list of Infocorp e if you have any debt that you have not yet paid.

In addition to all this, the portal will send an alert if you are added to the list.

What are the different levels of debt

What are the different levels of debt

When there is debt with bank payment, the credit history will be negatively affected at the time of recording the debt, although the amount may be significant or not be seen as an equal doubt.

The levels of indebtedness are diverse, one of which is classified according to the days of late payment. Therefore, they can be included in these levels which we will show below:

  • Normal level: It is about showing debtors with a delay of 8 days.
  • CPP (Customer Level with some potential problems): In this you can find the debtors with a delay of 9 to 30 days. And after 30 days, it will be considered «Deficient»
  • Weak level: This includes debtors with late payment of at least 61 to 120 days.
  • Lost level: In this are the debtors who owe a debt of 4 months ago.

Always remember to cancel all your debts, remember to get out of them as soon as possible, it is better to be worry-free for several years.

How to know if I’m on Infocorp by SBS

To find out if you are in Infocop powderr SBS you should only:


  • Then you will fill in the data that the page asks for, once you fill in the data that you click on «Enterokay»

How to know if I'm on Infocorp by SBS

  • The page will launch a new portal where it will allow you to access all your credit information.

How to leave Infocorp



  • 1- First of all, you must take your credit report to know the status of your debts, what you must do is the respective payment and they will give you a credit report.
  • two- Once you know the status of your debts, you must negotiate and pay the debts. You must contact each entity that you owe and will start trading.
  • The debt consists of: Principal + interest + default = TOTAL
  • 3- Now, after the debt is canceled, you will ask for proof of non-debt.
  • 4- Remove a credit card with a net guarantee after 3 months.
  • 5- Make moves with your credit card to improve your credit history.

After 6 months of movement, they will start offering credit cards, from the same bank or other banks.

Consequently, we have loans and, finally, a vehicle or mortgage loan!

What are the consequences of keeping debts outstanding

What are the consequences of keeping debts outstanding

Consequences of not paying your debts on time

  • The outstanding debts do not impede the right to vote, but they affect several procedures that you intend to carry out, such as the civil status process: marriage, divorce or widowhood.
  • Another consequence of not paying your debts on time is that you will not be able to participate in legal or administrative acts or proceedings.
  • You will not be able to participate in notarial acts or sign any type of contract.
  • You will not be able to go abroad, although with this you have a somewhat practical social approach, which is to pay the debt you have at the Banco de la Nación at the airport.
  • Another limitation that you may have is whether they are in Infocop You will not have the facility to apply for another loan or any loan you want, even if it is for an emergency or basic need.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but being in Infocorp can limit you to having a job. In some cases, companies often check their name in the database to be sure of the type of people they may be hiring.

To check a credit report, you can go to Infocorp their website

If you want to do this personally, you can go to the offices at Consumer attention located in Rivera Navarrete 849, San Isidro.

Success in your process!

Thank you for reading our portal

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