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Through the Municipality of Guatemala and the Department of Traffic, and in accordance with the provisions of Guatemalan Traffic Law, administrative sanctions may be imposed as appropriate. Do you want to know if you have SAT fines? Keep reading!

Municipality of guatemala

What is the SAT

The SAT is the Tax Administration Superintendence, a decentralized state entity, with jurisdiction throughout the national territory. Its purpose is perform the procedures in the tax administration established in Decree nº 1-98 of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala.

Enjoy economic and functional independence financial, administrative, technical, has legal personality, own and patrimonial resources, as well as manages the customs system of the Republic of Guatemala.

In your turn, fulfills certain functions. Although we will not mention them all, we bring you the most important ones. They are:

  • Constitute and manage the means of collection, inspection, collection, collection and control of incident taxes.
  • Place the respective sanctions to taxable citizens, in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code and other customs legislation.
  • Define all systems and means that provide citizens compliance with its tax obligations.
  • Create internal regulations which allows compliance with legislation on the tax issue.
  • Grant the State the necessary guidance on fiscal policy and tax legislation,
  • Plan, evaluate and supervise the mission of the Tax Administration.
  • According to rinternal regulations and the Tax Administration Superintendence Law You must manage your own resources: material, human and financial.
  • And the rest of the functions that relate to the tax revenue and administration.

What is PMT

Municipal Traffic Police

Created in 1998, lPMT is the Municipal Highway Police, which has maintained the same objectives since its creation:

  • Monitor and regularize city traffic.
  • Driver guidance, accidents prevention.
  • Articulation of operations heavy transport, clandestine running, breathalyzer, etc.,
  • Taxi control operations and bus.
  • Help in recreational events, sociocultural and sports.
  • Elaboration of procedures technical and operational.
  • Infrastructure support, signage and lane changes.

I know characterized by discipline and order that show, when they are in service and support to a person, just when they need it.

Guatemalan Traffic Law

traffic law

Through the Municipality of Guatemala and the Department of Traffic, through the Court of Municipal Affairs and in accordance with the provisions of Guatemalan Traffic Law, administrative sanctions may be imposed as appropriate.

Such administrative sanctions Can be:

  • Fines.
  • Retention of documents.
  • Banns.
  • Seizure serve.
  • Cancellation and / or suspension driver’s license.

How to check fines


All Users they can get the information about the fines or infractions they may have incurred in order to these sanctions are paid electronically or through accredited banks.

If there is a traffic violation, the system will indicate the date, the time, the amount to be paid for the traffic violation or fine and, in the same way, the amount to be charged in case of delay or in cases in which discounts have been requested and approved.

Next the links where such queries can be made:

There is something to keep in mind, without paying fines or violations, It is impossible to print the vehicle’s electronic circulation decal.

Steps to take to pay vehicle tax

steps to follow

According to what the SAT indicates, Failure to pay on time would result in penalties after the established limits, which would result in interest and a fine for default.

To check the amount payable This can be done directly from the SAT website, the plate number and the NIT would be placed, and the amount to be paid will appear.

For fill in the SAT form the following steps must be followed:

  • We should be Access for the web.
  • So it should fill in the form SAT-4091 that appears in section 5 (Vehicles).
  • The next step is enter the plate number and NIT.
  • When entering your license plate number and NIT and automatically the amount to be paid will appear.
  • click in VALIDATE the form.
  • So FREEZE the form.
  • And finally PRINT the form.
  • After that, payment is made at the windows of authorized banks (or online banking).
  • Once the steps above are completed proceed to PRINT the badge (decal) by making Click here.

What to do if I have traffic tickets

how to pay the fines

In high seasons or a lot of movement of citizens, such as holidays or holiday parties, the Municipal Highway Police intensifies operations to protect citizens against accidents.

It’s for him, that check the drivers They are not under the influence of alcohol and the vehicles they drive are totally solvent and have no outstanding fines to pay.

If and only this point will be reached, PMT complying with the provisions of the Traffic Regulations, in its article nº 190, it authorizes the agents to proceed with the retention of the vehicle until the driver pays the amount due.

In the event that a driver receives an unpaid fine, the vehicle will be stopped and, therefore, you should go to a bank or municipal agency and cancel it.

It should be noted that agents can also receive payments of the pending fine for payment at the POS by credit or debit card.

As well as, if you have a smartphone, you can download through Google Play the application called Fines GT or entering web pages and through the Traffic Department of the National Civil Police.

Common questions

Man with questions

What happens if I don’t pay the fine on time?

If the driver does not pay the fine Within the stipulated period, it becomes a firm debt, with which you must pay a fine and interest on late payments.

What is the role of the SAT?

It should be noted that SAT is the Tax Administration Service, Its main function is the application of customs and tax legislation, with the purpose that natural and legal persons fulfill their fiscal responsibilities.

What are the types of administrative sanctions?

The types of administrative penalties range from fines, document retention, warnings, vehicle seizure and cancellation or suspension of the driver’s license.

What are the main functions of the Municipal Highway Police?

  • Monitor and regularize traffic in the city.
  • Driver guidance, accidents prevention.
  • Articulation of operations such as heavy transport, underground racing, breathalyzer, etc,

What can a driver do with unpaid traffic tickets?

In the case of a driver has a fine not canceled, and the period for its cancellation has already expired, the vehicle will be stopped, therefore, you must go to a bank or municipal agency and cancel it.


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