Cómo saber si tengo subsidio habitacional: Tipos y procedimiento

Buying a home is not exactly a very easy process to carry out. This It involves a lot of paperwork and paperwork which usually takes up to weeks to be delivered.

Another important aspect that influences is the economic situation and the capital we have to make the purchase. As we well know, within a country there are different types of social classes.

The tallest is characterized by having a higher income economic, the average that receives a ideal economic yield. And finally the bass that often cannot meet your basic needs regularly.

Housing Benefit

In Chile, the government has generated projects and plans to provide its inhabitants with a housing subsidy. It is specially designed for low class people who do not have the necessary resources to purchase a house or room.

Making several inquiries, we brought you an informative article where you will learn how to process your housing allowance. In addition, we will share some practical and useful tips for you to do so, congratulations.

What is the housing allowance?

It is a benefit granted by the Chilean government to support or help all citizens who want to buy a house. In addition, you have the option to purchase a new home or used.

Not only that, but you can also use the economic benefit provided by the grant to buy land and build your building. The allowance It is delivered and regulated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Housing Benefit

It is important to note that this subsidy is very important for the purchase of a home, if you do not have enough capital. That is why many citizens do this procedure frequently.

Types of housing allowance

Over the years, different types of subsidy have been stipulated, as different methods and concepts for obtaining the subsidy have been created. That is why we will share the different types of grants below:

  • Buy a property.
  • Build a house or property.
  • Lease or rent a property.
  • Improve housing and neighborhood conditions.
  • Rural structure program.

It means that there is now a new kind of special subsidy it is aimed at the middle class. That keeps its benefits and statutes but with some aspects to be interested in relation to the economic status.

Housing Benefit

These differentiations influence on the benefits and terms of the concept and your contract. Therefore, we urge our users to visit the official website of the housing subsidy management and regulator.

How do I know if I have a housing allowance

You will certainly wonder what to do and how to know if you are on the grant system or if you like one. Basically, when you find yourself enjoying this allowance the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism grants you a title.

These securities are granted depending on your capital, assets and socioeconomic position, there are currently 2 types. In turn, they are structured by «Title I and Title II».

Housing Benefit

In order to understand more about these titles, each one of them is detailed, its characteristics and to whom it is addressed.

  • Title I: This is made up of social media groups, the way to subscribe is through the Domestic Social Register. Thanks to this, it is divided into 2, of which one is intended for people within the 60% economic vulnerability. And the other people inside the 80% economic vulnerability.
  • Title II: To grant it, you must belong to the social group under which you have an economic vulnerability of 90%.

It is also important to note that the fluctuation in monthly income tends to vary depending on your geographic location. The other factor that influences this income is the area where you want to receive the grant.


Continuing with this set of ideas for applying for grant applications, it is important that you meet certain requirements. Which we will detail below:

  • At the time of application, the procedure should be performed to an adult, that is, over 18 years old.
  • Another requirement is has not received this grant before. If you are married, neither the applicant nor your spouse should have received this allowance.
  • Finally you must own or own a home nowadays. Exceptions are made depending on the candidate’s case or the type of title he holds.

Housing Benefit

That said, it should be noted that these requirements are the traits or characteristics that the applicant must have. At the time of processing before the manager, he will be in charge of assign the appropriate requirements adapted to the type of applicant.

In addition, they may vary depending on the type of subsidy and the economic situation perceived by the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism.

What are the values ​​that the housing allowance offers me

The costs for beneficiaries of East grant housing are based on the titles and jurisdiction geographical. As well as the quantities of support to to Title I They are different depending on the section.

  • O stretch I have an amount higher in 500 UF (depending on the area).
  • O stretch II It offers a full subsidiary amount as maximum of a net worth of 516 FU.
  • At the proportion, a Title II have a maximum of quantity of up until 350 FU.

These fluctuations are updated to date and as proposed by the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism. In case of changes or modifications to visit the official page of the competent authorities.

What are the application dates

If you want to apply for this grant, the regulator has made several ways to do so. Days and dates are available 2 times per year.

Dates can be consulted within the web platform of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism. It is also important to mention that the dates are usually set in April and November.

Housing Benefit

We urge our users to be aware of the notifications issued by that entity. This avoids inconvenience during application. In addition, this way the capture and awarding process is streamlined.


Today we brought an informative video for our readers where more information on this topic will be provided in detail:


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