Cómo saber si tengo vehículos a mi nombre: Qué necesitas y pasos a seguir

When purchasing or buying any type of object or thing, we are asked about the name under which we want to buy it. This only applies when buying electronics, real estate, cars and more.

In turn, there are also people who, despite having paid the cost of that object They put you in the name of another person or family member. Remember that it is currently very useful to have a vehicle at our disposal.

vehicles on my behalf

This will give us a way to move from place to place quickly and safely. In addition, it will help us to fulfill different domestic and professional tasks that will save us a lot of time.

That’s why today we want to teach you how to know when one or more vehicles are in your name. We’ll also let you know what you need and the steps to follow to see it.

How to know if I have vehicles in my name personally

To find out if cars or vehicles are in your name you can visit the premises of the competent authorities. It must be processed at the location or province where the vehicle is located.

Remember this to consult you we must be up to date with the payment of taxes and fines. Otherwise, you may receive serious consequences, such as stopping the vehicle or restricting its use.

vehicles on my behalf

We also encourage our users to fill in or fill out the corresponding forms in order to carry out the process. In addition to making the respective payments for the consultation according to the province or region where you reside.

Steps to follow

Below, we’ll specify the steps in detail that you must follow to process this query:

  1. First, you must provide the required documentation before registering your province or region with the competent authorities. Remember that the vehicle must be located within that province.
  2. Complete the Request Type 02 form.
  3. Then, you must submit the appropriate documentation and then check your legacy history.

However, it is important to mention that this process and steps can vary by province or type of procedure You want to do. In addition, the documents you must bring when processing it may vary.

How to know the owner of a car by patent

vehicles on my behalf

Different times we wanted to know who owns a vehicle Y only we have the patent or plate of same. And for sure you always wanted to know the name or the person responsible for that vehicle.

The reasons can be an offense committed, a hit-and-run accident, dangerous driving, suspicious attitude and even if you had a love at first sight by the driver of the car.

It is important that you keep in mind that this query won’t give you all the information in detail. At least not as much as a police officer would, which is why you must not fully trust of this consultation, as it may be expired or obsolete.

Steps to follow

Below, we will give you the steps you must follow to find out the name of the vehicle owner just by having your patent:

  1. Mainly we must have the patent number or identification plate of the vehicle.
  2. Now we enter the website of the automotive registry or the automotive service provider.
  3. We fill out the form and insert the patent or identification plate number.
  4. After starting the search, you will see the information provided and handled by the automotive registry office. Remember, he may or may not provide the information you need.

vehicles on my behalf

Remember this Cars often pass through different owners and this registration is not always up to date. Because the only entity empowered to investigate and thoroughly research the information is the police authorities.

What do you need?

Continuing with our main topic, we will inform you of all the requirements you need to know how to check if the vehicle is in your name:

  • National Identification Document (DNI).
  • Be of legal age.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must carry an identity document from the country of origin.

Requirements and tasks may vary depending on the province where you request this consultation. Recalls that if you are over 75 years old you must take the LC or LE corresponding.

How long the procedure lasts

Surely you are wondering how long it can take to process this query. Well, today you’re in luck, let’s answer that little question you’ve been asking yourself since the beginning of this article.

vehicles on my behalf

Well, just in time to start the consultation request process will happen immediately. However, remember gather all the necessary requirements to be able to start this process.

Failure to do so may result in obstacles or refusals by not collecting the necessary documents. Likewise, we advise that you are up to date with the payment of all taxes and fines in case you have them so that you do not take unnecessary risks.

In addition, this can have negative consequences, as it is suspension of vehicle use or increase in accumulated fines. Otherwise, as soon as the application process is complete, it will be delivered to you immediately.

What is the cost of the procedure

Currently the cost of this procedure is free. But you must take into account several factors before requesting the consultation. Below we inform you about this:

  • Rates will depend on the type of car in your possession.
  • They will also vary depending on the vehicle, ie whether it is a motorcycle or a car.

It should be noted that the Form Type 02 is available for free. Only if you are accredited with the signature of the Sectional Registry and the process is presented at the same time.

Procedures for the procedure

vehicles on my behalf

This procedure has only 2 ways to do this, face to face and combined. These two modalities adjust to the best comfort of the citizens and, thus, offer the best service and attention in the execution of the process.

Remember that you must choose the one that best suits your schedule or the one that suits your needs. This in the face of possible problems with the process of processing the same. Success!

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