Cómo saber si una marca está registrada: Pasos a seguir

AN Brand It is known as a sign that allows you to differentiate each product or service that a company produces or provides from other companies. Interested in knowing if you are registered? Keep reading!

How to know if a trademark is registered: Steps to follow

Hence one Brand it can be considered as a communication tool used by that producer to attract the mass of possible consumers.

In more brief words, Trademarks they are those distinctive signs that allow us to position each product and / or service in the most diverse places and thus compete with each other for a unique exposure to the knowledgeable public.

At Trademarks they are identified by the producer or services they offer and, of course, how the consumer reacts to it.

How to know if a trademark is registered

How to know if a trademark is registered

At the Paraguay before applying for a trademark First of all, you should check if the trademark is already registered and consequently you can obtain the concession of the trademark you wish to register.

This way, you can avoid registering a previously registered trademark, so as not to waste time and money.

At the we offer you a link directly brand finder in Paraguay.

The use of this page is completely free. However, we must say that the results offered through this page include only identical marks, so there may be earlier marks similar to those you wish to record that the results cannot appear.

These similar markings prevent the registration of a trademark, therefore, we recommend hiring a complete prior report from a professional.

You can find a lot more information about the report prior to the registration of a trademark in Paraguay.

How to register a trademark

How to register a trademark

Register a trademark at ParaguayIt is recommended that you hire a service from a professional, he will not only make the correct registration of the brand, but also offer a complete service that includes monitoring the brand to avoid possible infringements, this is extremely important and they should keep in mind when it comes to.

For to register a trademark in Paraguay you must follow these steps:

Steps to follow

1-Exam to obtain a registration date:

It is of utmost importance to carry out this preliminary examination, since it gives the date of application and, therefore, the beginning of the rights conferred by the mark in the Paraguay

2-Formal examination to assess whether the brand meets all the different formal requirements required by Paraguay’s trademark law.

If the application for the trademark is not approved in the formal examination, the processing of the application will be suspended, which must be answered in order to continue the registration of the trademark. If this sea does not respond, it will be denied.

3-Publication of pasta in the Official Gazette of Paraguay.

The date of said publication is the beginning of the opposition period for third parties to present opposition to the published mark.

An opposition to a trademark must include a statement of allegations. The period is 3 months.

4-Background examination.

In case of opposition, the Paraguayan trademark office will create a substantive suspension. That must be answered by the owner of the mark applied for with a written request in favor of that mark.

5-Concession of the brand.

If this trademark is opposed or not and the trademark office in Paraguay considers the opposition unfounded, the trademark office will grant the trademark application in the country.



O requirements which must be submitted to register a trademark in Paraguay are as follows:

First, you must provide information about that brand and the products or services that will be offered under that brand. The name and address of that owner will also be required. This information will be included in the registration form.

Representative power


At the Paraguay, the trademark office requests that the owner of that trademark send you a power of attorney that must be signed.

A proxy form with shipping instructions will be sent to you as soon as the registration request form is filled out.

The certified document must be delivered, but it is not necessary that it be legalized at the consulate or that it has an attached booklet.

If you are in a hurry and need to file a trademark application in Paraguay immediately, you can use the late proxy deposit option

This option presents a noodles without proxy, as long as it ships within 30 days. This option has no additional cost.

Where to register my trademark

Where to register my trademark

¿You may be wondering where is the best place to register your brand on Paraguay? You can do this directly at the Macar Office in Paraguay.

There are some requirements that you must meet, which makes it a little difficult for the applicant to register a trademark in Paraguay. For this reason, there are trained professionals in the registration of trademarks in the country, who help each applicant to request their trademark quickly and efficiently.

What does it cost to register a trademark

What does it cost to register a trademark

The cost of registering a pasta in Paraguay will depend on the products and services you want to protect.

Products and services are classified into classes and the cost of registering a trademark in Paraguay will depend on the number of classes requested.

In addition, the price of a trademark registration in Paraguay can be increased if the aforementioned trademark application receives a substantive suspension or in the event of opposition by third parties.

To find out the exact price of registering a certain brand you can send an email to

How do I renew my brand?

By passing the time 10 years carcasses in the country must be renewed, this must be from the date it was requested.

This renewal can be requested after the said period, during the following six months.

Late renewal has an additional cost.

How much does it cost to renew a brand in Paraguay

How much does it cost to renew a brand in Paraguay

The cost of this renewal in Paraguay will depend on the trademark. We must remember that in Paraguay a trademark can be partially renewed, therefore, a registered trademark for 3 classes can be renewed exclusively for only one.

Success in your process!

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