¿Cómo tramitar el certificado de defunción en Guatemala?

If we have something for sure in life, it is death and, even when it happens naturally, we are never fully prepared.

In addition to this emotional process, we have to comply with the legal procedures, so we will guide you in a simple and clear How to process the death certificate in Guatemala? Where should we turn? the requirements and the essentials of this document for carrying out other procedures related to death.Certificate of deficiency

What is the death certificate?

The death certificate is a document that insures or attests to the death of a person, based on a report by a health specialist.

This report is made by applying the regulatory medical protocol in order to determine the causes of death, among these measures are medical history, physical examination and in extreme cases, autopsy.

Previously at the request of the death certificate, death registration must be donepersonally in the offices of the National Register of People and comply with the requirements required by the authorized entity, namely:

  1. The Death Report
  2. Any identification document of the deceased: the original or the certification of the Personal Identification Document DPI, or his identity card, or certified copy of the entry of the residence card book, and if they do not have it, they can also present the certificate of registration of birth.
  3. The candidate must present the Personal Identification Document.

Who should sue you?

In order to facilitate care in such difficult and emotionally charged situations, the Renap National Registry of People, through its electronic platform, it allows obtaining the Death Certificate from relatives and other people, simply by knowing the IUP number of the deceased.

It is clear that, as it is a procedure that carries implicit information to be treated with discretion, it is assumed that whoever performs it, is motivated to solve and expedite other procedures where this document is required, we are talking any person or family member who enjoys the trust and closeness to the deceased or his family.


The death registration, it is important that it is performed as soon as the requirements are met, as it is necessary to continue with other procedures related to deathEven if the law establishes a maximum period of thirty days for registration, it is better to avoid being sanctioned.

However, there are exceptions to this rule that depend on the causes of death, they are covered in the civil code.

In addition, the Civil Code of Guatemala, specifically in its articles 405, 406 and 407, refers to the Obligation to participate or inform the corresponding Civil Registry of the event that occurred.

In addition, by carrying out this procedure, we support the updating the civil registration system database, to prevent unscrupulous people from usurping the identity of the deceased.

What is this certificate for?

As we discussed earlier, the issuance of the certificate and its prior registration, allows us to perform the corresponding funeral procedures, since by the same Civil Code in article 404, it warns about the obligation to submit as a requirement, the proof or certificate of death registration in the Civil Registry.

Additionally and after completing the main stage before the Cemetery, it also serves for family members or designated persons carry out the procedures before the insurers, in the case of life insurance or others.

As well as so that the spouse, children, parents or persons related to the testamentary document (if any) can access inheritance procedures.

Update information before government entities, such as tax collection offices, There may be movable and immovable property or goods that the deceased owned and after death are the responsibility of third parties to whom they correspond by law mandate.

Without forgetting that it is due remove the deceased citizen as a voter, that is, in the databases or electoral roll of the Superior Electoral Court TSE.

In general terms, it is possible that the Death Certificate is required in the following procedures:

  • Life insurance benefit requirement.
  • Update of official documents.
  • Updating non-inherited assets or properties.
  • Operations in banking institutions, such as accounts and investments.
  • Work agreements or outstanding debts.

Which body or institution issues it?Certificate of deficiency

The body in charge of maintaining and centralizing all information related to facts and acts related to marital status, registered in the Civil Registry, from the birth to the death of each citizen, is the National Register of People, known by the acronym as RENAP.

This body implements, develops and maintains a unique identification record of people, by updating cutting-edge technological tools.

When we refer to instruments that guarantee the veracity, security, efficiency and effectiveness in handling documentsThese are the electronic signature, the bar code, as well as the correlative numbers and unique identifiers of the document.

These security measures allow the document to be verified and validated, also through the official website of the National Register of People of RENAP, generating confidence, ease and greater reach to users in carrying out the relevant procedures, for example, the issuance of the Personal Identification Document and other certifications.

How is it processed?

It is very simple, if it was fulfilled previously with the death registration step and the requirements are met.

We highlight that the first death certificate issued is free, it is free, the following certificates have a cost of Q25 currently.


O main requirement To apply for the Death Certificate, it is register the death.

This inscription It is carried out personally in any of the offices of the National Registry of People Renap, before thirty (30) days after death.

It is important to note that registrations made within the established deadline are freeOtherwise, they must cancel the payment indicated by the authorized agency.

You must complete and sign the corresponding to death and accompany it with the following documents:

  1. The Death Report
  2. Any identification document of the deceased: the original or the certification of the Personal Identification Document DPI, or his identity card, or certified copy of the entry of the residence card book, and if he does not have it, he can also present the certificate of registration birth.
  3. The candidate must present the Personal Identification Document.

For all civil event records and annotations, in accordance with Board Agreement Number 104-2015 in Article 16 of the Civil Registry Registration Regulation, it is mandatory:

  • Present the applicant’s current Ornate Ticket, except for persons exempt from payment or by court order.
  • Fill and sign the form provided by the National Register of People of RENAP, if any, according to the register or note to be made
  • Proof of payment, if registration is outside the stipulated maximum term.

Certificate of deficiency
Death Registration Form

Steps to follow

Register with RENAP

  1. Enter the site RENAPCertificate of deficiency
  2. Locate at the bottom of the page Citizen PortalCertificate of deficiency
  3. click in ENTEROKAY
  4. To locate CHECK INCertificate of deficiency
  5. Complete the requested dataCertificate of deficiency
  6. Put on Password, confirm and captchaCertificate of deficiency
  7. click in REGISTER
  8. It has been completed the registration, you have a username and password

Request Certificate

  1. Enter the site RENAPCertificate of deficiency
  2. To locate SERVICES
  3. In the Online column select All servicesCertificate of deficiency
  4. click in Electronic Certification RequestCertificate of deficiency
  5. Select the option that best suits you according to the device you are using: PC, Lapto: Portal E Citizen and with Smart Mobile Phone: Download the action for AndroidCertificate of deficiency
  6. Locate the option Certificate of deficiency
  7. Fill in the requested information
  8. Machete payment of the procedureCertificate of deficiency
  9. Ready, the certificate will be sent to your email and you can print it whenever you want

Hoping that the way to process the death certificate in Guatemala will serve as support to ease the tensions of the case, we salute you.

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