Confección de la Declaración Jurada 1923 – Formulario 1923

For declarations of taxable net income, income to be attributed and income attributed to legal persons, the IRS created the form 1923.

With this easy to use and long tool to complete, you can keep track of costs and adjustments that affect your Income tax law most of its length.

Here is a simple and clear guide on how to complete and submit the form 1923.Money Delivery

What is Form 1923?

O form 1923 It is a sworn statement specific to the terms of determining taxable profit, profit to be attributed and income attributed to partners, owners, owners, shareholders for taxpayers included in the Article No. 14 of the Income Tax Law.

This statement is divided into 4 parts, categorized with the letters A, B, C and D.

  1. O Section a collects the identification data of the taxpayer making the declaration.
  2. O Section b compiles the information of the items and concepts referring to the taxable net profit and the profit to be attributed, together with the values ​​of the referred concepts.
  3. O section C It includes data on income attributed to owners, community members, partners and shareholders and the credits related to these.
  4. O section D It works as a summary table for the penultimate part of the process.

model 1923 form

What is it and what is it for?

O form 1923 It is a document that must be presented by the taxpayer that contemplates the Income tax law, with all information about the first class taxable income, such as income, expenses and adjustments that are related to the base of these taxes.

In general: the form 1923 It is a statement that allows to collect in an orderly and concrete way the values ​​and data of the different incomes of the partners, members of the community, owners and shareholders of the Chile.

Instructions for preparing the 1923 declaration

For the correct use of form 1923 we recommend following the following guidelines:

  • Go to Section A: «Identification of the declarant». There you must indicate the RUT, company name, address (commune), email, fax and telephone number.
  • Go fill the Section B, «Detail of concepts and / or items of Taxed Net Income and Income to be Allocated». In this part you should note the quantities of the referred concepts. In the column of numbers you must write the correlative of the concept or item you are going to declare, while in the column of concept or item you must add the numbers assigned to each item according to the list that we will leave at the end of this guide.
  • Below is the summary table of Section b, where you must record the result of the sum that determines the taxable net profit.
  • Likewise, in the column of revenue to be allocated, you must include the total corresponding to that revenue. Individuals (see individual entrepreneurs) should refrain from completing this section.
  • In the column of the assigned revenue amount, the rental amount that is related to the partner, community member, shareholder or owner must be written, regardless of whether they have credit or not.

filling in form 2054

  • In the first category tax credit entitled to reimbursement, you write down the total amount of the credit and the final taxes that the taxpayer to whom the income refers can have access.
  • Also when you get to the first category tax credit column with no refund.
  • To conclude with this part, for the column of tax credits paid abroad, the total amounts of that credit must be included in addition to the final taxes. If it is an external loan delivered in the form of a withdrawal, it must be registered on the basis of the Complementary Global Tax.
  • Ending with this guide on summary table in section C, which was determined as the section D, the total number of notified cases must be recorded, together with the results of the assigned income and the first category tax credits and paid abroad, with knowledge of the information provided in the previous section.
  • Finished! You completed your form 1923 for the declaration of all receipts and established.

The concepts or items and the numbers corresponding to each of the cases indicated in the Section b can be determined as the following when you complete your form 1923:

  • Company income received or accumulated.
  • Foreign source income.
  • Interest received or accrued.
  • Other income received or accumulated (all items above are considered gross income and represent a sum for the result according to the Item No. 29)
  • Direct cost of goods and services (this concept is considered to be a Direct cost, which is subtracted from the total, as designated in Article Do not. 30).
  • Remuneration.
  • Financial depreciation for the year.
  • Interest paid or due.
  • Donation expenses.
  • Other financial expenses.
  • Expenditures on investments in research and development certified by Corfo.
  • Costs and expenses with invention in research and development not certified by Corfo.
  • Costs and expenses necessary to produce revenue from foreign sources.
  • Deferred income tax and tax expenses.
  • Expenses with the acquisition of supermarkets and the like.
  • Other expenses deducted from gross revenue (all items above are considered necessary expenses to produce the recipe and represent a subtraction to the result).
  • Monetary correction of outstanding balance (according to Article 32 No. 1, being a subtraction of the result as an adjustment to net profit).
  • Monetary correction of the credit balance (according to Article 32 No. 2, being a sum for the result as an adjustment to net profit).
  • Rejected expenses not subject to taxation Article No. 21 subsection No. 2.
  • Financial depreciation for the year.
  • Taxable profit not recognized financially.
  • Additional expenses for donations.
  • Expenses to be added to net income tax in accordance with Article 33 No. 1 (all of the above concepts are considered added to net income and represent a sum for the result).
  • Fiscal depreciation for the year.
  • Goodwill tax expenses for the year.
  • Specific tax on mining activity.
  • Rejected expenses subject to tax Item No. 21 Inc. No. 1.
  • Rejected expenses subject to tax Item No. 21 Inc. No. 3.

list of things form 2127

  • Others games.
  • First-class tax-exempt income according to Article 33 2.
  • Dividends or / and corporate profits in accordance with Article 33 2.
  • Expenses accepted for donations.
  • The rent does not rent according to Article No. 17.
  • Losses from previous years, as established in Article 31 No. 3.
  • Withdrawals or distributions subject to Complementary Global Tax received in accordance with the provisions of Article 33 No. 5
  • Increase in the final paragraph of Article 54 (1) and Articles 58 (2) and 62.
  • Deduction in accordance with letter C of Article No. 14.
  • Deduction in accordance with the final subsection of Article 14 No. 5 in letter A (all previous concepts are considered deductions from net profit and represent a subtraction to the result).
  • Income received or accumulated exempt from substitute tax on accumulated income, but which is related to IGC or IA.
  • Other amounts received or provisioned not considered by the imposed net revenue or by the exempt revenue that is related to the IGC or IA (These concepts are considered as a determination of the revenue to be attributed, which is added to the total).
  • Subject to the rules of the Article 14 Paragraph 1 of the Income Tax Law in the letter C.
  • Subject to the rules of the Article 14 of the Income Tax Law in letter A.
  • Subject to the rules of Article 14 Paragraph 2 of the Income Tax Law in letter C (only for individuals / individual owners)
  • Revenue attributed by third parties at the end of the business as established in the Article 38 bis No. 1 (all of the above concepts are considered income attributed to third parties and represent a subtraction to the result).

To easily determine what type of item or concept should be related to each of your payments, you can enter this link, where you will find an explanation of each of the points touched previously.

Who is obliged

O 1923 Declaration or 1923 Form must be presented to the IRS by all taxpayers (partners, businessmen, shareholders, community members, among others) beneficiaries of the income system attributed by obligation or choice.

Maximum shipping time

O form 1923 must be filed during the fiscal year up to the date March 22 of each year or the business day prior to this weekend or holiday.

questions about form 24

In general, all individual entrepreneurs, that is, individuals, must present the form 1923 before filing your annual income tax return (the form 22) This period constitutes the month of April and the first days of May, generally until on the 15th of the month.

All taxpayers presenting the form 1923 delaying or skipping delivery altogether will be penalized as set out in Article 97 No. 1 of the Tax Code. This means that the fine will go from a monthly tax unit to an annual tax unit, depending on what is determined by the court.

If the sworn statement is delivered incomplete or with errors, it will be sanctioned in accordance with Item number. 109 of the Tax Code. Please note that the fine varies between the 1% of the annual tax unit until 100% addition, or up to three times the amount, if you try to evade the tax.


There are two ways to request, complete and send your form 1923 before the deadline: through online service or going to an office.

By Internet

  1. Enter the website IRS pressing on here.1
  2. Select, among the different shipping alternatives, the option to “Send or correct a sworn statement electronically”.
  3. Write your RUT and unique password. You can create an account quickly if you don’t already have one.
  4. Set the deadline to declare.
  5. Press the option 1923 Declaration or Form 1923.
  6. Fill in the information that we explained in the instructions at the beginning.
  7. Attach the form and «Submit».
  8. You already submitted your 1923 form and declared your income before the SII!

In the office

  1. Go to one of the IRS in your region or commune.
  2. Ask for a copy of form 1923.
  3. Request the ballot that indicates the day you must attend to deliver your statement.
  4. Fill out the form with the information mentioned above.
  5. Go to the office! Check the day it was assigned and deliver your form 1923 complete and error free.

Completed Form D-1

Declaring your contributions has never been easier. With the forms and several sworn statements offered by the IRS there is no way that you will not be able to vouch for your payments and rentals throughout the fiscal year.

Don’t wait any longer. If you want to declare your income as soon as possible, the form 1923 It is the available tool you need to go through this process.

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