Conoce cómo solicitar tu cita previa en el ITV en España

Here you will learn how to request your prior appointment at ITV. Matter to you? Keep reading!

The first thing we should know is that the ITV is the acronym for Technical inspection of vehicles.

O ITV It is a kind of inspection that aims to justify whether the vehicles inspected meet all the necessary conditions for their circulation on all public roads.


What is ITV?

It is an inspection movement, edited by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, which was regulated by Royal Decree and is guided by the Inspection Procedure Manual for ITV Stations.

This user manual Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), it is in charge of clarifying, subject to subject, how the inspection of the different types of vehicles should be carried out and which elements should be inspected. In addition, it clarifies any defects that can be found and also if the defects are serious or mild.

We will leave you the latest manual for Inspection procedure for ITV stationsIn PDF format, click on the link below and you will be taken directly to the Manual.

What services do you offer?

The services that Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), in all its seasons can be understood in four immense categories:

Periodic investigations:

They are regulated and regulated, which, with common rigidity, all registered vehicles must pass. Your investigations will depend on the age of the vehicle and its types.

The following vehicles must undergo periodic investigations:

  • Agricultural vehicles:

That are used by farmers in their work, there are varieties of agricultural vehicles such as agricultural tractor, rototiller, transporter vehicle, automotive agricultural machinery, truck, towed agricultural machinery, trailer and semi-trailer.Agricultural

They are vehicles, like vans, used especially for transportation, simultaneously or not, of a maximum of 9 people and merchandise, separated by gate, seat or door.Mixed Vehicle

The trucks:

  • They are large and powerful vehicles, which are distributed by a large tank or box and a cabin in which the driver passes, which is intended for the transport of heavy loads by road.


  • The bus:These vehicles are intended for public and private transportation, which have a large capacity for a large number of passengers.


  • Motorcycles and mopeds:Also known as Moto, they are commonly used to avoid traffic, as they provide great comfort and are ideal for just 2 people.


  • Quads or ATVs:ATVs are widely used in sporting events and / or competitions where uneven or sandy terrain is covered.

Four engines

Non-periodic investigations:

In non-periodic investigations we can mention:

  • The reforms.
  • Service variations.
  • Investigations before registration of the car.
  • School transfer of investigations.
  • Investigations of damaged cars.
  • Taximeter investigations.

Mobile search units:

With the mobile unit, investigations are carried out with an action agenda of the municipalities in the area of ​​influence, investigations are carried out in vehicles such as:

  • Works and Services.
  • Agricultural.
  • Two-wheel mopeds.

Classification of historic cars

The Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) of San Sebastián de los Reyes, which is a laboratory practically responsible for the classification of historic cars, provides a complete service to all car owners over 30 years old who wish to take advantage of the benefits provided by that classification and intend to classify their car as a historic one.


How to get an appointment in the different autonomous communities?

You can request your prior appointment with ITV, online through the different autonomous communities, together with their provinces and some of their stations.

Here we will leave several web pages that will help you, just enter them, fill out your application and appear on the day scheduled for your consultation.

  • Andalusia: You have to request the previous consultation with ITV through the website VEIASA or by contacting the following phone number 959 999 999 directly and schedule your appointment at an office in the province of Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Malaga or Seville.
  • Aragon: You can order your previous consultation with ITV through the site General ITV services where you can select the province of Zaragoza, Huesca or Teruel or the station as: Utebo, Urbana for mopeds and taxis, Quinto, Calatayud, Cariñeña, Zaragoza Plaza, Alcañiz, Calaceite, Andorra, Calamocha and Montalban
  • Asturias: You can order your ciPrevious ITV through the site ITVASA or through the following contact numbers 985 110 595 – 985 112 991.
  • Balearic Islands: You can order your previous consultation with ITV, through the site General ITV services where you can select between stations in the province Mallorca such as: Inca, Palma I (Pol, Son Castelló), Palma II (Can Pastilla) or Manacor.
  • Canary Islands: You can order your previous consultation with ITV, through the site General ITV services where you can select between stations in the province Tenerife or Canary Islands such as: Nueva Guimar, Puerto del Rosario, Maspalomas, Nueva Arinaga, Tacoront, La Palma, El Rosario, Los Realejos, La Gomera and El Hierro.
  • Cantabria: You can request your appointment through the website Itevelesa Group, where you can choose between these stations: Maliaño, Carrales de Buelna, Val de San Vicente, Castro Cillorigo, Reinosa, Polanco, Laredo and Ontón.
  • Castilla la Mancha: You can order the previous consultation through the website Applus Iteuve.
  • Castile and Leon: Consultation is requested through the Itevelesa Group, In which you can choose between these stations: Ávila, Arávalo, Arenas de San Pedro, Las Navas del Marqués, Salas de Los Infantes, Cembrano, Onzonilla, Ponferrada, Astorga, Cistierna, Villablino, Palencia, Ververa de Pisuerga, Herrera de Pisuerga, Béjar, Ciudad Rodrigo, Peñarando de Bracamoneto, Vitigudino, Soria and Toro.
  • Catalonia: You can request your consultation through the Certio, which has the following stations: Corsica, Ávila, La Maquinista – Caracas, Manresa, Berba, Solsona, Ciutadella and Mao.
  • Valencian Community: In this case, the previous consultation with ITV It must be done through the Applus Iteuve website. where you can choose between these stations: Alicante, Villena, Redován, Torrevieja, Orihuela – San Bartolomé, Ondara, Elche, among others …
  • Extremadura: It was not possible to make an appointment via the Internet, you must go directly to one of the stations closest to you, such as: Almendralejo, Azuago, Badajoz, Castuera, Don Benito, Herrera del Duque, Jerez de los Caballeros, Mérida, Olivenza, Villanueva de la Serena, among others …
  • Galicia: Galicians can request their previous consultation with ITV on the website SYC and some of the available stations are: A Coruña / Sabón, Ferrol, Santiago / Cacheiras, Monforte de Lemos, Villaba, Viveiro, among others …
  • Madrid. Here you can order your prior appointment of ITV, through the website Itevelesa Group, where you can choose between these stations: Las Rozas, Collado Villaba, Alcobendas, Alcorcón, Madrid Villaverde or Coslada.
  • Murcia: You can order your previous consultation with ITV, through the Itevemur NetworkAt stations like Av Mariano Rojas or Antigua Morata, you can also call 983 08 90 90.
  • Navarra: Here you must go to one of the following stations, Arbizu, Estella, Noain, Pampion, Peralta, among others …
  • Basque country: The website of Applus Iteuve is ideal for ordering your prior appointment of the ITV.

What do I need to make an appointment?

To request your prior appointment of ITV, You must enter the website or call the stations of your Autonomous Community and to pass the ITV you must present all the original documents of the car.


I leave here the necessary documentation for your ITV:

  • Circulation authorization that certifies that the vehicle is registered.

Circulation permission

  • Technical file (Vehicle Technical Inspection Card). Which will be issued by vehicle manufacturers, importers or their legal owners.Archive

  • Validity of auto insurance.

  • If you are not the owner, a copy of the DNI or TIN vehicle owner.

Why is it important to request an online appointment?

It is very important to ask for prior appointment of the ITV online, as it will help you allow a free seat at the selected station. It should be noted that annually you must send the Technical inspection of vehicles And because it is a very common procedure, it has great requests, so you can streamline the online process and the best thing is that in addition to saving a lot of time, the consultation can be made from your comfort zone.


By keeping your ITV up to date and / or requesting your appointment online, you will have some benefits, such as:

  1. Right to a second inspection, provided that the first is not approved ITV, for a certain reason they will be entitled to inspection and, upon approval, will receive the seal, without the need to correct defects.
  2. They will be able to choose the station where they will perform the second ITV, it can be the same or another of their preference.
  3. They will have an extra month of validity of the seal, that is, they will be able to carry out the ITV one month before the scheduled date and this will not change the date of the next inspection.
  4. The seal is valid in any country of the European Union, since you can buy a vehicle in another country with the respective inspection and ITV seal and it is not necessary to pass the inspection in Spain until the end of your inspection and present it the following year in any station you prefer.Benefits

What happens if you are unable to make an appointment online?

In some autonomous communities, such as Extremedura and Navarra, they do not have an application for the previous consultation with ITV Through the online route, in these cases you must use the telephone numbers of the stations, answer them and wait for the scheduled time to be able to pass the request and submit the inspection, which would be a great waste of time, thanks to its huge demand annually by the instead of being able to order it online, as it offers you great speed to complete the respective inspection.

Waste of time

We hope this information helps you! We read soon.

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