Conoce cómo tramitar el certificado de origen en Chile

When it comes to the purchase and transport of goods in Chilean territory, it is very important to take into account that a certificate of origin so that all the procedures performed with that merchandise are legal and you can even get rid of taxes.

So, in the following article, we will explain everything you need to know about this certificate, so that you can obtain it without having to pay third parties for managing the process.

Learn how to process the certificate of origin in Chile

What is a certificate of origin?

In a very general way, without taking into account the technical or specific aspects of the term, A certificate of origin is an official document that leaves a written record of where the product you are buying was made from.. This certificate must be issued by the country in which you purchased the product.

Although it often seems to people an unnecessary document, it is not, because Thanks to it, you have the possibility to avoid the cancellation of the entire Chilean customs tax (only the tax, VAT is not included).

Despite the great benefit that this document represents for those who make the purchase, not everyone can acquire it at the time of purchase abroad, because Only countries that have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Chilean government are able to issue it.

In this way, The only way to apply for the certificate is if the product or object you are buying was manufactured in one of the countries that have this agreement with Chile. This means that if the product is sold, but not manufactured in that country, the certificate will expire.

To show this more clearly, we leave the following example: You can buy a new cell phone in the United States without problems, but if the cell phone was manufactured in Thailand, you do not have the right to request your certificate of origin.

There are several countries that have such an agreement with Chile, but lThe most interesting are China and the United States and, recently, Uruguay, because most of the products that are imported and consumed in this country are brought from these nations.

Learn how to process the certificate of origin in Chile

Does this certificate make me tax free?

As we already mentioned, the main advantage of obtaining the certificate of origin is that it allows you to avoid paying the Chilean customs fee, but this refers to the fact that it will not be necessary to disburse the money for the Ad Valorem Tax from the tax calculation.

Thus, for the avoidance of doubt, below we mention all the items that customs consider when adding the different amounts calculated by import taxes:

  • FOB Amount: this is the refers to the total value of the purchase you made, it includes the payment for the purchase of the product, the payment of the boxes (if applicable), the tax charged by each state, among other expenses.
  • CIF value: this value unifies the value of the FOB value with international freight and shipping insurance. Freight is the cost of freight from the country of origin to Chile and insurance is applied when it is owned, otherwise, approximately 2% of the total value of the object is calculated.
  • Ad Valorem Law: this is calculated as 6% of the total CIF value. It must be a tribute to all the goods. This is the amount that is totally exempt if the manufacturing country has a Free Trade Agreement with Chile, as mentioned above.

Thus, we must consider that taxes refer to 19% (VAT), which add the CIF value with the Ad Valorem Right, and when you have your certificate of origin for the purchase of your product, you are under no obligation to pay the last amount, then they exempt 6% from the CIF.

When is it necessary to process the certificate of origin?

It can be used in any import case that is with countries that are in a FTA with Chile, however, the urgency of its use is perceived more frequently when imports are made by a company and are constant and large, as in these cases 6% considerably reduces the amount to be paid.

However, the fact that imports are carried out by companies is not the only case, as individuals also have the possibility to buy high-value products in other countries, and they must go through customs. In this way, having the certificate of origin becomes very useful.

Learn how to process the certificate of origin in Chile

For this reason, the certificate of origin is extremely popular with experienced importers or buyers who know how to operate the system.

Thanks to him, They can increase your earnings considerably, especially if your purchases are constant and in large quantities.

How to achieve this?

Being an official document, its shipment must be authorized by a government entity in the country of origin of the product.

This way, you cannot directly request the certificate of origin, but you must speak with your operator to make the request and you can count on the benefit.

Most vendors access this when sales are large or when they are a constant buyer, but if what is being purchased is a small device, they are unlikely to agree to sign up for certification.


Since the certificate of origin is a document issued by an external country and not yours, There are not many requirements that you must consider when ordering it. We have mentioned them below for you to consider.

  • To be making the purchase of an object that was manufactured in a country that has a Free Trade Agreement with Chile.
  • Make a bulk purchase of a large number of products (this is not mandatory, but this is what most suppliers request most of the time).

Learn how to process the certificate of origin in Chile

Steps to follow

As with requirements, when you buy a product abroad and want to request your certificate of origin, You don’t have to worry about going through too many steps, as the procedure is quite simple.

  1. Make the purchase of your products to import them.
  2. Ask your provider to request the certificate of origin.
  3. Wait for your response and delivery of the certificate.
  4. Present the certificate when paying the corresponding Chilean customs fees.

As it is a procedure carried out in another country, the heavy work is done by the supplier who sells the product. You just need to be concerned that the certificate is with you when the product enters Chile.

Considerations when performing the process

As it is a process that involves several national states, It is important that you take into account a number of details, which will help you to obtain your certificate of origin without any problems.

  • First of all You must investigate the specific processes for the import process under the preferential regime you are carrying out, as each trade agreement has a totally different origin regime, despite the fact that between agreements some provisions are very similar.
  • You should check the different tariff nomenclatures and how they are associated with the original rules in each of the commercial agreements.
  • You must be very attentive when filling out the certification forms, as each certification system has a different certificate, and if you make a mistake when entering the data, your request will be rejected immediately, delaying the import process.

Which entity is requested from?

This will depend on the country in which you are making the purchase, so we are unable to inform a specific entity. Each country is administered with its own laws and its own government agencies, so when buying a product abroad the first thing you should do is check how this procedure works.

In Chile, for example, this task is assigned to the Chilean Copper Commission (COCHILCO), so whoever wants to buy a Chilean product to export it to another country and obtain its certificate of origin must go to this commission with all the requirements needed.

However, not all countries have this commission, as each within its autonomy is free to delegate its tasks as a State in any way it sees fit.

Learn how to process the certificate of origin in Chile

As we could see, the The Certificate of Origin is a very important document that allows the importer to bring a large quantity of products and save a considerable amount in customs fees., so your earnings are much higher.

If you want to import products in bulk and want to avoid paying an exorbitant amount of taxes just for the entry of your products purchased in the country, we recommend that you request your certificate of origin, because it is the legal, fast and safe way to save that money.

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