Conoce el sistema de citas médicas de Sergas

If you live in Galicia and need to go to a medical center for a routine consultation, with a specialist or for any other reason, you should know the Galician Health Service (SERGAS) and make an appointment for a doctor.

For that here in Discover Sergas’ medical consultation system, we share all the essentials with you.


What are the services, how to request a medical consultation Sergas, what benefits you can get and where you can go to be treated. Read and take note!

What is Sergas?

O Galician Health Service (SERGAS) is an autonomous body located in the province of Galicia, Spain. This is responsible for public health care for this community as a whole.

It was created in 1989 and integrates all the health centers and services of that administration and, in the exercise of its direction and management, guarantees health care. This general direction of Sergas is run by Ministry of Health, in conjunction with Social Service of the Junta de Galicia.

sergas medical consultation

What services do they offer?

Among the multiple services offered and that you can request through your medical appointment Sergas to the Primary Health Carefor, you can find the following:

  • Family medicine: consultation request due to illness or prescription issue.
  • Pediatrics: consultation request due to illness, queuing, revision of age control as part of the childcare program.
  • Nursing: request for consultation of nurses, blood tests with prior authorization, review of age control included in the childcare program and marking vaccines such as allergies, tetanus, etc.

sergas services

  • Dentistry: application for dental consultations, dentistry for pregnant women, and for children or minors.
  • Matron: request for consultation with midwife or first consultation for pregnant women.
  • Social work: requesting medical appointments for patients in the social assistance system.
  • Flu’s vacine: periods of influenza vaccination campaign to be requested directly by phone.

If you need any of the attentions or services described above, it is important to request your medical appointment Sergas. Only then can you benefit from this system and take advantage of some of the programs already mentioned.

How to get a doctor’s appointment?

If you live in Galicia and needing to see a doctor, for whatever reason, it is important that you know how to request a doctor’s appointment in Sergas. This can be done online, over the phone or in person in extreme cases. Next, we’ll talk about each method.


  1. Enter the official web portal of Sergas, fair on here we leave you the link. Find the option «Medical appointment» and click on it.sergas medical consultation via web
  2. A new screen will appear, where you must provide details of your contact information, identity and details about your request. You will receive a DNI or digital certificate that you must present on the day of the consultation.
  3. If you are already a registered member, you must indicate what type of Health card you have, the identifier and the last 4 digits of the National health system.

sergas medical consultation with health card

once you Health card is verified, proceed to indicate the details of your medical appointment and the time that is most convenient.

It is worth mentioning that if you are unable to attend on the day of the appointment, you must enter this same portal and cancel or postpone the appointment. If you do not do this and do not attend the consultation, an incident will be recorded in your file.


You can order by phone medical appointment Sergas at one of your health posts, cancel, postpone or confirm an already scheduled medical appointment, or request a phone call from a specialist doctor.

To do this, you must dial the automated customer service number 902,077,333. With this line you can be attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruptions.

You also have an alternative number where you can contact and request your medical consultation in Sergas if you are located in the following provinces:

  1. A Coruña: 981 952 950
  2. Ourense: 988 398 350
  3. Lugo: 982 269 893
  4. Pontevedra: 986 806 350

Remember this when communicate with one of these numbers for free, you must indicate exactly the reason for your interview request.

Face to face

While the doctor’s appointments Sergas It is quite advanced and the same institution encourages new and registered patients to use these platforms, there are times when you cannot wait to have an appointment.

For such cases, and only if the patient considers it necessary and urgent, he can immediately go to any of the Medical centers Sergas. No consultation is necessary and the medical team will still see those who arrive, even when the consultation list is exhausted.

sergas medical consultation in person

It is important to note that this method often complicates medical care, collapses the system or the waiting area, medical staff are sometimes unable to deal with the situation and resources can run out faster than expected. To avoid these problems, it is better to request your consultation! just as we mentioned above.

Who is this service for?

O Sergas Service is intended for all Spanish citizens residing or being part of the autonomous community of Galicia. In fact, when requesting a medical appointment Sergas via web, by phone or in person, just submit your letter DNI.

Of the different digital security certificates, such as passport, driver’s license, professional card or others, the DNI it is the safest of all. This is, therefore, due to present the DNI number and password, you can access your personal information and with it, open or update your medical records in sergas.


O Galician Health Service (SERGAS) has several medical services available to Spanish citizens, inhabitants of the autonomous province of Galicia. This is done through a wide network of hospitals and health centers responsible for prevention, care, diagnosis, drug treatment and more.

sergas benefits

In your turn, Sergas collects this type of information in a single database called And health. In it, each patient seen at these health centers can find their medical records and even, more recently, incorporate other medical data provided by private medical centers.

With this, you can be treated and also have control over your medical information, how it is shared and which public or private entities are shared.

Main offices

Like Sergas It is a vast network of health centers, from central services, integrated management, veterinary and pharmaceutical centers, among others. Even so, we will leave you a short list of your main offices:

  1. San Lázaro administrative complex, s / n. 15703 Santiago de Compostela. Tel: 881 542 734/881 542 747 – Fax: 881 542 722.
  2. Galician Agency for Blood, Organs and Tissues (ADOS). Avenida Monte de la Condesa, s / n. University Campus – 15706 Santiago de Compostela. Tel: 881 546 900 – Fax: 981 593 151.
  3. Galician Health Knowledge Management Agency (ACIS). Avenida Fernando de Casas Novoa – CNL Building. Portal AB -1st floor. 15707 Santiago de Compostela. Tel: 981 555 103 -981 554 637 Fax: 981 563 012 – 981 554 824.
  4. Public Foundation Galician Institute of Ophthalmology. Rúa Ramón Baltar no number – Hospital de Conxo. 15706 Santiago de Compostela. Tel: 981 534 105 – Fax: 981 951 670.
  5. Health Center Santa Comba Servizo De Urxencias. Rua Lugo S / N, 15840 Santa Comba. Tel.: 981818820.
  6. Salute Viaño Pequeno Centro. Local viaño Pequeno no number, 15687 Trazo. Tel: 981689191.
  7. Pharmacy Maria Josefa Pose Rodriguez. Traba, Nº S / N – (PK 48.5 From Estrada A Coruña-Santacomba-Muros), 15848 Santa Comba. Tel. 981894940.

If those mentioned above are not close to your location, we leave you on here The digital directory of other health centers Sergas. Just indicate the type of health center or service you are looking for and add a reference area or place. Immediately the nearest centers listed will appear along with the name, address and contact phone number of such centers.

Galician health service

That said, we hope that the information we share about Serga be useful and beneficial to you, your family, friends and neighbors. After all, public health is the right of every citizen and the Sergas service always seeks to provide the best medical care to its fellow citizens.

But for that, you, as an exemplary citizen, must also take care of this system, support it and follow its rules of use, starting by requesting your medical appointment Sergas via web or phone preferably. Only then will the system continue to function optimally and without collapsing.

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