Conoce los Requisitos para Donar Sangre en Paraguay

Did you know that donating blood is a voluntary act that saves lives? Many of the people who are potential blood donors for lack of information avoid doing so. So in this article meet the requirements for donating blood in Paraguay that you must take into account before taking this initiative.

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Blood donation requirements

The lack of information is largely the reason why many healthy people refrain from becoming blood donors.

That is why we show the necessary requirements or conditions that every donor must take into account for this.

  1. Bring the appropriate identity document with you. The presentation of the identity card is mandatory in order to donate.
  2. Having the necessary age, varies between 18 and 65 years for men and women.
  3. Have a body weight of 55 kg or more.
  4. You should not go on an empty stomach, remember to eat healthy and light foods before the process.
  5. Rest well! You need to get enough rest the night before. Prevention first.

Although it is not an essential requirement, you must have the desire to become a blood donor, meet the conditions for donating blood and be in good health.

Everything works better if you do things because you want to, remember that.

There are also considerations that you must consider before becoming a potential blood donor:

  1. Do not drink alcohol before the procedure.
  2. Do not smoke, at least not in the two hours before extraction.
  3. If you are taking medications such as antibiotics, avoid donating.
  4. Exercises before donation? It’s not a good idea, don’t do that!

Many of the Blood Banks have a form that you must complete, be completely honest with your answers.

Voluntary blood donation saves lives, so it is important that you take these requirements, conditions and considerations into account when donating blood before doing so.

Steps to donate blood in Paraguay

steps to donate blood

If you’ve already written the requirements you need to become an active volunteer donor, don’t wait any longer.

Don’t get the desire, the steps to follow are simple.

Remember that you must be willing, in addition to being someone without health problems.

If you have the requirements to donate blood in order, you meet the conditions and considerations.

The next step is to go to the center of your nearest location that has a blood bank.

And ready.

Where can you do that?

Most, if not all, hospitals or sanitariums have blood banks that anyone interested in and who meets the requirements for donating can approach voluntarily without having to request a prior request from a donor.

The only thing you have to take into account is that you need to be informed of the days and hours of service before leaving.

However, at the National Blood Service Center (CENSSA) you can donate any day of the week. This also includes weekends.

Do you need the address? CENSSA is located at Avenida General Santos, Herminio Giménez, Capital District of Paraguay

All you need (in addition to the requirements for donating blood) is the desire to do so. Knife!

Common questions

questions to donate

It’s time to end the stories in the hall.

Many people who are healthy and willing to donate simply do not do so because of beliefs that are not entirely true or lack information.

Do you need an example? Donating blood does not decrease the body’s defenses, much less anemia, these symptoms are nothing more than the result of a previous disease.

Stay healthy, take the medium-term exams regularly and ask questions.

Does not hurt! Don’t be afraid of the needle. It can be a little strange if it’s your first time, but nothing you can’t stand.

Blood transfusions and donations are very delicate procedures, requiring the greatest guarantee of medical control. Which is why you should not believe that it is possible to get a disease. All the material used is disposable.

DO you still have doubts? Keep reading.

Who can’t donate blood?

Although it is not a problem for women to donate blood with menstruation, if your cycle is irregular and abundant, it is best that you do not. Like pregnant or nursing women.

Simply They cannot donate blood people with some form of drug addiction or chronic illness.

People who have an infectious disease like any of the STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) are syphilis, AIDS, HIV, Chagas, among others. On the other hand, people with hepatitis B or C, or who suffered after the age of 12, are not considered people capable of being donors.

How often can I donate blood?

how much can i donate

As iron decreases monthly with menstruation, women can only donate every 4 months, for a total of just three times a year.

On the other hand, men can donate every three months for a total of 4 times a year, incredible right?

Can you donate blood with tattoos?

Contrary to popular belief, if you have piercings or tattoos, you can be a blood donor. But you must take into account that you must wait at least twelve months after having practiced any of these techniques.

This recommendation is also for people who have undergone surgery or who have received a blood transfusion.

Donating blood is fattening?

Negative, you must not allow this mistake to take away your desire to donate blood.

The increase or decrease in weight in a person may be associated with poor nutrition, but never with the fact that he is an active donor.

The blood donation process is completely safe and does not cause harmful side effects to the person’s health.


benefits of voluntary donation

Blood is an element that constitutes another opportunity in life for many and the possibility of improvement for others, so blood is indispensable and irreplaceable.

Even though donating blood is not a very common practice in society, I want to show you some benefits that the donor can enjoy.

As such, you don’t just enjoy the satisfaction that saving at least one life can bring with blood donation. But donating blood also offers some of the benefits that I will mention below:

It improves and helps to stimulate the production of new blood cells in your body. It helps to improve blood circulation, also resulting in less arterial blockages.

It is believed that when donating blood the loss of iron is bad.

However, let me rid you of this erroneous hypothesis. Leveling blood iron levels is the biggest benefit. For those who eliminate excess iron from the body, the chances of suffering a heart attack are 88% lower. Incredible, right?

It helps to reduce the risk of cancer. By this, I do not mean that you cannot suffer from this disease, but I do mean that the chances of suffering from cancer, such as lung, stomach and even colon cancer would drop considerably.

Do not think that they are just words. All of these benefits have been proven by long-term studies that take into account the pros and cons that blood donation can cause to society.

A little review is okay. Although it does not replace conventional analysis, it helps us as an indicator that we do not suffer from some of the infectious diseases, such as those mentioned above.

Remember that blood cannot be manufactured, there is no greater or better benefit than the one you receive after the donation, because there is not only the pleasure that you helped to improve your life, but that potentially helped to save the life of other people.

Which, if you look at the better side (if possible), helps to reduce stress.

voluntary donation

Remember that the only way to obtain blood and blood products is through voluntary donors.

There is no alternative method to obtain this essential element. Many people rely on the generosity of others for a new opportunity. remember that today can be for others, but tomorrow can be for you and yours.

Was this article helpful? If so, don’t hesitate to share and if you still have questions, leave them in the comments.

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