Consigue tu cita medica en el SAS en Andalucia

If you are in Spain, specifically in Andalusia and want to request a medical consultation, you can do so at Andalusian Health Service We indicate the different modalities that this center offers so that you can choose the one you prefer. Stay with us!

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What is SAS?

O Andalusian Health Service was founded in 1986 and is the main health provider of the Unified Health System of Andalusia.

This Health Service functions as an independent body linked to the Health Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia. This institution carries out its functions in accordance with the provisions of the Unified Health System.


Provide health care to Andalusian citizens, offering quality public health services, ensuring accessibility, equity and user satisfaction, seeking efficiency and optimizing the use of resources.

What services does it offer?

There are other organizations with which the Andalusian Health Service sharing direct health care these are the concerted centers linked to the Department of Health of the Junta de Andalucía.

This service has at your disposal a network of health services formed to ratify the accessibility of the population and equity in the distribution of resources.

The services that citizens receive are as follows:

Doctor attending patient

This first level of care consists of preventive, curative and rehabilitative care, that is, health centers and doctors ‘offices and the promotion of citizens’ health.

These services are organized in primary care districts, organizational structures for the operational planning, direction, management and administration of that area. There are currently 1,517 primary health care centers. Here we mention a few:

Almería Norte Health Management Area

Campo de Gibraltar Health Management Area

Health Management Area of ​​Jerez, Northwest Coast and Sierra de Cádiz

North Sanitary Area of ​​Cordoba.

Sanitary Management Area South of Córdoba.

Health Management Area in the Northeast of Granada.

Health Management Area South of Granada.

North Huelva Health Management Area.

North Jaén Health Management Area.

Health Management Area of ​​Northeast Jaén.

Health Management Area of ​​Málaga Leste-Axarquía.

Málaga Norte Health Management Area.

Sanitary Management Area of ​​the Serranía de Málaga.

Osuna Health Management Area.

Sanitary Management Area South of Seville.

There are currently about 29 hospitals, among them are the main referral hospitals in Andalusia.

The City of University Health Virgen del Rocio in Seville is the largest hospital in Andalusia and is managed by SAS. In addition, SAS manages the regional hospital complex in Jaén, Granada, Huelva and Reina Sofia de Córdoba, as well as the Virgen Macarena university hospitals in Seville and the regional hospitals in Malaga.

It is a network that ensures the correct care of the tissues, in addition to ensuring the disposal of blood components.

There are other areas that, due to their particular characteristics, have a particular order.

On the other hand, it provides information to the interested user through:

How to get the medical consultation?

It is not necessary to meet a requirement in advance to make an appointment. The Health Center offers medical consultations for family medicine, pediatrics (such as childhood vaccines) and nursing consultations.

Via online

Man with PC 1

If you are one of those people who like to deal with paperwork over the Internet, this option is for you.

Enter the address of ClickHealth + and then in the option «Health Agenda « select the «Make an appointment for primary care«

health agenda

Here you have the opportunity to check the appointments you have previously marked and this allows you to delete or change them. Another advantage is that you can see where you are on the waiting list in the surgical area if you want to have surgery.

If you just want to request an appointment at SAS, you will enter the system with your Personal Data, Digital certificate or electronic DNI or with Cl @ ave.

click health 1

Most individuals do not have the Electronic DNI or with Cl @ ave That is why we recommend that you enter the system with your personal data where you only need to enter your health card number and your date of birth.

After entering the system, you will see the medical options you have to request your consultation. The specialties are: General Medicine / Pediatrics and Nursing.

After choosing the specialty of your interest, you will see on the screen the doctors who provide the service, the address of the health center, the type of appointment and the calendar, so you can select the time and day you want to make the appointment.

After all this procedure, you still need to check your query and print it if you wish.

  • To consult appointments: The appointments in progress are the dates ordered chronologically. They are in PDF format, you can download or print them.
  • To request a date change: This process is complex, so your answer will not be given immediately. To request a change of date, you must complete a form found on this page, it will be sent to a corresponding center or service and then the new date will be sent to the applicant.
  • To cancel the appointment: If you want to eliminate the appointment of outpatient appointments and diagnostic tests, it is possible to do so online.

Via telephone


The first thing to do in telephone consultations is to verify the identity of the person who wishes to make the consultation, this type of consultation includes the replacement of chronic treatments, results of some diagnostic tests, etc., which do not require the presence of the patient.

By phone, you can also request the information you need about your appointment and change or cancel it.

You should call Health responds, at 955 54 50 60. You can make appointments every day of the year without any problems.

Mobile app

The mobile app that has SAS called Health responds citizens have the option of consulting or modifying their nursing consultation or primary care.

It is a free application that can be downloaded on any operating system. It has the advantage of being able to enter the system without the need to request data verification quickly and conveniently from wherever you are.

After installing the application on your electronic device, enter the personal data for the first and only time. Then enter the health card number, year of birth and, for those over 14 years old, DNI. You also have the option to enter your passport details to gain access.

The application is very easy to use. You will request your appointment using the «Request a medical consultation”. You can select the date thanks to a calendar provided by the system with the available dates. You’ll see all possible hours in a list and select the «Book Annotation”.

After verifying that your appointment has been registered, you will see the options cancel or change appointment as well as saving to the calendar, so if you later want to cancel or change the day and time, you can make it easier this way

We recommend setting the «Enable notifications”For the system to remember pending appointments that the application already has this function.

We can conclude that we can say that the application «Health responds”It is used on smartphones, therefore, requesting consultation in advance in primary care and to access the content of interest in health offered by Salud Responde.

If you want to download the app «Health responds”And to clarify any doubts about the App you can access the following link SUBSCRIPTION


The interview applicant must have:

  • Your personal information.
  • Your digital certificate (also with electronic identification).

Benefits of making out-of-person consultations


  • Require, This new generation’s patients are very attached to the technology and will prefer to do the procedure over the Internet rather than over the phone or through applications, allowing them to decide when they want to make an appointment and not be limited to phone hours.
  • Flexibility, allowing the patient to decide the times and days available in their schedule.
  • Availability, allows the patient to make an appointment 365 days a year.
  • Without waiting, Like those that originate when calling by phone depending on an operator
  • Avoid failures, when you book appointments online, you can receive appointment reminders
  • More productivity for your employees,because if the same people request your appointment, employees will be able to engage in other activities.
  • Mobility, You can manage appointments from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Quick and easy.
  • Improve your image and how you are perceived, since users now prefer to manage the online service giving a modern look to their image.
  • Save time, You will have an online agenda where you can record all your appointments and visits.

We read later!

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