Consigue tu cita médica en el sistema SES en España

If any member of your family or needs a check-up or medical consultation, it is important to know that there are public institutions dedicated to serving. An example of this is the Extremadura Health Service, which guarantees the public health of individuals, families and more.

Therefore, if you live in the community of Extremadura and need primary medical care, this information may be useful for you. Starting by asking for a SES medical consultation, to the various services at your disposal.

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At the Get your medical consultation on the SES system in Spain, we will tell you everything you need. The functions of this institution, how to access its services, and how they can help and benefit you.

What is SES?

O Extremadura Health Service (SES) is an entity located in the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain. It was founded in 2002 and is responsible for providing public health services and assistance there.

Said organism called SES, Belongs to Spanish National Health System, as well as is attached to the Ministry of Health and Social Policy. This entity has its own legal personality, as well as its own treasury and management powers, for the ideal development of public health objectives.

Extremadura Health Service

Although it is important to note that SES is legally governed by the national government of Spain, a administration of the autonomous community of Extremadura and the General Public Treasury of Extremadura. In other words, the treatment and services that will be provided to you at that institution comply with all legal regulations on public health.

Your duties?

Among the main functions of the Extremeño Health Services (SES) is proportional tomedical care required by the citizens of Extremadura. At the same time, it guarantees that it complies with public health standards established by law.

For this to be the case, the administration and the general secretary of the SES takes care of approve and authorize expenditure on pharmaceutical, orthopedic and health products offered. It is also responsible for programming, management, evaluation and internal organization of health centers attached to SES.

functions of the health service of Extremadura

Likewise, it manages theAppointment, hiring and removal of labor, management of posts, establishments and health services and control and evaluation of health quality of these.

If you want to know more about the functions of each department involved in managing SES, we leave you on here the link to your official organization chart. You can see the roles of your board and secretary general, its associated health agencies and others.

What services do you offer?

Among the many health services you can access through SES medical consultation, we find the following:

  1. Child and adolescent health care: charged with promoting good health habits and the self-care of children and adolescents. Also the prevention and early detection of contagious, inherited, acquired diseases, among others. As well as monitoring child growth and development.
  2. Attention to young people: in charge of promoting healthy habits and preventing eating disorders or diseases. Also on the prevention of risky behavior in relation to sexual activity and the consumption of toxic, addictive substances and other risky substances.
  3. Attention to women: responsible for preconception, prenatal and puerperal consultations. Also information and monitoring of contraceptive methods, early diagnosis of gynecological cancer and care for women in menopause. Ses Services from Spain
  4. Attention to adults, the elderly, risk groups and chronic patients: in charge of protocolized care for patients with chronic and prevalent health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity, HIV-AIDS, etc. It is also responsible for home care for immobilized, elderly and frail patients, dependents and people with risky behaviors.
  5. Mental health care: in charge of caring for patients with anxiety or depression disorders and the implementation of the corresponding protocols.
  6. Basic Rehabilitation: responsible for basic physical therapy treatments.
  7. Therapeutic procedures: in charge of the small surgeries required in Primary Care.

Besides that, SES also takes care of Public health, such as Epidemiological monitoring, a Food security, a Environmental health, and the Community Health in Extremadura.

How to get the medical consultation?

To access any of the individual and family care services described above, you must obtain a SES medical consultation. For this, you can do this via internet, by mobile application, by phone or in person. Each route has its protocol, so you should continue reading to find out how to request your consultation in each case.


  1. Access the official portal of SES and click on the option «Request before». Fair on here we leave you the direct link.medical consultation via web
  2. A new screen will appear, and you must provide your phone number TIN / NIEand your date of birth. Continues «Log in» and you can access the Online Health Center with your personal data. You can also enter your phone number CIP, DNI / Electronic certificate, with you Cl @ ve Special.extreme web
  3. Once inside, select the type of consultation you want to make on SES. It can be administrative or a medical review. Indicate the date and time that is most convenient for you and give «Accept».
  4. If you have already requested a previous consultation, for the same subject and with your family doctor, you can indicate that you want to be treated by him.
  5. Just with «Confirm» the previous consultation with that doctor, and you click on «Accept». A digital consultation certificate will be shown to you, you can print it out and present it at the time of your consultation.
  6. In this same portal you can postpone or cancel your SES Medical Consultation, review your medical history, consult the nearest health centers and other services at your disposal. As well as the Extremadura Health Service show in the following video.

That said, we hope that this way is easy for you and that you can request your SES medical consultation as soon as possible and with that family’s trusted doctor.

Face to face

In the event of a medical emergency and requiring urgent medical attention, this option may be right for you. We talked about the request for SES medical consultation in person, which you can request by going to the nearest medical center.

Any outpatient emergency clinic assigned to SES has the ability to accommodate such last-minute requests and accept such exceptions. It is not possible to guarantee that your trusted and bedside doctor is on call, but you will be able to count on the same type of professional care you need.

face-to-face medical consultation

While it is important to note, this type of SES medical consultation should only be necessary in cases of emergency or medical urgency. This will allow the healthcare system not to collapse, resources will be sufficient and the medical staff will be able to assist patients smoothly. Therefore, if you can wait, we suggest that you make your appointment via the web, phone or mobile application.

Mobile app

If you are a technology enthusiast and know how to take advantage of it to your advantage, you should certainly ask for a SES medical consultation by mobile application (App) is right for you. This application is called «CSOnline Extremadura» and you can get them for devices Android and IOS.

it is App can help you manage the most common procedures within the SES Platform, how to order a SES medical consultation with your family doctor. You can also choose to consult specialist doctors, treatment information or previously scheduled appointments.

medical consultation via cell phone

You can also check your medical records, make complaints about patient care, receive alerts about medicines in stock, receive electronic prescriptions, search other health centers and pharmacies and much more. Just install the app on your phone, identify yourself with your TIN / NIE, CIP, DNI / electronic certificate or special Cl @ veand start using it as needed.


If the previous routes seem complicated and you prefer to do this faster, ask the SES medical consultation by phone it may be ideal. That is why, You must contact the customer service team by phone during business hours between 7 am and 2 am.

»Just dial the toll free number to Medical consultation SES 900 100 737.

telephone medical consultation

As soon as the team answers your call, you must indicate your intention to request an appointment and which primary care area you need. You should also specify which health center you prefer to go to, what your family doctor is and the time that is most convenient for you. It is important to emphasize that you must also provide your identity, either with your TIN / NIE number, CIP or DNI / electronic certificate.


Of the services mentioned above Extremadura Health Service (SES) You can get the most out of being served by a large team of accredited doctors and at your disposal. You and your family could have a family doctor you trust, as well as choose which medical center to treat.

In turn, you can have various health services, from child and adolescent care, prenatal care and family planning. Older adults who need home care or have mobility problems can also have medical plans adapted to their cases.

The same is true for those patients with communicable, acquired or hereditary diseases. Likewise those who they require psychological advice and activation protocols to protect their mental and physical health.

health service benefits of Extremadura

That said, we only hope that if you currently live in the community Extremadura and you need specialized medical attention, control or emergency, so you know where to go. Remember to always have your identity data on hand and ask for your prior consultation or medical consultation SES. If you don’t need it now, you can save this information for later or share it with a family member, friend or neighbor who currently requires it.

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