¿Cuáles son los Requisitos para Asimilarse a la PNP?

Being a policeman of a nation is very important. It is a profession where it is always required to be at the service of others, which represents a great commitment to society. In addition, the work must be carried out with great dedication and love for the country.

If this is your case and what you want to do is dedicate your life to helping others, defend the values ​​of society and fight for the respect and peaceful coexistence of citizens, we will warn how to be part of the Peruvian National Police.

Find out here which are the Requirements to assimilate to the PNP.

Peruvian police

What are the requirements to assimilate to the PNP?


These are governed in accordance with the provisions of Article 19 of the PNP Staff Career and Status Law (Legislative Decree No. 1149) and its amendment agreed with Article 18 of its Regulations.


  • Be of maximum age (35), counted from December 31, 2016, for candidates of civil origin who aspire to exercise the vacancy of Director of Services.
  • Minimum size for men: 1.60 m; Minimum size women: 1.50 mts. According Anthropological tables.
  • Be Peruvian by birth (simple declaration format).

If you are a professional or a technician and wish to apply in line with the PNP, you must follow the following process:

  • Wait for the publication of the start of the contest with the Call for the Assimilation Process and that ends with the publication of the Table of Merit.
  • Pre-register on the dates indicated by the institution.
  • Prepare your application file with the necessary care (registration application, registration form, personal data sheet, simple sworn statements). You can download the forms on hereI.

General Requirements for Officers and NCOs

PNP Noncommissioned Schools are the Alma Mater of your Higher Education Institution and offer young students a solid background that allows them to perform effectively as PNP NCOs.


The profile of agents trained in this institution is that of policemen with university higher education recognized by law, lasting 10 semesters (5 years).

It also provides the knowledge that will help you to act as a leading security and safety officer.

It is important to know that the assimilation period for Officers and NCOs is 2 (two) years, after which they are granted the effectiveness in the grade, after evaluation and approval of the exams corresponding to the grade, otherwise the assimilation is canceled.


  • Be between 18 and 22 years old, reaching December 31 of the year of the process.
  • Be Peruvian by birth.
  • Being single and not having children.
  • Complete high school exam.
  • Respect the minimum size: 1.67 m for men and 1.59 m for women.
  • Do not record police, criminal or judicial records.
  • Have the proof of aptitude for medical evaluation issued by the PNP Health Directorate.
  • Not to have been temporarily separated or expelled from any center or institution of secondary or higher education, or to have been dismissed by disciplinary measure or psychophysical disability from any of the Armed Forces Training Schools or from another academic unit of the National Police Professional Training School ( ENFPP).

Steps in the admission process:

It can be online, in the online selection process system (SIPROAD), or in person at the Admission Room of the PNP School of Officers, located in block 8 of Av. Guardia Civil S / N – La Campiña, Chorrillos.

pnp2 exams

  • Payment of the registration fee:

You must pay the fees indicated to you in the Banco de la Nación account.

pnp1 exams

  • Medical exam
  • Physical fitness test
  • Personal interview exam
  • Psychometric test
  • Examination of academic aptitude and knowledge

The PNP Non-Officer Schools Admission Examination Process is a process for selecting candidates whose physical, mental, intellectual and professional aptitude attest to the suitability for the training of the future police sergeant.

Candidates are required to take all exams, without exception, and failure to do so will mean the elimination from the competition. They must also appear on the date and time indicated for each exam.

  • Publication of the results of the process:

This is done through the PNP website. It is possible to see the final average of the marks obtained by the candidates in the exams and who was able to enter. Remember that if you cannot find a place at the PNP Officers’ School, you have the option of joining the NCO Schools.

Officials and NCOs who manage to enter the institution will perform the Police Adaptation Course, which is mandatory and intended to facilitate the integration of personnel assimilated to the mystique, uses, customs, norms and principles, values ​​and doctrine in order to meet the criteria of adaptation and quality in their performance.

This course is taught during the first three (3) months of the assimilation period and is not an internship. Its approval is a requirement to continue in the assimilated condition.

You can find out more by calling 012512800, as well as at the PNP Officers School or through your website

To perform any procedure you will need to have your identity document in place. For this we recommend our article «Steps and requirements for renewing the DNI».

Specific requirements to assimilate

The Assimilation Process, both for Officers and for NCOs from the PNP Services, is a competition between candidates for university and technical careers required by the Police Institution, to fill the vacancies allocated in each career.


The requirements are:

  • Be of corresponding age
  • Meet the required height
  • Be of Peruvian nationality
  • Have indicated height and weight
  • Do not record police or criminal records
  • Not registering penalties for infractions.

For service officers

The assimilation period is (2) years, after which, effectiveness in the degree is granted, after evaluation and approval of the exams corresponding to the degree, otherwise the assimilation is canceled.

Service officers who wish to be assimilated into the PNP will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum age (40) years, counting from December 31, 2016, for candidates from the PNP or Armed Forces of Peru who aspire to obtain the vacancy of Service Officer.
  • Minimum size men: 1.60 mts.
  • Minimum size women: 1.50 mts.
  • Be Peruvian by birth (simple declaration format).
  • Have the indicated size and weight.
  • Absence of registration of police, criminal and judicial files of the Common Forum and the Military Police Forum. (Simple declaration format attached to the applicant’s portfolio).
  • Absence of registration of sanctions for serious or very serious infractions, for personnel coming from or belonging to the National Police of Peru or the Armed Forces of Peru, accredited with the respective proof of the corresponding personnel unit.

For service NCOs

The technicians trained in higher institutes, with 6 (six) academic semesters, duly registered in the corresponding department of the Ministry of Education, in the specialties required by the institution, are incorporated as Non-Commissioned Service Officers with the category of Non-Commissioned Third Party.


The noncommissioned officer who does not pass the corresponding exams to become a Service Officer may return to the position he held.

They must meet the following requirements:

  • Technical title approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Maximum age (30) years as of December 31, 2016, for subordinates in the Civil Service.
  • Have a maximum age (40) years calculated on December 31, 2016 for sergeants in the Peruvian Armed Forces.
  • In order to be assimilated as a Non-Commissioned Services Officer in the specialties of driver and musician, it is necessary to have completed high school and a minimum experience of three (3) years duly accredited.

Drivers must have a driver’s license for a larger vehicle and the musicians must prove their experience, after evaluation.

Documents to Assimilate

Officers and sergeants who wish to be assimilated to the PNP must present a series of documents, which we detail below:

For service officers

  • University diploma registered with the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (SUNEDU), former National Assembly of Rectors and collegiate, as the case may be, in which case it is equated to the rank of Captain.

For service NCOs

  • Have a technical diploma approved by the Ministry of Education.

Requirements for healthcare professionals

  • Will have the maximum age (40) years determined from December 31, 2016, for candidates of civil origin who aspire to occupy the position of Medical Services Officer with a second professional specialty, in the specialties required by the institution.
  • Certification of having done SERUMS


Among the required documentation is:

  • Medical professionals accredited in the second specialty, enrolled in the National Superintendence of University Higher Education (SUNEDU) ex – National Assembly of Rectors and high school, will be assimilated to the degree of Master, in the specialties required by the institution.

What is the salary in the PNP?

The salary scale is as follows: PNP Salaries

Health professionals are assimilated into the specialties that the institution requires, with the rank of Captain. If you took SERUMS, you will receive the bonuses provided for in Supreme Decree nº 005-97-sa-regulation of Law nº 23330 – rural and marginal urban health service.

Where should I go to assimilate into the PNP?PNP HEADQUARTERS

Registrations will be made personally and centrally at the Central Admission Office, located at Av. Guardia Civil, 8, Campiña Chorrillos (site of the PNP School of Officials).

The Admission File must necessarily be downloaded from the PNP website .

If an irregularity is found during the candidate’s registration process, the registration will be canceled, with the corresponding elimination from the competition.

When it is eliminated, it will return the applicant’s card upon removal of the file; the misuse of this document carries legal liability; Registration will be made only for candidates who meet the height and weight requirements.

You can request information through the entire PNP headquarters, which we have left for you on here.

If you don’t want to be part of the PNP, you can also join the Peruvian army. Read our article on «Procedures and requirements for joining the Peruvian army.»

Anyway, if you dare and want to be part of this prestigious institution, here you will find all the Requirements to assimilate to the PNP. Success!

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