¿Cuáles son los requisitos para casarse en Chile?

Marriage is the union between a man and a woman, this bond is recognized socially.

Marriage is much more than love. For this reason, many people wonder if the person with whom they have a loving relationship is really the right one to marry. But having doubts about it is absolutely normal, in fact, it’s even healthy.


Requirements for getting married in Chile

To get married in the Republic of Chile it is necessary to take into account the following requirements:

  1. You must apply to the civil registry: Attention will be given to the citizen or citizens wishing to marry.
  2. Ask for the time you want to perform the act.
  3. Witness statements: You must indicate the names of the witnesses.

By civil

Officials authorized to celebrate the civil marriage are the Municipal Family Judges, Corregidores and religious ministers of the cults with legal personality.

  1. Fill out a marriage application form at the office where you want to get married.
  2. Both partners received the premarital civil course at DIF
  3. Recent certified copies of the applicants’ birth certificates.

To the church

There are a few procedures that must be taken into consideration to make a wedding for the church, especially you should:

  1. Book the church.
  2. Present the civil certificate stating the day, place and time when the civil union took place.
  3. Present the constituent baptism certificate issued at the maximum age of 6 months
  4. Take a pre-wedding ecclesiastical course
  5. After the ecclesiastical wedding has taken place, there is a maximum period of 8 days to register it in the civil registry.

Documents to get married in Chile

Being able to enjoy one of the most pleasant steps of any human being, as you are getting married, you must gather all the following documentation:

  • Original birth certificate and copy of spouses
  • Single certification
  • Presentation of two witnesses
  • Declaration or matrimonial file
  • Edict of marriage.

By civil

To complete the entire religious process of marriage, consider the following:

  • Go to the parish corresponding to your home to make the corresponding report.
  • The parish chosen must be where one of the bride and groom was baptized. In case of selection of another, they need an authorized letter from the corresponding parish priests.
  • Baptism certificate
  • ID card
  • Civil Wedding Book
  • Pay a voluntary contribution to the corresponding parish

Types of wedding

In general, we can cite different types or circumstances in which they occur in different parts of the world, In the case of contracting marriage or union between people who seek formally and legally, formalize your relationship.

  1. Arranged marriage: this is very common in times past and even today in certain ethnic groups and radical regions, It can be said that it is the one that is previously agreed upon by the families of the intervening parties, mainly their parents, leaving out a fundamental part of their essence which is freedom of choice and love as the engine of relationships, becomes an arrangement of representatives who decide in advance for common purposes, even ignoring the consent of the contracting parties.
  2. Marriage for convenience: It happens in places where the law grants foreigners greater rights or certain advantages if they are married to citizens. Thus, the possibility of obtaining an economic or legal benefit from marriage arises. The idea of ​​marrying arises not for love, but for those benefits, which can be for both parties and for one at the expense of the other. It is not out of love or affection, but out of agreement to make the most of this union.
  3. Marriage in fact: It is the de facto union legitimized in the Civil Registry at the request of both parties. In general, it is necessary to demonstrate that cohabitation has been maintained for at least five years in conditions of singularity and stability.
  4. Morganatic Wedding: refers to the union (it happened mainly in ancient times) between two people of very unequal social position, due to economic factors, even race and residence. In this case, the lower level person, as well as the children who could be born as a result of this marriage, are deprived of the higher level inheritance. In this way, each spouse preserves his social stratum. Emperor Napoleon I, for example, contracted this type of marriage with Josephine de Beauharnais, of a much lower social class.
  5. Group wedding: As its name implies, it is one that more than two people practice at the same time. All members share the parent’s authority over the children that two of them may have. Today it hardly exists, but it is probably or was common in closed communal societies.
  6. Gay marriage: Without a doubt, the main discussion when it comes to marriage today is about the issue of same-sex marriage. In countries where it has been legislated in favor of this, same-sex marriage is then admitted, in which the contracting parties acquire the same rights and obligations as in heterosexual marriages. The first nation to approve it was the Netherlands, in 2001, and since then many countries in different parts of the world have accepted it.

Where to go to get married in Chile?

The documents you must submit are those mentioned and must be presented at the Municipal Family Court, Notaries, National Directorate or Regional Civil Registry Offices, which are competent to celebrate the civil marriage, depending on the place of residence of one of the contracting parties.

By civil

The date to celebrate the wedding is reserved if the prospective spouses present all the complete requirements. The minimum period for presenting all requirements is 5 (five) working days and the space is reserved before the availability or the agenda of the office that will hold the celebration (Applicable to the Civil Registry).

To the church

The wedding must be celebrated in the Parish itself, that is, where one of the contracting parties is domiciled. With the permission of the bishop or the pastor himself, they can do it in another parish.

Wedding conversations

These are wedding preparation courses required by the Church to consecrate the union and consist of 4 group lectures, lasting 1 to 2 hours, in which issues related to married life are discussed from the perspective of the Catholic faith. Prospective spouses will have the freedom to choose which parish they wish to take this course on.

Afterands of Marriage

After the religious wedding, You have a maximum period of 8 days to register with the Civil Registry. Usually the date is fixed at the time of the Information, being an indispensable requirement for the validation of the marriage, since with the new legislation it is no longer necessary to carry out a new civil ceremony, only the registration of the marriage in this period.

premarital courses

Cost of marriage in Chile

Since all procedures in most countries come at a cost, until the most important time in our lives, to build a house, everyone who wants to get married in any country must pay for it.

By civil

Marriage in Chile by a civil notary costs approximately:

  1. Outside the SRCeI office and outside working hours: 32,520 pesos.
  2. Outside the SRCeI office and during business hours 21 thousand 680 pesos
  3. At the SRCeI office and during business hours, there will be no cost. You only have to pay the value of the wedding card which has a value of $ 1,830

To the church

The cost of the ceremony will depend on the budget and the type of ceremony that meets the expectations of the spouses, most ecclesiastical marriages have large elements of luxury such as; the bride’s dress, the groom’s suit, the rent of the ballroom, music, food, various drinks and the honeymoon, all this costs on average 120 thousand or 150 pesos.

Taking into account the most common aspects that make up this party, with its cost it can be said that with what is revoked in a ceremony of this type and in the celebration, one can spend or invest little more than what was mentioned. .

How long does it take to get married in Chile?

Many people are unsure whether the procedures for getting married in Chile take some time immediately or if it takes some time.

By civil

Under civil law, this process is totally simple, as the spouses only need to have all the documents in order and go to the competent authorities to expedite the whole process, the process will be effective if the spouses do all the procedures as they are. established before the law.

To the church

On the occasion of ecclesiastical marriage, and all the details for the celebration are refined, the religious entity will be in charge of giving the priestly blessing., and immediately your document before the church will be formally delivered.

just Married

Getting married is a decision that will always mark our lives. We hope that with everything we mentioned in our article, you will be able to fulfill your dream of building and building a family.

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