¿Cuáles son los requisitos para entrar a Chile desde Venezuela?

All Venezuelan Whoever wishes to enter the Republic of Chile at this time must comply with all the conditions that this nation demands from the citizens of Venezuela. It is not easy at this moment for any Venezuelan to have to emigrate to lands other than his own, Due to the strong situation that Venezuelan families, students, families and young people from one of the most resplendent nations like Venezuelan lands.

Although it was difficult for many people to emigrate to other lands, far from their country, there are also many countries that shelter people who, with the strong situation that Venezuela presents, can offer the opportunity to study, work and build a better future. Our recommendation is that, as a Venezuelan, you can contribute your best to positively represent this beautiful country. That is why through our article we hope that you can receive the necessary guidance to travel to this beautiful country located in the south of South America.

Requirements to enter Chile from Venezuela

Chile currently has 1,400 Venezuelans residing in the country, who have a permanent residence and 1,200 with a temporary residence. Due to the large number of emigrants within the country to enter Chile, any Venezuelan must meet a number of requirements. In the following article, we will introduce each of them.

Like a tourist

  1. Anyone wishing to enter Chilean lands in Venezuela must have a return ticket
  2. You must bring money for your expenses
  3. Have the place where you will stay for that period before making your trip

By work

  1. Bring explanatory letter from the company, addressed to the Consul and where the hiring is justified
  2. You must bring your professional title with you
  3. Medical certificate
  4. Criminal record
  5. Bring 4 passport size photos
  6. Proof of legalized employment contract and notarized.

By study

  1. Apply for a study visa
  2. You must bring your professional title with you
  3. Medical certificate
  4. Criminal record

For permanent stay

For their permanent stay in Chile, Venezuelans can apply for this visa in the city of Caracas. It is called a Democratic Responsibility visa and grants them temporary residence for one year, which must be additionally extended for another year.

  1. The request to remain in Chilean territory will be made on the Consular Care System page
  2. Present a valid certificate of legalized criminal record and apostille
  3. Valid passport for your country
  4. A 5 × 5 cm white background color photograph (fully required)

Ways to travel from Venezuela to Chile

For Venezuelans, Chile has become one of the countries that allows them to undertake for a better future and a change in mentality, since Chile is one of the most disciplined and educated countries that are governed by the laws established in its Constitution.

From Venezuela, there are two ways to travel to the Republic of Chile.

By airplane

To travel by plane, you must have a ticket at one of the authorized travel agencies in the country, To do this you must have a sum of money to pay for the ticket, take your identity card where you can effectively have your ticket without any inconvenience, the plane journey from Venezuela takes approximately eleven to twelve hours if the flight does not present any type of disadvantage.

By bus

The process of traveling by bus to Chile is a little more for those who like to know, walk or consequently people who do not have the necessary resources to travel by plane, this trip lasts about seven or eight days by road where they will pass through Colombian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian lands to reach the destination of the Republic of Chile.

Cost of traveling from Venezuela to Chile

To currently travel from Venezuela to any other country, you must have a high budget, as travel prices constantly they increase dramatically in the nation. Although there are many varieties of prices both by land and by air, the person or families wishing to emigrate to the lands of Chile must be prepared for any eventuality that may arise.

Next we will guide you in the best way we know, as it is the approximate way to make your trip by land or air.

By airplane

The options for traveling from Venezuela to Chile are very varied, with different costs and depending on the budget you manage, you can get a ticket on the following authorized airlines in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

  1. American Airlines: It costs approximately $ 2,531.97 The flight lasts about 16h 39m
  2. Copa Airlines: It is one of the options that many travelers do, as it costs $ 850.55 and the flight can take 14h 21m
  3. Avianca: It is a little more expensive, but much cheaper than American Airlines. The cost is $ 917.60. The flight lasts 9h 13m

By bus

Traveling by land to many of the countries registered in Mercosur is one of the options that many Venezuelan emigrants constantly make to leave their country in search of a better future. Take risks and challenges when making the decision to travel by bus to Chile.

The expenses that are generated with land trips are slightly less than air travel, as these involve a little more days and passengers must pay for their travel items for several days, including food, bathing on the road, etc. .

The easiest routes are through Colombian lands, this is also one of the cheapest options that is in Brazil, here you can spend between about US $ 200 or a little more in case of traveling by land.

Maximum length of stay in Chile for Venezuelans

If you wish to travel to the Republic of Chile and do not have a permanent residence visa, you can only be inside the country for 90 days this number of days can be extended expires for another 90 days and you must pay the extension in Immigration in the amount of 100US $ In case of leaving the country and re-entering.

According to an official note from the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it says that Venezuelans who enter the country as tourists will not be able to change their immigration status, since the residence visa can only be requested at the Chilean consulate of Venezuela in the city of Caracas. . The Democratic Responsibility visa will be processed at the country’s consulates general.

In this last view, it was announced that management cannot be through anyone else, but for those interested in owning it receive the visa. Due to the daily demand of Venezuelans to apply for a Chilean visa, people who do not have a valid criminal record with an approximate validity of six months will not be able to perform this procedure, the consulates to perform this entire procedure are only the offices of Pto Ordaz and Caracas

We hope that we were able to add all the necessary information so that you can travel from Venezuela to Chile at this time. and that you can legally fulfill all the requirements and conditions that this trip requires. Our greatest satisfaction is being able to help you every day to find everything you need through our web.

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