¿Cuáles son los Requisitos para Sacar el Acta de Nacimiento?

If you are about to give birth to your child, are a mother who wants to be documented after your child is born, or maybe you are part of that small percentage of citizens who have no legal identity, this article is for you. Here you will know the requirements for obtaining the birth certificate, and you can perform the relevant procedures to obtain it.

Take the birth certificate

There are several documents that must be obtained throughout life to be a full citizen, with all their legal capabilities.

One of the most important is the birth certificate; This is one of the first documents a baby needs and is essential for his development and growth in adulthood.

Thanks to the birth certificate, we can obtain several documents that are given to Mexican citizens in this case and, therefore, it is one of the first legitimate documents at the time of birth.

Video on how to obtain a birth certificate in Mexico

Requirements for processing the birth certificate

To start collecting these requirements You must know what are the necessary documents that you must have in hand, and thus obtain the birth certificate or birth certificate.

Birth certificate requirements

There are different ways to start with this process, through the hospital for the convenience of parents or mother, or going directly to the Civil Registry to present the small, or in different cases if you belong to that small group of people with no identity.

It’s a totally simple procedure following the correct procedure.

To start the Birth Certificate process you must have the following documents in hand:

If you are in the right marriage with your partner:

  • Original birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of parents’ marriage certificate.
  • Copy of parents’ identity documents.
  • Two witnesses, of legal age, with a copy of their photo ID.
  • Child vaccination record, if applicable.

To process the birth certificate while in common law:

  • Appearance of father and mother.
  • Original birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of the parents’ birth certificate.
  • Copy of parents’ identity documents.
  • Two witnesses, of legal age, with a copy of their photo ID.
  • Child vaccination record, if applicable.

For single mothers:

  • Original birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of the mother’s birth certificate.
  • Copy of mother’s photo ID.
  • Two witnesses, of legal age, with a copy of their photo ID.
  • Child vaccination record, if applicable.

In other cases, taking into account all current situations and coexistence, The following requirements are general:

  • Unique Population Registration Code (CURP)
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Registration Entity
  • Sex
  • Information for parents.
  • TCEJUR-DGRC_RAD_1 registration form duly revised
  • Proof of address
  • Birth certificate according to the model issued by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • In the event that there is no birth certificate or proof, the declarant must submit to the Civil Registry Judge a denunciation of the facts presented to the Attorney General of Mexico City, indicating the reason for the lack of documents and the circumstances in which the birth occurred. .
  • Certified copy of parents’ marriage certificate; if they are not married, they must present a certified copy of the birth certificate. If the parents are foreigners, present certificates of foreigners legalized by the Mexican Foreign Service.
  • If more than 6 months and less than 18 years have passed since the date of birth, the following must also be presented:
  • Proof of no Birth Record sent in a box from the Central Office or Civil Registry Court of the Federal District.
  • If the birth took place in an entity other than the Federal District, in addition to the aforementioned certificate, the Certificate of Absence of Birth Registration must be presented, containing at least one year before the date of birth and two years afterwards, issued by the Court or office of the Civil Registry of the corresponding State.

This is a process where at some point you must deposit a number of fiscal units to perform the procedure.

Payment can be made online, with a debit or credit card, in the same way, if you want a referenced payment, you must have an operational printer to be able to print the payment format.

What are the steps of the Civil Registry of Minors?Civil registry of minors

There are different types of procedures for register a minor in the civil registry, for which their ages are classified as follows:

Documents to consign for a child under 6 months:

  • Birth certificate or birth certificate signed by the doctor and with the seal of the hospital that attended the delivery.
  • Parents’ recent marriage certificate, if they are married.
  • Parents’ birth certificate.
  • Official identification of parents.
  • Proof of recent address in the Federal District.

Documents to send to people from 6 months to 17 years:

  • Birth certificate or birth certificate signed by the doctor and stamped with the hospital that attended the birth.
  • Parents’ recent marriage certificate, if they are married.
  • Parents’ birth certificate.
  • Official identification of parents.
  • Proof of recent address in the Federal District.
  • Proof of no registration at the Central Registry Office.
  • Proof of non-registration of the place of birth.

The following aspects must be taken into account when registering a baby:

  • Go to the Civil Registry Office with all requirements according to your state.
  • The documentation will be reviewed to verify that none are missing and, to continue, the birth registration request will be filled out.
  • A non-definitive printout of the birth certificate sheet will be given to the applicant to verify all data.
  • After the respective corrections are made, the original Birth Certificate is printed, the baby’s fingerprint is stamped and signed by the parents and judge.
  • And finally, proof of birth registration is delivered

What is the birth certificate? And why is this important?

What is the birth certificate

O birth certificate it is an important requirement to obtain other documents. Birth certificate It is a fundamental document to identify yourself as a Mexican citizen, inhabitant of the nation or identify themselves anywhere in the world.

This document provides legitimate identity to all Mexicans, this way their duties, rights and obligations established in the Constitution are recognized.

It is also an essential requirement to perform other procedures such as: baptizing your child in Mexico or enrolling him in a daycare center; information you can read here as well.

In this birth certificate basic data about the person’s birth are provided, this document is drawn up, edited and filed at the place of origin where the person is born, in the offices that are called Civil Registry.

How much?

How much does the birth certificate cost

This process has different costs throughout the Mexican national territory, being one of the most requested documents to be obtained in Mexico, since the number of pregnant women has increased over the years and the national system has been modernized according to the speed of processing of this document.

Babies and people who are members of that small percentage who, for reasons beyond their control and in situations of various origins failed to obtain their birth certificate or birth certificate They must follow this procedure to be able to choose access to their fundamental rights.

In the case of babies, this process depends on the parents at the time of birth.

Each year the economy changes depending on the political situations and positions of the economy in the country, therefore, the cost of this procedure varies slightly according to the state of the Mexican nation and, therefore, Each state has a different price or cost for this procedure.

If you are looking for a discount or the best option to save money, you can consult the prices to perform this procedure.

However, the cost can be the same due to travel expenses, perhaps accommodation, food, gas if you have a vehicle, and setbacks that may exist during that journey in search of the cheapest. It’s not recommended.

This newsletter publishes the approximate prices that are somewhat accurate for the reader’s consumption, but it is by no means recommended to take extensive trips to invest in a slightly cheaper procedure, since the long paths that separate each state from. the cost would be the same or more expensive.

In the following locations, the cost of processing the birth certificate is:

  • Aguascalientes – 110 pesos
  • Baja California – 172 pesos
  • Baja California Sur – 159 pesos
  • Campeche – 48 pesos
  • Chiapas – 110 pesos
  • Chihuahua – 100 pesos
  • Mexico City – 68 pesos
  • Coahuila – 50 pesos
  • Colima – 73 pesos
  • Durango – 113 pesos
  • Guanajuato – 74 pesos
  • Warrior – 89 pesos
  • Nobleman – 105 pesos
  • Jalisco – 73 pesos
  • State of Mexico – 45 pesos
  • Michoacan – 124 pesos
  • Morelos – 170 pesos
  • Nayarit – 60 pesos
  • New Lion – 48 pesos
  • Oaxaca – 93 pesos
  • Puebla – 145 pesos
  • Queretaro – 101 pesos
  • Quintana Roo – 40 pesos
  • Sao Luis Potosi – 91 pesos
  • Sinaloa – 89 pesos
  • Sonora – 97 pesos
  • Tabasco – 81 pesos
  • Tamaulipas – 80 pesos
  • Tlaxcala – 121 pesos
  • Vera Cruz – 147 pesos
  • Yucatan – 145 pesos
  • Zacatecas – 90 pesos

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