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Cuáles son los requisitos para sacar el DUI

In El Salvador, as in all countries, there is a type of precise documentation that serves as an identification of your nationality. This allows generating a record of how many inhabitants reside in the country and is also the personal identity document par excellence.

In this article, we present what are the requirements for obtaining the DUI, that is, the Unique Identity Document of Salvadorans.


For the country, it is mandatory to have an identity document that identifies you as a member of society, so it is essential that if you do not have the DUI or it is expired, assume the responsibility and diligence to carry out the procedure.

Requirements for obtaining the DUI

We all know that performing procedures in most cases is a tedious, frustrating and in many cases conflicting task. The idea of ​​presenting the requirements is that you are prepared to go to the exact institution. So you can save time, invest wisely, avoid complications and process your DUI as quickly as possible with all the requirements you need.

If this is your first time processing the DUI, these are the requirements and what you should have in hand:

  • After turning 18, you can pick it up the day after your birthday onwards.
  • Original birth certificate, less than a year after obtaining
  • Present any of the following documents: Minority Card, Passport, Valid Driver’s License, Personal Identity Card or Electoral Card.
  • If you do not have any of the documents above, you must go with your parent with your DUI, or bring two witnesses, preferably family members with a valid DUI.

If your intention is renew DUI that is expired, these are the requirements:dui requirements

  1. Present the receipt on behalf of the person performing the procedure; It costs $ 10.31 and can be paid at any bank in the financial system.
  2. DUI, if you have it.
  3. If you want to make any changes or add other information to your new DUI, you can submit the following documents, as appropriate:
    1. Marriage: Marginalized birth certificate with marriage or marriage certificate.
    2. Divorce: Marginalized birth certificate with divorce or divorce certificate.
    3. Widower: Marginalized birth certificate with death certificate or death certificate for the deceased.
    4. Known for: Birth certificate marginalized with «known for».
    5. Profession: Original title and copy or accreditation card issued by Organs competent bodies.
    6. Blood type: Voucher issued by the laboratory, stamped by the Supervisory Board or valid driver’s license.

As you can see, the requirements vary depending on what is your case.

How to get a DUI

Now let’s show you how the DUI processing process is done. Recalls that this procedure is personaltherefore, its presence is mandatory.

  • Form of payment: is the first thing you must do in the case of renewal, modification or replacement. You already know that the amount is $ 10.31 paid at any banking institution at your convenience. Remember to request the receipt!
  • Introduce yourself to a DUIcenter: You should go to a place where DUI is done, which are called DUI centers, and you can find at least one near your home or in your apartment. If the elections are approaching and you are about to turn 18, find out what the deadlines are when you have the chance to perform the procedure so that you can enter the electoral roll

Eye: It should be noted that there is the possibility of carrying out the procedure through an online consultation, which will indicate the day and time at which you must report directly to do so without queuing. Follow this link to request an online appointment https://dui-sv.com/

  • Data collection: After passing through the DUIcenter, sit down to wait for your turn and when they call you, an employee will assist you in a cubicle provided for this purpose. He will take the information, the prints and the photo. Get ready and be presentable at the time of the photo, I think you’ll have to use it for 8 years!

Eye: If you are going to make any changes, it’s time to notify!

  • DUI Delivery: Finally, they will tell you to wait a few minutes while processing the information and preparing the document (DUI). They co-support the information and after a few minutes it will be delivered to you. With the document in hand, you can perform all the procedures you need with your new DUI.


Where should I go to get the DUI?

On the DUIcentro official website, a platform will be presented where, when specifying the location or area in which you reside, you will obtain a license for the center where you can have more access and comfort in transport. This address will be accompanied by a map if you need more visual classes to easily locate and find DUIcenter.

They usually operate from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm (without closing at noon) and on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm

This is the specific link that refers to the DUIcentro locations on the official page: https://dui-sv.com/#tab-1398376458710-3-7

What is the DUI?

As an identification document, it contains many personal data, among which the following stand out: DUI Number, Surname and Names, Sex (male or female), Nationality, Date and Place of Birth, Place and Date of Issue, Address, Expiration Date, Signature, Municipality, Department, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Family Situation, Profession or profession.

As you can see, it is a document that really provides very detailed and accurate personal information about the person, hence the importance and duty of his treatment. In addition, it must be considered that the DUI, being the only identity document, serves to carry out many more complex procedures that are part of the daily life of the Salvadoran citizen. Like for example:

  • SALVADORESOpen a bank account
  • Cash a check
  • Withdraw money from a bank account
  • Buy a .sv domain
  • Pay by debit or credit card at a supermarket
  • Obtain a driver’s license for your vehicle or motorcycle
  • Apply for a formal job
  • Perform procedures in higher education institutions
  • Verify your identity on PayPal
  • Verify your identity on Payoneer
  • Buy a cell phone or phone chip
  • Identify yourself in Social Security
  • Identify with the authorities
  • Sit your kids
  • Among others

Common questions

Many questions and doubts may come to mind when considering performing procedures. To make you feel safe and to know all the possible variations in the steps and requirements of this type of procedure regarding the identity document, we present the most frequently asked questions with the respective answers.

Can I receive a DUI before I turn 18?

No, you still cannot get the DUI because you are a minor. However, there are special occasions when it is necessary to do so. For example, if an election is approaching, the process for processing the Unique Identity Card is open to minors who are close to turning 18. In this way, they can be included on the electoral roll, which generally close on dates close to the electoral period.

How much does a DUI cost?

Yes it is first time that you perform the procedure will be delivered to you in a free. On the other hand, if it was lost (repossession), you have been defeated (renovation), or if you want to make any changes to the information that is exposed in your current DUI or make an update (modification) of data, the cost will be $ 10.31.

We recommend that you pay at any bank that is empty so as not to waste time. Several users reported that all banking institutions respond effectively to the request, except for Banco Azteca and Credit Banks.

When approaching the ticket office, just tell the person assisting you that you will pay the DUI bill and in five minutes you will be ready.

How often does the DUI expire?

The Unique Identity Document (DUI) is valid for 8 years from the date of issue. After this period of time, you will have to carry out the relevant procedures to renew your document.

Is it mandatory to present the blood type?

Yes, it is important that you bring with you a document issued by a medical laboratory that specifies your blood type and whether you have Rh factor. This is of practical use if you have an accident or decomposition to get the information

Is a fine paid if I am not cashed at age 18?

No, no fines will be violated if not processed. However, it is a document that will be requested in many other spaces and procedures that should be implemented within the scope of the independence and consolidation of each person’s adult life.

Do witnesses always need to be family members?

It is not mandatory, but the general recommendation is that they be related, that they can identify you and that they recognize a consanguineous link with you.

Is the DUI considered minor?

Only in the previous case does an electoral period approach.

Can you order a DUI at home?

Yes, this possibility allows people who are physically unable to move or stand for a long time.

Should DUI be obtained in the province where you were born?

No, it doesn’t matter if you file the DUI in the province where you were born. The important and most practical thing is that you perform the procedure at a DUIcenter near the area where you currently reside.

take out the dui

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