¿Cuáles son los Requisitos para ser Presidente de Paraguay?

Do you know what the requirements are to be president of Paraguay? In this article, you will learn about the requirements, responsibilities and roles of the first national president.

Republic of Paraguay

Presidency requirements

As in most states with a presidential regime, it is the Constitution that sets out the presidential requirements that potential presidential candidates must meet.

The requirements to be President or Vice President of the Republic of Paraguay:

  1. Have Paraguayan nationality.
  2. Be 35 or older.
  3. Acting expertly in their political and civil rights.

It is important to emphasize that the nationality to which the first requirement refers must be that acquired by birth, that is, naturally and not acquired.

On the other hand, the Constitution of the Republic also determines the responsibilities and functions of the first president.

However, it also lists the conditions that disqualify a candidate for president.

How to become president?

presidency of paraguay

The process for becoming president is summarized before and after the electoral elections.

In addition to talking about a presidential candidate, it is talking about a vice president together, since both will be chosen jointly and in the same process directly by Paraguayan citizens.

These presidential elections will last about twenty days before the end of the current period.

The electoral campaign period is over, in addition to meeting the established electoral schedule. The people go to the election of the president and the vice president, together.

Contrary to popular belief, any citizen of the Republic who fulfills the requirements enshrined in the Constitution can be a candidate.

Since the lack of knowledge or political participation is not a reason for disqualification. Because it is not found as a cause of inhibition according to the provisions of the Constitution on the subject.

It is important to remember that the term of the presidential term is five years, non-extendable, which will start counting from August 15th after the elections.

An important consideration is that, although reelection initiatives have been presented in recent presidential terms. This condition is fully stipulated in the Constitution, where under no circumstances may there be presidential reelection.

Thus, the inauguration is the culmination of the president’s election process. However, it is, however, the beginning of assuming the responsibilities that this type of position generates.

Presidential polls

presidential polls

The polls are a kind of survey of the electoral map for the presidency.

Where each candidate’s high or low popularity ratings will be reflected.

It is important to note that the candidates will be representatives of political parties. This plurality of parties is a fundamental requirement for a Democratic Constitutional State.

The presidential-level research phenomenon is very important, as in many cases it shows the data collected with little margin for error.

Said data without the result of a compilation that is done in a way that does not affect or modify the opinion of the participants.

To finally show results that interest citizens.

What does it mean to be president?

Being president of a nation like the Republic of Paraguay is synonymous with commitment and loyalty to citizens.

Due to the constitutionally established political structure in the Republic, the president is head of government and state at the same time.

This position is the highest in the territory and, therefore, the greater the influence and recognition that comes with it.

Due to the division of powers, on the other hand, it is the president who leads the Executive Branch, that is, it is he who represents the nation internationally and guides the administration of the country.

Responsibilities and roles

presidential functions

All the requirements that the candidate must fulfill, as well as the duties, functions and responsibilities of the position are present in the Constitution of the Republic.

Among the main duties and powers of the President are:

  • That of representing and directing the State, enforcing the Constitution and adhering to it.
  • Actively participate in the formation and publication of laws in accordance with the Constitution, monitoring compliance.
  • The management of foreign relations with other International Law Matters is also attributed, as well as the use of the necessary means for the strengthening of Peace through the signing of international treaties and negotiations.

As he is also the head of the government, his functions are not only administrative, but also military.

  • His military figure stands out for becoming Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.
  • This onslaught of the power to dispose, organize and distribute the forces of the Armed Forces of the Nation.
  • It can issue military regulations and adopt measures it deems necessary for national defense.

Rights and privileges

privileges and rights

The ability to administer and apply all necessary measures in the area of ​​Education, Health, Food and Economy according to the needs of the State is considered a privilege.

The recognition of the rights and privileges available to the national representative is duly established in the due regulation.

What differentiates the presidency from the vice-presidency?

The main difference is that the vice president is second in command of the state below the president.

That is, the position of vice president is subordinate to the presidency.

Even when it has specific functions. Mostly, it provides functions that the national executive cannot cover.

The characteristics of the vice-presidency are to supply and assume the presidency in the absence of the president.

On the other hand, depending on the system of government, he can be elected at the will of the president as in the cases of Venezuela and Chile. Or, on the contrary, he is a career official or democratically elected in the elections.

As is the case with Paraguay, who chooses the figures who will be in charge. Through elections, they elect the first and second in charge.

It is difficult to establish major differences between the presidency and the vice-presidency. Since both are part of the same executive office.

Their differences being more striking that one is subordinate to the other.

Presidency history

presidential career

Let’s talk a little bit about the story. Paraguay has gone through various forms of government, many of which have been able to invest in the attributes of power that the presidency has given them because they are considered heads of state of the nation.

But only 7 presidential terms passed after the fall of the last dictatorship that crossed the country.

Horacio Cartes, Paraguay’s last former president, had a full presidential term. However, it has not escaped being linked to illegal activities.

His government was characterized by a poor economic decision.

Federico Franco’s presidency was characterized by poor management.

His term was short. But from start to finish his decisions and action plans were unsuccessful. Or at least not what was expected, as it gave rise to the largest fiscal deficit in the country’s history. Chief in addition to being denounced for corruption issues.

In spite of everything, Fernando Lugo’s presidency was the one that generated the most controversy, since his presidential term was interrupted so that a political judgment against him could be held.

Maladministration, corruption to end an appeal to break the constitutional order are characteristics of the trajectory of the last presidents.

It is curious that in the last presidential terms, everyone was oriented to seek alternative forms of reelection. With the presentation by the presidential authorities themselves, the bill itself was denied for that purpose. Even if the Constitution itself denies this practice.

Requirements, characteristics of the last presidencies, possibility of becoming president were some of the topics covered in this article. If it was helpful to clarify doubts, do not hesitate to share. Or to leave us your comments on that.

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