Cuáles son los Requisitos para visa definitiva en Chile

The visa is a conditional authorization that a country grants to a foreign citizen who wishes to reside or visit another Nation that is not of its origin, the visas work as a norm to legalize the entry or stay of people in a country of which they are not national or free transit.

The visa is a document attached to the passport by the authorities to indicate that the document has been verified and considered valid for people entering and leaving one nation to another.

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Requirements for a definitive Chilean visa

Applying for permanent stay in Chile seems complicated, but in reality you will only have to follow each step in detail and you will see the effectiveness of it.

The definitive stay must be requested 90 days before your temporary visa expires.

Here are the following requirements:

  1. Photocopy of the current employment contract of the previous ones signed by the candidate
  2. Contract validity certificate (original)
  3. Photocopy of previous contract agreements
  4. AFP historical certificate and contributions to health
  5. Criminal record certificate for special reasons
  6. A 3 × 2 cm color photo
  7. Single registration certificate (original and copy)
  8. Copy of passport specifically where visa and personal details are attached
  9. Copy of RUT
  10. Explanatory letter why you are applying for residency
  11. Fill in the definitive visa application form

Documents to consign Chilean visa


To obtain a Definitive Stay in Chile, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  1. 2-year visa subject to contract
  2. 1 Year Temporary Visa
  3. 2-year student visa and respective title obtained in Chile
  4. Official visa (at least one year if administrative)
  • LEARN MORE ABOUT REQUIREMENTS Check the situation for your particular case, according to your visas, ties and activity.
  • COLLECT THE NECESSARY BACKGROUND Gather all the requirements established for your case. The more complete the application form, the faster it will be processed.

You will probably have to go to other public institutions and your country’s consulate. Each institution works with its own deadlines and it is important that you consider them.

The application for Permanent Stay is only presented within the last 90 days of the validity of your visa. You must send it with all the requirements, in a single envelope, by registered letter, to the central post of Santiago


As soon as the request is received, it will be inserted in the computerized system, a process that takes approximately 45 working days.

The following documentation will be sent to your home address by mail:

  1. Copy of the Request for Final Stay in Process
  2. Letter indicating the steps to follow.

Additional information may be required

  1. Payment order to be paid at any commercial bank (except spouses of Chileans and minors, for whom the procedure is free)
  2. After the period mentioned above, you can also download this information directly by entering Check the status of online procedures
  • PAY THE RATE You must agree to the draft order (step 5) to pay any commercial bank or Serviestado. You can also download the payment request by visiting Check the status of online procedures.
  • SEND REQUESTED ADDITIONAL FUND If additional information is requested in the letter (step 5), you must send it in a single envelope, with the address: “Messrs. Definitive permanence, Classifier nº 8, Correo Central, Santiago ”, attaching a copy of the letter you received
  • ANALYSIS AND RESOLUTION OF ITS APPLICATION With the information provided, your request will be analyzed and resolved. It is your responsibility to provide all requested documentation. Otherwise, your application may be rejected.
  • NOTIFICATION OF THE STATUS OF YOUR PROCEDURE (Resolution Request) The resolution of your request will be communicated to your address by postal mail, text message on your cell phone (SMS) and you can download it directly by typing for Check the status of online procedures.
    If your application is approved, you must go to the office corresponding to your address to collect the Permanent Permanence Certificate. Reserve hours of attention by entering the online time reservation if your office has this service
    You have 30 days to do this after withdrawing your Permanent Permanence Certificate. It is not mandatory for minors, but it is advisable to do so. Check where the nearest office is located by entering the PDI website
    Go to the Civil Registry and request your identity card. It is not mandatory for minors, but it is advisable to do so.


Steps to process a definitive Chilean visa

  • Make sure you have a valid visa and a deadline
  • You must be informed of the requested requirements
  • Gather the necessary historyclose
  • Submit your request
  • Request entry into the computer system
  • Pay the corresponding tax units or the visa fee.
  • Submit additional information requested
  • Analysis and resolution of your order
  • Notification of the status of your process (application resolution)
  • Come and collect your certificate of permanent stay.
  • I registered your certificate of permanent permanence with the investigating police
  • Get your ID card

How long does the final visa approval process take?

The Immigration and Migration Department, as a result of the high demand for visas that was created in recent years with the arrival of millions of foreigners, currently does not grant visas recently.

Now candidates must Make all the requested charges and after you have delivered to Immigration and Migration, you must wait a period of approximately nine months (9) or one year for the final approval of the visa.

Chilean definitive visa application deadline and cost

The Department of Immigration and Migration has made significant increases in prices for the final visa application in Chile. Mainly for the countries Bolivia and Peru.deadline

The most requested visas are by Bolivarian citizens and are the ones that represent the biggest increase, for which the amount of US $ 283 must be paid. The term of these visas is one year, which can be extended by two.

The definitive visa in this country must be requested, if approved, it will be valid for five years.

What to do if the definitive visa is granted?

When the visa is granted, you will be able to benefit from all the rights that are offered to citizens residing in the country, what to doYou can legally work in a company, study, earn a fair salary, these are just some of the many benefits that you can fully enjoy with a permanent visa.

How long can you leave Chile without losing your final visa?

In order for this not to happen to you, you must stay for an uninterrupted year without leaving the country, after this short period the permanent stay is revoked up to 60 days before its expiration, you can request an extension at the Chilean consulates located outside a country. year in the validity of its permanent stay.

Benefits of the definitive Chilean visa

Those people residing in the country with their definitive visa and employment contract, once approved and verified the benefits offered by the country to all its residents, can also be a benefit to foreigners authorized to stay in the country, provided that With international agreements Social Security, they may choose to take advantage of health services and others.

This Multilateral Ibero-American Social Security Agreement benefits people enrolled in the social security system of any of the signatory states and their beneficiaries. It is currently ratified by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and El Salvador. Neither Haiti nor Venezuela are in these agreements.

If my visa is denied, how do I request reconsideration?

If the requested visa is denied, you must choose to request a consideration that must be accompanied request for reconsideration of permanent stay, must be completed in full with your data and signature.

also must deliver the new fund where a review of what is resolved by the authority is allowed, personal letter this indicates the reasons why the applicant wishes to reconsider the measure refusing his application for permanent stay. Copy of the rejection-free resolution of your Permanent Stay request and Letter of Notification.


What does it mean to have a permanent visa in Chile?

Obtaining a definitive visa implies that you will be able to reside indefinitely throughout the territory of the Republic of Chile, and you will also be able to carry out any legal activity within the country. Where you must comply with laws, rules, statutes and regulations.


Following all the points shared in this article, you will be able to complete all the procedures that the application for a definitive visa requires.

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