¿Cursos universitarios en la USAC? Solicita tu certificado en Guatemala

University courses at USAC? Request your certificate in Guatemala, Well, yes, the Continuing Education program at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala makes available to the public an extensive list of refresher courses and free, free courses.USAc course certificate

Education in any area is a tool for growth, progress and development for all people and, therefore, for a country, this initiative deserves a standing ovation, motivates people to expand and strengthen knowledge in various areas, choose your next course .

What courses does the University of San Carlos de Guatemala promote?

In addition to pensum for professional careers, the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, through the Continuing Education Program offers a catalog of courses that can reach up to 75 degrees.

The courses taught cover different areas, such as technical, multiple interest, legal and social sciences, health, art, culture and engineering.

These trainings in 2019 are classified as Update courses, where teachers and researchers are included, as well as students and students Free courses For the general public.

The facilities of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, provide a comfortable and safe environment to teach the different classes, with a Accessible times during the week and Saturdays or Sundays.

To invite your participation, information campaigns are carried out on the different social networks and existing electronic media.

Between the refresher courses can be found:

Health and Psychopedagogy

  • Care and care for terminally ill patients
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence

Multiple interest

  • Voice over and radio production I

Area of ​​Legal and Social Sciences, Political Sciences and Social Sciences

  • Special laws in criminal matters
  • Procedural labor law
  • The criminal process
  • Registration Law

Technical area

  • Industrial Security
  • Logistics for SMEs
  • Analysis of climatic data

Between the free courses, we found:

Health and Psychopedagogy

  • Comprehensive leadership
  • Stress coping strategies

Multiple interest

  • Guitar
  • Workshop of Poetry and Creative Writing
  • Sign language
  • English
  • English for bilinguals
  • Judo
  • Portrait photography
  • Russian for beginners
  • Garden design
  • Inner decoration
  • Creative Design
  • Preparatory course for Architecture exams

Area of ​​Legal and Social Sciences, Political Sciences and Social Sciences

  • Human rights
  • Family right
  • Corporate accounting
  • Arms and ammunition law
  • Philosophical Anthropology

Technical area

  • How to start my first business
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Water treatment
  • Mathematics
  • English

These are just some of the titles, also in each campaign, which is taught semi annually, can be included new courses or teach a second levelI some of them, like English.

How long are the courses?

The academic offer of Continuing Education, in its majority, has a expected duration of three (3) months, but at the time of registration, specific information about the selected course is provided.

Who can do this?

Usac course certificate

The refresher courses target the professionals, researchers and studentss, while free courses are available for the General population.

What is the purpose of these courses?

The main objective that motivates this social project Continuing Education through Free and Update Courses, is the expansion of knowledge for students of all academic levels.

As refreshment or new technical and scientific views for professionals, teachers and researchers.

And last but not least, to motivate the general public to participate in the obtaining new knowledge in different areas taught and select the one that best meets your learning needs.

The specific objectives of each area of ​​knowledge, we could say:

  • In the preparatory courses: intended for students who wish to enter university, strengthen knowledge in: language, mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics.
  • In the area of ​​health sciences: strengthening of specific knowledge in health is generated
  • In the area of ​​Social Humanistics: through the teaching of artistic techniques, knowledge of culture in all its manifestations and sports practice, it is intended to enhance integral training.
  • In the area of ​​multiple interests: aims to expand and strengthen skills in various disciplines for all citizens.
  • In the technical area: It is intended to enhance the specific learning of the different technical and engineering areas.
  • Basic courses: are a support base for medium and diversified students in biology, chemistry, languages, physics and mathematics, as well as preparing them to have excellent results in the tests of basic knowledge for entering university studies.

How do I request a certificate of approval for a USAC course?

It should be noted that the main characteristic of these programs is that they are completely free, they are free, since their registration, during the transmission of knowledge in classes and in the delivery of participation diplomas.

O participation certificate is delivered on the last day of classes fulfilling service and activities.

For approved courses related to professional careers, undergraduate, graduate, can be consulted on the USAC website, locating the information in the corresponding faculty.

USAc course certificateRequirements

For participation in refresher courses it is necessary to present the Personal identification document and student or professional card.

To participate in the free courses it is only necessary to present the Personal identification document.

In both categories you must comply with online registration, during the indicated period.


The steps to register are through Free courses , when the USAC, through Continuing Education, makes the call to participate, the application will be activated:

  1. Entering 1
  2. Select the course category: Upgrade or free
  3. It will show the list of courses that are available according to the area
  4. Select the one of your interest
  5. And ready, you will be registered

The courses have limited places, we suggest you pay attention to the information that is published on your facebook page Continuing education.

For more information, call 2418-8000, extensions 81104 and 81105.


As we discussed in the previous paragraphs, the objective of the programs is to transmit varied knowledge totally free.


USAc course certificate

The benefits of training are many, any knowledge acquired is worth gold and will be useful, but we can mention some specific benefits of this program:

  • Extensive catalog of basic courses in different areas of study
  • Financial investment is not necessary, they are free
  • You will have a certification issued by a recognized institution
  • The knowledge acquired can generate revenue in the near future.or

University courses at USAC? Request your certificate in Guatemala, We hope to have provided important information about this program, do not stop training.

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Daniel Martínez
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