Descubre los pasos para obtener el duplicado del certificado de estudios en Perú

O academic transcript or certificate it is a document that attests to the studies you have successfully accessed. They are really indispensable When applying for a job, apply for any type of VISA or documents to be validated abroad, continue your studies or start a new level, among many other circumstances.


Every day, young Peruvians want to leave the country to continue their studies in other lands, cultivate to return to their homeland and apply everything they have learned to build a life in Peru.

To all young people (and not so young), we present a guide to discover the steps to obtain the certificate of studies in Peru.

What is MINEDU?

O Peruvian Ministry of Education It is an organ of the Executive Branch with full responsibility for national educational policies.


Takes care of create quality study opportunities for citizens, achieve an education that favors development and competitiveness at national leveland promoting a society led by men and women prepared and committed to their nation.

In turn, the MINEDU seeks to demand a high standard of teachers and coaches not only pedagogical, but also at the academic level: it teaches the necessary tools to strengthen their teaching capacities and, consequently, increase the quality of teaching.

Your duties?

In short, the competences attributed to the Peruvian Ministry of Education are linked to the regulation of resources corresponding to education, decrees that change the system for the better, the direction of student activities, the planning of pedagogical methodologies, entering into agreements between institutions and companies, regulate the issuance of educational certificates, among others.

Specifically, the main functions of the Peruvian Ministry of Education:

  • Elaborate, evaluate and acquire the national education policy, together with the entities of each region.
  • Promote and plan the exercise of the primary constitutional right of access to education.
  • Propose, evaluate and apply a National Education Project and its planning for application in education.
  • Regulate, estimate and administer all policies that guarantee the quality of essential education at all levels, from basic and higher education, to technical and university.
  • Guide during its execution any plan, policy, program or methodology that is approved in favor of improving the learning processes, their access, continuity and carrying out educational activities.


  • Update the National Curriculum taking into account the areas of language, languages, culture, environmental and community awareness, among others, and create instructions on its implementation, leading this process.
  • Coordinate and supervise the education system, applying the policies of evaluation, well-being, merit and learning of the faculty.
  • Seek management oriented towards the promotion of optimal educational benefits, carried out in conjunction with technical assistance and the promotion of decentralized educational management.
  • Calculate, organize and apply scholarship and student loan policies to provide access to quality education.
  • Assume the investment of public and private capital to improve the equipment and infrastructure of all educational sectors: basic, higher, technical and university.
  • Quantify the impact of any policy, program and methodology that begins to be implemented.

At the same time:

  • Guide the measurement and evaluation processes of the reactions and results of these changes, and share these results so that they are generally known.
  • Conduct and test policies and methodologies applied in the field of sport and physical education in the first levels of education.
  • Manage the request to increase the investments required for the educational area.
  • Ensure the nation’s budget for education and its proper use by investing in infrastructure changes, objectives and targets.

Certificate of studies

  • Lead the inclusion of computerized systems that allow changes in educational policies to be analyzed and revised to make better decisions.
  • Organize any Ministry, Regional or Local Government, and any State body linked to the powers attributed to it.
  • Promote the inclusion of the private sector through agreements that accompany a more advanced development of educational and financial activities, taking into account their policies and competencies.
  • Encourage national and international agreements within its applicable competencies.
  • Enunciate and authorize changes in the regulations on their competences and spaces to be covered.

What services do you offer?

Internet access


  • Access to the data network.
  • Maintenance and repair of computer equipment.
  • Technical evaluations.
  • Fixed telephony.
  • Interconnection.
  • Allocation and reallocation of computing resources.
  • Access to information systems.
  • Software development and maintenance service.

How to obtain a duplicate of the study certificate?

» You can appear in the educational unit Which one did you attend? Still exist and order there or at Local Educational Management Unit (UGEL) That matches you depending on the location of the education center.

If the said institution ceased to exist, that is, it closed, you must approach the UGEL.ugel

If it is a higher institute that has become extinct, you must attend the Regional Directorate of Education let him touch you.

We recommend that you call or speak to these public institutions so that you can learn about the procedures and costs, which may vary from region to region.

These are the ways you have to get your duplicate of the study certificate.


Although it is not an extremely intense list, you must comply with absolutely all the requirements presented here so that you can request your Certificate of studies.

Do not be mortified, it is not much we ask!

  • Your national identity document (DNI).
  • If you prefer or have to send a third party to perform the procedure, you must carry an authorization duly signed by you as insurance to be able to access the process.
  • The completed form of procedures.
  • If you, the applicant, are abroad, you can obtain your certificate at the Peruvian consulate corresponding to the country in which you reside.
  • If you failed the courses, you need the name or number of the educational institution you attended, its complete location (department, province, district) and the recovery date.

Steps to follow

As difficult as it may seem, the truth is that the way to perform this procedure is much more accessible than you think.

  1. Go to Peruvian Ministry of Education. » Calle del Comercio 193, San Borja, Lima.
  2. Keep in mind that the hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Try to arrive early so that the process is not tedious or tiring!
  3. Get closer to the Citizen Service and Document Management Office (OACIGED).
  4. There they deliver an application form that you must complete with the instructions of the person who is attending.
  5. Enter the data in the request:

Educational level (initial, primary, secondary, technical, etc.), your full names and surnames, the name or number of the institution where you attended, the level or levels of the institution, your location, degrees formed and the number you showed up.

  1. When you deliver, the person responsible returns a processing code.
  2. You can verify that it is ready via the Ministry website or calling 016155877, providing your procedure code Check carefully!
  3. Come and get your duplicate! The process takes 4 to 8 working days.
  4. Send the code you received when you made the request.
  5. Come to the guidance section of Citizen Service and Document Management Office and pay the 16.50 soles it costs to issue the duplicate. That is all!school


It is an extremely useful tool that having your study certificate offers you:

  • It allows you to enrich your curriculum vitae.
  • It is a valid requirement to acquire the following levels of education.
  • It is also a necessary document for continuing studies at another institution, inside or outside the national territory.
  • Check your technical and specialized knowledge in the area in which it developed.
  • Facilitates the acquisition of scholarships inside or outside the country.
  • It is one of the requirements to apply for a job, especially if you do not have specialized studies and just attended high school.

The main laws and guidelines that allow and justify the functions of the Peruvian Ministry of Education are:

  • The Political Constitution of Peru.
  • Decree-Law No. 25762, Organic Law of the Ministry of Education, and respective amendment, approved by Law No. 26510.
  • Law No. 28044, General Education Law.
  • Law No. 2.9158, Organic Law of the Executive Branch.
  • Law No. 27658, Framework Law for the Modernization of State Management.
  • Law nº 27783, Basic Law of Decentralization.
  • Law nº 27867, Organic Law of Regional Governments.
  • Law 27,972, Organic Law of Municipalities.
  • And Supreme Resolution No. 001-2007-ED, which approves the «National Educational Project for 2021: The Education We Want for Peru»

Now that you have the data to be able to process your duplicate study certificate, ignorance and ignorance about the process are no excuse for not doing so as soon as possible.

It’s time! Start with your paperwork now, make the effort and make your future easier.

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